Corner Desk Vs Straight Desk  – An Unparalleled Comparison!

Straight desks aren’t for everybody, sometimes you need a bit more space or a shape to fit into a corner. But if you’re looking into investing in a desk, you might be confused by the terminology that sites use. This article demystifies those uncertainties and answers exactly what is a corner desk vs straight desk?

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Corner Desk Vs Straight Desk

The most obvious difference between a corner desk and straight desk is that a corner desk is triangular in shape whereas a straight desk is rectangular. Corner desks tend to be more expensive than straight desks. They also have more storage compartments and tend to weigh more than straight desks. The below table highlights the key differences between corner desks and straight desks.

FeatureCorner deskStraight desk
Size588 in2 – 2268.75 in2788 in2 – 2592 in2
Cost$109.99 – $1649$69.99 – $1296
Storage optionsDrawers, hutch, shelvingDrawers
Weight capacity110 – 200 pounds +200 – 300 + pounds
Weight35 – 268 pounds22.9 – 89 pounds

For the purpose of this article, corner desks will not include L-shaped desks. If you’re interested in L-shaped desks, I have written an article comparing L-shaped desk vs straight desk – which suits you best?

Find out this and more along with some tips and helpful articles to help you choose the best option for you and make the most out of your desk. It could even increase your productivity and comfort levels!

So, which is which? Let’s find out!

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Corner Desk Vs Straight Desk - Image of L-shaped desk in room and white straight desk

Corner desk vs straight desk size

Corner desks consume an average footprint of between 588 in2 – 2268.75 in2. Straight desks have a footprint ranging between 788 in2 – 2592 in2.

If you require a larger workspace, the straight desk is the way to go. It’s easier to organize your monitors, keyboard and mouse on a straight desk. You also still can have a dedicated section to storing the likes of documents on the side of the desk.

Corner desks don’t lend themselves to offering as much space on the worksurface. The alternative is opting for an L-shaped desk.

But, if you don’t need much space for storing items on the desk other than your computer equipment, this might not be an issue for you.

After all, you’ve got plenty of storage compartment in the corner desk for placing them anyway.

But if storage if more of a priority, corner desks with a hutch built in can be a tremendous way of utilizing corner space for storage!

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Corner desk vs straight desk cost

Corner desks have a price range between $109.99 – $1649.

Straight desks tend to range in prices from $69.99 – $1296. Therefore, straight desks tend to be less expensive than most corner desks.

You can expect to buy a decent corner desk for about $200 – $300. If you require a corner desk with a hutch, the prices tend to start around $554.99.

A basic small straight desk can be purchased for about the same price.

However, if you’re seeking a larger straight desk, these often start at $500 or more.

Corner desk vs straight desk shape

Corner desks tend to adopt the shape of a triangle. If the corner desk comes with a hutch, this alters the upper shape of the desk.

Straight desks are rectangular in shape, although some of them can be square. They don’t tend to have the option for a hutch, unless you’re opting for a computer or writing desk.

The shape of a corner desk makes them more suited to a room where space constraints exist.

Conversely, straight desks consume more floorspace which might be a problem if space is limited.

Tip: Corner desks are more efficient at providing storage than straight desks with separate lockers.

Corner desk vs straight desk storage options

The triangular shape of a corner makes them the perfect design for slotting into a corner of your home or office.

Furthermore, they help to make use of redundant corner space.

Some corner desks can come equipped with a hutch or credenza. These allow for extra storage along the normally redundant wall space.

However, you will have to search a bit harder to find corner desks with credenzas.

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The straight desk shape can also slot neatly into a corner or against a wall.

Corner desks offer less surface area for working on and storing items on compared to a straight desk.

The nature of straight desks means they consume more footprint in the room. But they can also go alongside a wall to optimize space.

Corner desk vs straight desk weight capacity

Corner desks generally have a minimum weight limit ranging between 100 – 200 pounds.

The shelving can hold even more weight. The weight limit per shelf is often rated to hold 25 pounds.

The weight capacity for straight desks ranges between approximately 200 – 300 pounds.

Most people will place about 45 pounds of weight on a desk. This factors in a laptop, keyboard, mouse, monitor and the weight of yourself pressing down on the desk.

If your work entails placing a lot of documents or heavy equipment on the desk, weight capacity is something you should look into a bit more thoroughly.

To calculate the weight capacity that you need for a desk, you could add up the weight of any equipment that you’re intending to place on the desk.

Add about 20% to this for a buffer and now you know the weight limit you require!

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Corner desk vs straight desk weight

Corner desks tend to weigh between 35 – 268 pounds. The higher weight is likely if a credenza is added.

Straight desks weigh in a range of 22.9 pounds for a small basic straight desk.

However, they can go all the way up to 89 pounds in weight for a larger straight desk without storage.

This makes straight desks relatively lightweight. Corner desks are rather light too until storage hutches come into the equation.

A light desk is advantageous for:

  1. Easy transport and moving
  2. Easier assembly
  3. Cheaper shipping costs

However, take caution with choosing a desk that’s too light. This could suggest the materials used to fabricate it are weak or flimsy.

A light desk could also have the implications of a lower weight capacity.

This could affect how you work and how much equipment you place on the desk.

Is a corner desk better than a straight desk?

A corner desk is an ideal solution for people who want to fit a desk into a corner of the room. Corner desks tend to optimise the storage area of a corner more effectively than straight desks, especially when they are placed in a corner.

However, corner desks do provide less work surface area than straight desks. They are also more expensive and weigh more than straight desks.

In contrast, straight desks can fit effortlessly into any space and room size room layout. They are cheaper, offer more workspace and a higher weight capacity.

If you decide to change the location of your corner desk, it may be more difficult to find a location to fit the corner desk into as opposed to a standard desk.

Corner desks will typically look out of place if they are positioned in areas such as in the middle of a room, or alongside a wall without a corner.


By now, you should know the fundamental distinctions between a corner desk and a straight desk. There are evidently pros and cons to each type of desk.

Cost, size and space requirements will be key factors that you need to consider along with personal preferences before deciding on a desk.

Do you own a corner desk or are you considering investing in one? I’d love to hear your feedback and any queries that you may have! Please leave them in the comments box below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!


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