Best Office Floor Color – Plus Most Popular & Ones To Avoid

When choosing a flooring for an office, the color floor finish that you decide on will impact on multiple factors. An office floor color can impact on you, the environment and productivity. To get a full breakdown of how, then reading this best office floor color article is a must.

Learn about the best floor color to:

  1. hide dirt
  2. boost productivity
  3. minimize the cleaning frequency
  4. match the existing design of the room
  5. help make the room look bigger
  6. suit a home office
  7. suit a small office
  8. suit a large office

Nobody wants to work in a home office that looks cold and uninviting.

This guide helps you with picking out flooring options for your home office.

Plus, find out what the most popular floor color is along with some helpful tips and tricks.

Let’s get started.

The current most popular floor coloring is gray. This could be attributed to the fact that it hides dirt, matches with many colors and it is a relatively neutral color that can work with a variety of room styles. Source

Best Office Floor Color - Wooden floor in hallway

Best office floor color

The best floor color for offices will depend on the existing room style and size along with your personal preferences and the types of activities performed in that room. Flooring colors will impact on the mood, comfort, feel and style of the room. Opting for a darker color and warm shades can make the room feel welcoming and cozy. Plus, opting for brighter floors can make the room look larger. However, bright floors also show up dirt, stains and scuff marks more so than a dark floor does. This might pose an issue if the flooring is a high traffic area. Reading the below 8 factors will guide you in identifying your needs and choosing the best color flooring to suit you.

Best office floor color to hide dirt

Bright colors are your enemy when it comes to showing up dirt. Unless you’re a clean freak or someone who works in an area where hygiene is important and want to see all the dirt, then stay clear of bright flooring.

Opting for darker colors will help hide dirt, crumbs and dust accumulation. It can also mask the presence of stains and scuff marks.

However, opting for black can be almost as bad as white for showing up some forms of dirt.

This is especially true in areas where dirt and waste are a bright color, e.g., white shredded paper, food crumbs, powder.

The most popular floor coloring presently is gray. It’s not only aesthetically appealing, but this neutral undertone also complements practically every room vibe.

Plus, it’s also relatively low maintenance as it’s an excellent color for hiding dirt.

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Best office floor color to minimize cleaning and maintenance

Scuff marks, stains and dirt are inevitable regardless of where you work. Therefore, housekeeping and maintaining your office flooring needs to be completed routinely.

However, there are ways of reducing the frequency at which you need to clean and maintain your office floor.

As was mentioned in the previous section, opting for mid to dark colored flooring will go a long way to hiding the dirt and dust.

The color flooring doesn’t completely dictate the frequency of cleaning and care required to keep your flooring in the best condition.

In fact, it is the type of flooring you choose that will ultimately define the cleaning frequency.

But color will play a part.

You can get away without cleaning as often if you have darker floors, but that may be at the expense of the overall condition of the floor.

Types of floors which require the greatest amount of maintenance include:

  1. Hardwood floors
  2. Broadloom carpet
  3. Linoleum

Flooring types which require minimal maintenance include:

  1. Luxury vinyl tiles
  2. Vinyl
  3. Ceramic tiles
  4. Carpet tiles
  5. Laminate

The best type of flooring which can withstand not being cleaned or maintained regularly is luxury vinyl tiles.

Additionally, you can protect your precious floors from scratches and scuff marks by simply investing in a Platinum Indoor Floor Mat (lifetime warranty). It’s my favorite hack which has drastically reduced the amount of cleaning I needed to do!

Best office floor color to set the office mood

When working in a home office, productivity and focus are often key mind frames that people want to adopt. However, each office and person is different. So, whether you want to evoke energy or calm, the color tone of the room will be influential.

While it’s more applicable to the wall color, if you are renovating your office or looking for some guidance on what colors to opt for, the below office room color psychology table will guide you towards the flooring and wall colors to evoke the right atmosphere.

Office room color psychology table

Office room color

Emotions stimulated


Focus, productivity, calm


Attention-boosting, creativity


Social, happiness, determination


Energy, aggression


Stress-relieving, calm


Comfort, strength


Calming, spaciousness


Power, authority

Based on color psychology, one of the best room colors for productivity and focus is light blue.

Warm colored flooring can significantly contribute to the feeling of warmth and homeliness in a room. After all, the floor takes up a substantial amount of your view when being in the room and looking into the office.

You’re also going to be present in the office for a sizable amount of time during the day. Therefore, you’ll want to feel as if the office or home office is inviting instead of having a cold dungeon feel.

Additionally, if you’re inviting others into your office, you may find that color psychology can make them feel more comfortable. Such techniques could help open your client up to new opportunities or make them more willing to speak or trust you.

For instance, warm colors, including red and orange, can make people feel cozy. Blue colors are soothing and green colors can energize and create positive, optimistic emotions.

While this typically applies to a wall, it can also be impacted by the flooring color.

The best flooring colors to make the room feel warm include:

  1. Red
  2. Brown
  3. Orange
  4. Yellow
  5. Most wooden colors

Office flooring colors which can feel cold include:

  1. White
  2. Blue
  3. Purple

Neutral office flooring colors include:

  1. Gray
  2. Beige
  3. Taupe
  4. Natural maple

If you’re not concerned about the feeling of cold tiles or flooring effects, then you are opening yourself up to more floor patterns and colors.

Tip: Wall colors also play a significant role in determining the feel and warmth of a room.

Best office floor color to match the existing design of the room

Considering the existing or proposed colors that are present in the room can aid you in choosing a flooring color that matches them and the overall office aesthetics.

The undertones of the wall paint or office floor can be categorized into:

  1. Cool undertones: Blue, purple, green
  2. Warm undertones: Red, orange, yellow, brown
  3. Neutral undertones: Beige, gray, shades of white

When choosing a floor to match the wall, the undertones should either match or complement each other.

If you already have a color trend going on in the office, this can feed into the best choice of floor.

For instance, if the color of the walls, furnishings and furniture is loud and busy, then opting for a flooring pattern that is basic and free of patterns can complement the design.

You probably don’t want the room to look too busy, after all.

But if the overall room style is minimal, you can contrast this with an office floor with patterns. On the other hand, you may want a minimalistic look and feel to the room. In this instance, you could opt for a single-colored floor or wood effect.

Best office floor color to make the room look bigger

It’s widely known that bright colors and shades on walls help to make a room feel bigger. What people often fail to consider is the impact of the flooring color on this. Lighter shades of colors help to enlarge a room and make it feel more open and airier.

The best office floor colors and styles to help increase the size of the office include:

  1. Light shades of wood, e.g., light brown wood, whitewashed wood
  2. Patterned tiles or flooring in a bright color
  3. White
  4. Light blue
  5. Cream
  6. Yellow

Plus, wider planks can give the illusion of a bigger room.

Tip: Adding a mirror can give the illusion of a longer sized room.

Best office floor color - Glossy floor

Best office floor color to suit a home office

With a home office, much of the same principles apply as would to a regular office. However, if you have the same flooring for all the rooms on that level, then you may want to continue that trend into your home office.

By diversifying from the existing flooring style, it may look slightly out of place.

This is particularly true if the home office flooring style that you opt for is in stark contrast to the flooring in the remainder of your home.

Picture a home primarily floored in a wood effect laminate. Now imagine someone adds a black and white patterned tile to their home office. It wouldn’t really match, would it?

If you are opting for a different style of flooring or you can’t get the existing flooring materials that you used in the rest of the house, you could go for a similar design, and it won’t stand out as much.

Just ensure that it complements the existing flooring as opposed to mismatching with it.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your own personal preferences.

If you’re spending a lot of time at your office, an anti-fatigue mat office is bound to help keep you energized.

Best office floor color to suit a small office

The colors of flooring that suit a small office will depend on your intentions for the look of the room. With small offices, you are more restricted on the colors of flooring, especially if you want the room to look larger.

While dark floors can make a room look smaller, they are only one element to the room. If done correctly, dark floors can help to create an open space.

Generally, experts agree that the floors should be darker than the walls.

This helps to make the room feel bigger and thus would be a good approach to follow for a small office or room.

Answering the below questions can give you an insight into what you should be looking for in terms of flooring styles and colors:

  1. Do you want to make the room look warm or cold?
  2. Do you want to make the room feel smaller or larger?
  3. Do you want a flooring that hides the dirt?
  4. Do you want a flooring that hides scuff and scratch marks?

Once you have answered these queries, you can use the various sections throughout the article to make the best flooring selection for you.

Best office floor color to suit a large office

With a large office, there’s more flexibility to choose whatever color or pattern of flooring that you desire. You don’t need to be as concerned about boxing the room in with a dark floor; this is more of a concern for small offices.

Again, similarly to the previous section on small offices, you’ll need to consider the purpose and priorities with the flooring type that you choose.

If the room is large and bright, and you want to make it feel cozy and rich, then warm or dark floor tones can complement this effect, e.g., mahogany or walnut.

You’ll also want to consider the lighting levels of the room.

If there is a large amount of daylight coming in, this can be a bit dazzling. A dark floor can help absorb some of this light.

It’s best to judge the lighting both at day and night and also on sunny and cloudy days. This way, you can gauge the different types of lighting conditions that you have to contend with.

Tip: Tiles can also be added to the walls as a backdrop to create a stylish pattern depending on the design or atmosphere that you desire.


There’s no denying that flooring can make a bold and significant impression on the overall style and feel of the room. That coupled with the maintenance and cleaning frequency means that you need to give consideration to the best color flooring for your office.

Who would have thought flooring colors could be so impactful!

What types of flooring do you have? Will you be kitting out your office or home in gray to keep with the times?

My aim with this website is to help you on all matters related to your home office and your work area. With that in mind, if you have any questions or comments on the above, please drop them in the box below. I’d love to hear them!


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