Ball Chair V Standing Desk Chair – Easy & Helpful Comparison

Standing desk chairs and ball chairs are a relative new concept to the world of active seating. While both introduce movement, they vary significantly and have distinct functions. This can make it difficult to decide between a ball chair V standing desk chair.  Fear not, as this article will instantly save you headaches, time and money deciding between them. This article divulges the key differences between them so you can decide which, if either, is a good match for you. So, let’s get started!

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Ball Chair V Standing Desk Chair

FeatureBall chairStanding desk chair
PurposeEncourages user to improve their balance and stabilityAllow users alternate between sitting, standing and leaning
SizeApprox. 22 – 31 inches long, 22 – 31 inches wideApprox. 13 inches wide, 16.1 – 32.37 inches inches wide
StabilityMediumLow – medium
Price$34.99 – $363.69+$100 – $1100
Adjustable heightsApprox. 23 – 31 inches Suited for 5’ – 6’ 3”Yes Suited for 4’11” and 6’8″
ComfortLow. Suited for short term, approx. 20 minutesLow – medium. Suited for short term, up to 1 hour
Weight3 – 13 pounds9 – 12.12 pounds
Weight capacity300 – 2000 poundsUp to 330 pounds

Now that you have the snapshot comparison of how balance ball chairs and standing desk chairs differ, let’s delve deeper into each of these factors. There are some stark differences between standing desk chairs and desk chairs. Find out which of these chairs, if any of them, are suited to you. Read on to get a deeper insight into the differences that you should look for to guarantee that you make a smart choice first time round!

Did you know? By alternating between a resting posture and a standing posture, you can reduce discomfort and lessen the strain placed on the joints in the ankles, knees, hips and back. Source

Ball Chair V Standing Desk Chair

1. Purpose of ball chair V standing desk chair

Balance ball chairs are for use while sitting at a desk. In comparison, standing desk chairs are designed to allow users alternate between sitting, standing and leaning. This is, typically while using a standing desk. If you intend to stand or sit while balancing will ultimately be a deciding factor for your choice.

Standing desk chairs are suited to people who want to:

  1. Alternate between various postures
  2. Introduce active sitting and improve blood circulation
  3. Have the option to lean at a standing desk
  4. Improve their posture

A key benefit of a standing stool is that many of them allow you to alternate between multiple postures while balance chairs don’t.

Yoga ball chairs are usually targeted at an audience that want to:

  1. Improve their posture
  2. Relieve back pain
  3. Improve their stability and balance
  4. Reduce pain from sitting on a hard surface

Sadly, there’s currently little evidence to back up the above advantages of yoga ball chairs.

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2. Size of ball chair V standing desk chair

Standing desk chairs come in a number of designs which will ultimately dictate their average size. Ball chairs on the other hand are generally the same shape and larger.

The average footprint of a standing chair is roughly 13 inches wide. The height range varies between wobble stools, but they can between 16.1 – 32.37 inches in height when extended.

If the standing chair features an anti-fatigue mat, the footprint can expand to as much as 44.88 inches.

Balance ball chairs have widths around 22 – 31 inches long and 22 – 31 inches wide.

The standing desk chair is generally a more compact choice, so if space is at a premium, the standing stool will be the preferred option.

3. Stability of ball chair V standing desk chair

Both standing desk chairs and yoga balance chairs introduce instability while using them. Due to the nature of how orientate and work your body, they are typically only suitable for use over short periods of time.

Standing desk chairs and balance chairs tend to fall under the category of active sitting as they enable the user to move while being seated.

Balance ball chairs tend to have more stability than standing desk chairs, but less than wobble stools.

Standing desk chairs have varying degrees of stability, from low to hight. Standing chairs with a square base or even an anti-fatigue mat attached to the base tend to provide extra stability; this is since the base remains completely on the floor.

Therefore, the user is more likely to feel stable while they are seated on this type of chair.

In contrast, wobble stools have a rounded base which allows the user to tilt side to side by 30 degrees. Thus, there is a balancing act for wobble chair users, particularly when the base of the stool is tilted and lifted off the ground.

Consequently, they are recommended for use over short periods of the day.

Tip: If you have poor balance or want to use the chair for longer, opting for chairs with a higher stability will make you more comfortable.

4. Price of ball chair V standing desk chair

Standing desk chairs have a typical price range of between $100 – $1100. The price of a standing desk chair is usually determined by the type of standing desk chair along with size, brand and quality of it.

You should expect to pay anywhere between around $34.99 – $363.69+ for a ball chair. This makes ball chairs a more affordable entry level option and choice overall.

Bear in mind as well that if you don’t already own a standard desk chair, you’ll more than likely need to also buy one to go with your standing desk chair or yoga ball chair.

But if you’re not going to be using the yoga ball or standing desk chair at a desk, then this may not be necessary.

5. Adjustable heights of ball chair V standing desk chair

Standing desk chairs enable various adjustable parts, such as height and seat tilt. The Focal Upright Locus is an example of an active seat for short and tall people. It accommodates heights between 4’11” and 6’8″.

The user spec of chair should provide information on height ranges that are suitable for a standing desk and the height of the user.

Ball chairs are also able to cater for a range of heights from 5’ – 6’ 3” tall. There are even balance ball chairs for kids which are suited to heights between 3’9” – 4’8” tall.

Ball chairs offer around 8 inches of height adjustability which should make them suitable for the vast majority of people.

Balance ball chairs usually come in balls sizes as 65cm or 75 cm, but can also come in sizes ranging from 45 – 85 cm.

They should also offer guidance on what size you should choose based on your height.

6. Comfort of ball chair V standing desk chair

Ball chairs are typically more comfortable to sit in than standing desk chairs. However, both options are only recommended for use for short durations, as you can see from the below table.

Type of chairRecommended use duration
Ball chairApprox. 20 minutes at a time
Standing desk chair  Up to approx. 1 hour at a time

The comfort levels of a standing desk chair won’t be as high as those of a traditional office chair. Further to that, firm seating present in standing stools is a common occurrence which offers little in terms of cushioning and comfort.

Consequently, a recurring complaint is that standing chair seats are a leading cause of discomfort.

Fortunately, if you’d settle for one, the wobble stools have a cushioned seat for extra comfort. 

You could also opt for a standing desk chair with extra comfort options including:

  1. armrests
  2. backrests
  3. seat cushioning 
  4. anti-fatigue mat

Ball chairs tend to be more comfortable to sit on than standing chair. They are only designed for short use. If used for too long, you can begin to adopt poor postures and cause discomfort in your back.

Both options lack a back rest to lean against which will work your back and core more than a standard chair. This could make using them more tiring.

But ultimately, it’s up to personal preference. Some people will find that ball chairs ease their back pain, others can’t sit on them for longer than 20 minutes without tiring.

The same applies to standing desk chairs.

If you do have the opportunity to trial them out in a store, then do so.

Even if you do buy them and they don’t feel comfortable, there are usually 30-day return policies for such items. The worst-case scenario is that you will end up having to return them.

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7. Weight of ball chair V standing desk chair

Standing desk chairs have weights around 9 – 12.12 pounds whereas a balance ball chair tends to weigh between 3 – 13 pounds.

The weight of a standing desk chair or ball chair is largely based on the size and type of materials used.

Whichever option you opt for, they are still both very lightweight chairs!

Tip: If the chair that you opt for has wheels, it will make it much easier to move.

8. Weight capacity of ball chair V standing desk chair

A weight limit is usually provided by the manufacturer. This indicates how much pressure the standing desk chair can hold without becoming subject to sinking or damage.

Standard desk chairs have a weight capacity of approximately 250 – 330 pounds.

Gym ball chairs have weight limits around 300 pounds, but some of them can achieve as high a weight limit as 2000 pounds.

Both options should be suitable for the majority of people.

That factor aside, they should be more than adequate for the majority of people. However, if you’re on the very tall or larger side, it would be worth contacting the seller to see if it’s suitable for you.

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Whether you will opt for a standing desk chair or an exercise ball chair will ultimately boil down to personal preference and the purpose for getting it. Both choices encourage micromovements while using them can offer a change of posture compared to sitting on a standard chair.

That said, neither of the 2 options are suited for long-term use throughout the day.

While both of them ultimately allow you to sit, they do so in very different postures and offer their own pros and cons which can be seen from above.

Both standing stools and yoga ball chairs offers little back support and causes instability while sitting which can be tiresome on the body. Therefore, they should only be used for short periods of time.

Both standing chairs and balance chairs will consequently also need to be accompanied by an adjustable chair.

However, following some of the simple techniques and pointers listed in this article can be the deciding factor between choosing your dream chair and a dud!

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