Corner Desk Buying Guide – 9 Invaluable & Helpful Factors!

Corner desks are on a whole other level compared to your standard desk. Their size, weight, work surface footprint and even their price are much larger than a standard desk. Someone who buys a corner desk means business. And if they mean business, then they are probably wise enough to do their homework and research a corner desk buying guide.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any decent buying guides for corner desks. So, I went ahead and created my own one – hope you enjoy it!

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Corner Desk Buying Guide

When choosing a corner desk, the space available in the room and the amount of storage space required are generally the primary considerations. The price that you’re willing to pay for the desk will also dictate your corner desk choice. The cost of corner desks ranges between $109.99 – $1649. After that, and the desk shape and finish will be the next factors to evaluate. The quality, weight capacity and weight are other factors worth investigating too.

There is more to choosing a corner desk than just going off price and aesthetics. Purchasing the wrong type of corner desk could affect your productivity. Worse still, it might not even fit properly into the room! Before you waste precious time and cash buying one, take just a couple of moments to flick through this article. With this simple buyer’s guide, you can select the perfect corner desk with ease and save yourself hassle and headaches! Let’s get started!

Corner desks can help to optimize desk and storage space which can contribute to increased productivity. Source

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Cost of corner desk

Corner desks tend to range in prices from $109.99 – $1649.

Corner desks tend to increase in price:

  1. if there are expensive materials, e.g., solid wood or glass used
  2. if they desk is branded
  3. as the desk size and storage parts increase

For instance, large corner desks and corner desks with hutches are more expensive than a basic corner desk.

Merely choosing a desk based on the price is not a guaranteed way of getting a quality desk.

Also, bear in mind the potential costs incurred if you need to return it.

I’ve covered the cost in a previous article which you can read here: How Much Do Corner Desks Cost? – Quick Analysis of Top 20!

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Size of corner desk

The size of your corner desk will primarily depend on how much room you have to fit it. Corner desks consume an area ranging from 588 in2 – 2268.75 in2.

This makes corner desks one of the most space efficient types of desks available.

Where corner desks really shine is their efficient hutch storage. This allows you to store at a height instead of consuming precious space on the floor.

If space constraints are not a factor, the amount of desk space and storage requirements as well as cost will be your dictating factors.

Since corner desks are usually being positioned into a fitted area, care should be taken to properly measure the corner desk dimensions in relation to the location it will be placed.

Otherwise, you might find that the desk won’t even fit in the slot.

If you’re choosing a corner desk with a hutch, you’ll also need to carefully measure out how much height is available.

Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that there are no shelves, windows, lights or objects which could become obstructed or damaged by the hutch.

Also, consider the items near the desk location.

If there are doors, storage cabinets or windows, the corner desk should not obstruct these.

This is particularly true with doors. If you’re sitting at the corner desk, will you be obstructing people walking into the room? Or will the door be liable to banging off your desk?

Extra caution should be taken if the corner desk will be placed in a small slot or if the measurements are a tight fit for the desk.

I previously wrote a complete article on corner desk weights and 20 examples which you can read about for even more invaluable information and tips!

Storage in corner desk

Deciding how much storage you require will help you to significantly narrow down your selection of corner desk.

This will also tie in with how much space you have available and how much you have budgeted for.

In the most basic form, corner desks feature the desk itself in a triangular shape. Generally, they will feature some form of shelving drawers underneath the desk.

The next level up includes storage lockers built into the corner desk.

After that, you can opt for a corner desk with a hutch or credenza above the desk for extra storage.

Additionally, you can opt for cabinets and drawers to sit alongside the corner desk.

Remember that the more storage compartments that you require, the higher the cost and the greater the amount of footprint that you will require.

Durability of corner desk

The sturdiness of the corner desk is usually an important factor for many people. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a wobbly, flimsy piece of furniture that doesn’t last 6 months!

Generally, corner desks are inherently sturdy.

Especially in comparison to smaller desks, such as floating desks.

However, it’s not something that you can take for granted either.

If the corner table has a very low price, then cheap materials were probably utilized to build it.

These materials tend to be of poorer quality than ones used in mid-priced corner desks.

Furthermore, shortcuts could have been taken to minimize the costs, such as not adding in support beams.

Poor quality materials suggests that they are less likely to be capable of enduring wear and tear.

Plus, they are likely to have a lower weight limit too.

Tip: The quality of the corner desk also needs to be evaluated based on the materials used, brand names and product reviews.

Shape of corner desk

Corner desks come in 2 types:

  1. Triangular shaped desks with the front edges slightly trimmed
  2. L-shaped desks

However, for this article, we will only be focusing on the triangle shaped corner desks.

Corner desks can come equipped with a storage hutch which will change the overall shape of the storage compartments around the desk itself.

Generally, you’ll want the storage side to go against the wall.

So, this will depend on what direction you want to face in the room and what side the wall is on.

Style of corner desk

Corner desks are typically made from wood, be it hardwood or MDF (medium density fiberboard).

After that, you can choose the wood finish to complement your preferences or the office design.

This includes the wood finish and the wood tone. However, don’t expect a huge amount of choice in terms of the materials available.

Some corner desks will have glass and metal parts included

The most popular type of corner desk is a wooden style corner desk.

You can also choose from various styles such as:

  1. Contemporary
  2. Traditional
  3. Rustic
  4. Transitional

Quality of corner desk

As you already know, there are a number of considerations which determine how good the quality of a piece of furniture is.

So, what do you look for in a good quality corner desk?

Some factors to evaluate when determining if a desk is good quality include:

  1. Cost
  2. Materials used
  3. Durability
  4. Brand name
  5. Product reviews
  6. Warranty duration

These will help to gauge how reliable the corner desk will be.

What’s even more rewarding is that it will help you to get value for money!

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Weight of corner desk

Corner desks are a relatively light type of desk. They weigh in a range of 35 pounds for a basic corner desk. That said, they can go all the way up to 268 pounds or more in weight for a desk with a hutch and additional storage compartments.

The weight of a corner desk will impact people who intend to move the desk regularly for cleaning. It will have an impact when you are assembling it or dismantling it too.

But to a lesser degree since these are one off events.

Weight can also help you gauge how strong a corner desk is. For instance, a desk made of solid wood tends to be stronger than one made from MDF.

There are 3 primary factors which affect the weight of corner desks.

  1. The supplies used in manufacturing the corner desk. E.g., solid wood is heavier than MDF.
  2. The number of storage compartments built into the corner desk.
  3. The overall size of the corner desk.

The weight of desks can also influence how much shipping costs will be.

Plus, if it’s a large unit, it may need to be built by an expert at a price.

I’ve written in greater depth here about How Much Do Corner Desks Weigh? – 20 Quick Examples!

Weight capacity of corner desk

Weight capacity is the maximum amount of weight that an object can hold. This means that the total weight of all the objects placed on the corner desk cannot exceed that weight limit.

So, how much weight can a corner desk hold?

The weight capacity for corner desks ranges on average between 110 – 200 pounds.

This excludes the weight that can be held by storage compartments.

Generally, most people will place about 45 pounds of weight on a desk.

This factors in a laptop, keyboard, mouse, monitor and some miscellaneous items on the desk.

If your work requires a lot of documents or heavy equipment on the desk, a higher weight capacity is something you investigate more thoroughly.

To determine the weight capacity that you require for a desk:

  1. Add up the weight of any equipment or files that you’re planning to place on the desk.
  2. Then add about 20% to this as a buffer.

Now you have the weight limit that you require and can choose a corner desk accordingly!


Corner desks are an ideal solution for compact corners or rooms with limited space. They’re also perfect for people who can work on a relatively compact desk space.

The key parameters to consider when choosing a corner desk includes the size of the space available, the desk size required and the cost that you’re willing to pay.

Once those factors are agreed, other elements to consider include the style of the corner desk, storage requirements, durability and weight of the desk.

When buying a corner desk, you’ll want to make the perfect choice first time around.

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Do you own a corner desk or are you planning to buy one? Let me know in the comments!


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