Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital workspace review

Welcome to the Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital work space review. If you want to discover the pros and cons associated with this mobile sit standing desk that’s suitable for work, home and even endless other applications, then this article could be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Did you know that sit stand desks are available in mobile options? So, you can break away from your desk and move like your body intended you to do!

In this product review, I guide you through the key components and features of this mobile podium that you need to bear in mind when choosing a standing mobile desk. Additionally, you’ll receive an unbiased and in-depth analysis of this digital work space along with tips and tricks about this mobile desk that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

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Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital workspace review

Did you know?

Sitting and standing for long durations
are both bad habits for your health and well-being. Good practice is to adjust your posture approximately every 30 minutes.

Ergotron TeachWell Product Overview

The Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital work space features in the mobile standing desks category. It’s branded as a mobile teaching desk and AV hub; in layman’s terms, it’s a mobile sit standing desk that houses all of your gadgets. So, really, you could use it in an endless amount of home or work practices, whether as a:

  • projector stand
  • portable equipment trolley
  • video recording platform
  • hub for standing meetings
  • mobile office desk
  • means of dodging the noise or kids while you study or work from home

Heck, you could even use it as a glorified dinner table while you sit on the couch and watch Netflix on your laptop!

The integrated work platform features various slots and components designed to accommodate a person while they work at this standing desk. It serves as a compact portable technology hub. It consolidates an array of digital equipment, from laptops, tablets, DVD players, projectors, cameras, keyboards and a mouse, all on one sturdy platform. This portable podium pivots on a set of 4 castors and a riser post which facilitates a range of adjustable heights.

In a world where technology is increasingly prevalent and dominating our home and work life, a platform for housing our ever-growing list of gadgets is becoming a must. The efficient and stable design of the unit makes it an ideal nominee for anyone seeking to transform their current work space into a mobile sit stand area.

While it won’t astound you with an abundance of ergonomic characteristics, there’s no denying that it’s a step up in terms of ergonomics and comfort when compared with a traditional desk that confines you to sitting all day.

Ergotron TeachWell Assembly

Some of you may be disappointed to hear that this is not one of those out of the box desks. This unit does need to be assembled. Fortunately, there are step-by-step instructions provided to assist you along the way. For those of you Bob the Builder wannabies who simply relish the opportunity to grab your tools, then this should be an elementary and enjoyable activity for you.

From reviewing the assembly instructions, (and by the way, I’m by no means a flat pack expert) you’ll be glad to hear that installation seems fairly straightforward. It would have been preferable if they included some written instructions to accompany the visual aids. I personally find that it can make installation slightly more challenging to understand when you’re only interpreting what’s happening in an image.

Thankfully, the tools required to assemble this are few and should be household staples for most DIY dudes and dudettes:

  1. Scissors
  2. Phillips screwdriver
  3. 14 mm socket wrench

Judging by the instructions, assembly mostly comprises of screwing the accessories into place, for instance, a laptop holder or tablet arm. Cable ties and cable sleeves are also provided so that you can neatly route the wires, power strips and power bricks into the cable management box. The lift tension adjustments are one of the final components that may require altering, depending on your preferences and setup.

Once the cart is built and you are confident that you have completed all the tests as laid out in the instructions, all that’s left then is to place your equipment on the unit, adjust the height to suit your position and put it to work!

Tip: Ensure the region that you position the unit has sufficient clearance to adjust between varying positions without making impacting with items or walls in the vicinity.

Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital workspace review - Tablet arm and laptop kit

Ergotron TeachWell Height Range

The height range of this mobile standing desk is 31.8 – 51.8 inches / 80.8 – 131.6 cm vertically, which should be adequate for most heights, perhaps even for those of you greater than 6 foot tall. The ability to lower and raise the work surface height should be more than adequate at empowering you to achieve an optimal posture and superior levels of comfort.

Alternating between sitting and standing positions couldn’t be easier. There’s no need to worry about noisy or cumbersome cranking or locking mechanisms; the hand lever on the front right-hand side of the desk offers fluid and fast height adjustments. Thankfully, the manufacturers recognised the convenience and ergonomic benefits of positioning it close to the user. Therefore, when adjusting the height, there’s no need for you to strain or over-stretch to reach the hand lever.

To adjust the height, simply squeeze on the hand lever underneath the work surface and raise or lower it until you reach to your desired height. The keyboard tray and upper table adjust 20 inches / 51 cm in tandem. This is convenient as you simply need to perform one movement to simultaneously alter the height of the keyboard and work surface.

Tip: Your arms should be at a 90-degree angle when writing or typing, irrespective of whether you are sitting or standing. This will avoid creating strain and deviations to your posture.

Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital workspace review - woman presenting at classroom lecture

Ergotron TeachWell Compact Design

The efficient design of this standing mobile desk is a welcome attribute which enables the unit to be situated in compact areas. This also makes it much easier to glide between rooms, offices or even areas within a room.

The work surface dimensions (31 x 21 inches / 78.7 x 53 cm) are wider than those of the base footprint dimensions (28.9 x 21 inches / 73 x 53 cm). Therefore, in terms of footprint consumption, the upper region of the podium will take up approximately 2 inches more than the casters.

They keyboard tray does extend out to consume extra footprint at the front of the desk, however, this can be stowed away during transport or storage for your convenience and to reduce footprint.

This is also particularly important for people in compact or busy areas, such as classrooms or moving between offices or rooms in a home, as the compact size makes it easier to move the cart around and not bang off anyone or anything; it also allows it to fit in small areas and through doors.

Ergotron TeachWell Work Surface

The work surface dimensions offer you a spacious 31 x 21 inches / 78.7 x 53 cm of platform to play around with. Reviewers have appreciated the large area which should provide ample space for fitting laptops, books, documents and projectors on, while also fitting your precious cup of tea or coffee too! The work area offers sufficient space to comfortably fit a laptop while having ample area for your wrists to rest on the work surface.

Indeed, if you feel you could benefit from some added space or wished to free up space that a laptop would consume, you can invest in an array of accessories, such as a tablet arm or laptop kit which clamps your gadget using a bracket to make more precious work area available.

Furthermore, it mounts your gadget with a bracket that allows you to position it in a more ergonomic position. You can also adjust the height so that you don’t have to strain your neck to see your laptop or tablet.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to achieve an optimal ergonomic posture with the laptop or tablet merely sitting on the work area, so if you intend to sit or stand at the desk using a laptop for more than an hour a day, I would recommend considering these accessories. Your back and neck will thank you!

How much can you bench?

The work surface offers a weight capacity of 38.5 lbs / 17.5 kg, which is relatively robust; it has to be if the TeachWell is intended for holding potentially heavy computer equipment. However, if you do invest in certain accessories, you’ll have to accept that the weight load will be reduced.

For instance, installing the laptop kit will reduce the weight capacity by 4 lbs / 1.8 kg. The projector shelf will reduce the weight load by 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg. These aren’t deal breakers by any means, but simply something to bear in mind.

While we’re on the topic of weight, it is important that your equipment or the force that you apply to the cart doesn’t exceed that weight limit. To give you some perspective on how much weight it can carry, the average 40-inch TV weights approx. 37 lbs / 16.8. Many laptops will weigh about 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg. Saying that, I’d be slow to place a 40-inch TV on it, but maybe that’s just me being a nervous Nelly?

I am relieved that the weight load is on the higher side of the weight capacity spectrum. When working with a table of any sort, the last thing you want is to be in constant fear of it collapsing in front of you, right? Reviewers were delighted with how sturdy the podium is too, which is a breath of relief to hear!

Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital workspace review - keyboard, mouse and laptop kit

Ergotron TeachWell Keyboard Tray

The keyboard tray is suspended underneath the work surface and provides 26.3 x 9.4 inches / 66.8 x 24 cm of space to fit both your keyboard and mouse. This should offer you adequate space to fit both a full-sized keyboard and a mouse. The keyboard tray offers a weight limit of 2 lb / 0.9kg.

It also features a welcome negative 5 degrees of tilt to promote a neutral wrist posture while typing. Another welcome feature that I was pleased to discover was that the keyboard tray is stowable under the work surface. It’s a useful benefit, especially when you’re not using the keyboard or storing the cart in a compact area.

When pushed in, it should be almost flush with the upper surface. Only one reviewer suggested that he would prefer a bit more force on the keyboard tray as it slots back into place a little too easily.

They keyboard tray moves in tandem with the work surface when the lever is used to raise and lower the height. It can achieve 20 inches / 51 cm of height adjustability. Fortunately, it is a suspended keyboard which isn’t a common feature in many standing desk units.

This is particularly advantageous from an ergonomic standpoint as it minimises the risk of users having to position their arms and wrists in a position that causes them to stray from the recommended 90-degree elbow angle.

Furthermore, since the keyboard is lower that the work surface, it favours people who are shorter as they will be the people impacted mostly by a keyboard that is too high.

Ergotron TeachWell Mobility

Weighing in at 54 lbs / 24.5 kg, this mobile desk is relatively lightweight. That complemented by the 4 smooth-rolling dual casters means moving the desk between locations should be effortless… yes, even with equipment sitting on it!

There are lockable front casters fitted which are designed to securely hold the cart in place and prevent undesirable, annoying movement why you try to work or study. This is particularly valuable if you are on unlevel floors or floors with a smooth finish, e.g., tiles, wooden floors.

Plus, the high-quality dual casters have been reported to leave no marks on floors; the dual casters also reduce friction and floor scrubbing to make the process of wheeling equipment around on the cart easier, so you can maintain your reputation as a smooth operator! The manufacturer suggests that there should be no issues moving across carpet, flooring or thresholds either, which will be a relief if you intend to move this unit frequently.

A feature that I have not yet come across and have always been conscious of is the caster arm shape. These are predominantly in a star shape and generally vary between 3 and 6 arms depending on the chair or unit stability requirements. What I’m always cognisant of is the fact that when you’re standing at a star base, there is a likely risk of tripping or slipping on the protruding arms. Is this just me or do you experience this too?

However, this has been creatively redesigned in the TeachWell base so that it forms more of an X shaped base. This introduces greater foot space as the casters and their arms are stretched out to the sides. So, I don’t have to worry about where I place my feet or tripping over them. This gets a big thumbs up from me!

Tip: The stability of the sit stand mobile desk is relative to the floor surface. If there are any uneven surfaces on the floor, e.g., wooden boards, then bounce or wobble will transfer to the mobile desk.

Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital workspace review - Man pushing unit through door

Ergotron TeachWell Cable Management Box

Neat freaks, listen up!

As a self-confessed neat freak, I am a big fan of the cable management system. If it makes life tidier or easier, then I’m all in! Compared to previous mobile standing desks and sit stand desk converters, the TeachWell goes above and beyond to deliver an integrative and innovative cable organization system.

Considering the core function of this desk is a technology hub, it would be sacrilegious, if not negligent, to fail to provide a dedicated cable control system to eliminate the cable chaos that could pursue.

This is the first time I have encountered a dedicated cable storage area to house these items. It’s neatly attached to the left under surface of the work surface and forms a rectangular box.

It’s capable of housing a 2 power bricks, a 6-outlet power strip and the associated cables. Simple, but effective! After all, the last thing you want is for a colleague, family member or yourself tripping over the cables – what a nightmare that would be!

Tip: If you don’t have many cables or power sockets to store, this would be a prime place to locate accessories or other materials that you need.

Ergotron TeachWell Highlights

  • Future-proof sit-stand mobile desk with height adjustability to achieve a proper posture.
  • Suits a wide range of applications, e.g., teaching, technology storage, meetings, mobile work roles, home offices etc.
  • Innovative design which achieves efficient and compact use of desk area.
  • Lightweight cart for easy movement.
  • Smooth rolling high-quality casters for slick and graceful movement.
  • Robust caster legs with easy-to-clean exterior.
  • Dedicated cable management box for neat and tidy storage.
  • Durable work surface finish capable of withstanding wear and tear.
  • Smooth and silent raising and lowering of the height.
  • Can easily accommodate numerous users.
  • Can be self-assembled, no need for expensive technicians.
  • Range of accessories available to increase storage and ergonomics.
  • Includes commendable 5-year warranty.

Ergotron TeachWell Product Specification


Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital work space

Part Number



Graphite grey

Monitor Size


Number of Mountable Monitors

1 laptop

Screen Stability


Screen Tilt


Screen Pan


Screen Rotation


Maximum Weight Capacity

38.5 lbs / 17.5 kg

Adjustable Height


Height Range

31.8 – 51.8 inches / 80.8 – 131.6 cm

Lift Direction


Work Surface Dimensions

31 x 21 inches / 78.7 x 53 cm

Base Footprint Dimensions

28.9 x 21 inches / 73 x 53 cm

Keyboard Tray Dimensions

26.3 x 9.4 inches / 66.8 x 24 cm

Accessories Available


Weight of Unit

54 lbs / 24.5 kg

Shipping Dimensions

37.2 x 36.8 x 28.7 inches / 95 x 94 x 73 cm

Shipping Weight

90 lbs / 40.8 kg

Ships Fully Assembled


Ease of Installation



The Ergotron TeachWell mobile digital work space is a quality niche product that also offers features to promote ergonomics, comfort and functionality.

The nifty storage compartment for your cables and power sockets is a simple, yet effective features that enable you to work in a neat and safer manner.

While it is marketed primarily as a product for teaching and a technology house, don’t let this deter you from purchasing it. The applications of this product are much wider than simply a technology hub.

So, if you are someone simply seeking a mobile desk to use as a podium for delivering presentations or meetings, or as a mobile workstation or call desk that can be moved between various rooms, then this product can certainly deliver to your satisfaction.

The positive feedback regarding the large work surface was a recurring theme in the multiple reviews that I read. They also appreciated the versatility that the unit offers along with the abundant list of accessories. Furthermore, there’s probably none that will have a substantial 5-year warranty. It’s certainly a testament to the integrity and durability of the product.

For anyone concerned that this equipment hub will become outdated and surpassed by new advancements in technology, fear not as this innovative desk offers an open architecture that can adapt to technology upgrades.

I honestly struggled to find flaws in this unit. From an ergonomic perspective, you will probably need to invest in the laptop kit or tablet arm to ensure you don’t embrace a slouched posture.

The only other consideration is the weight limit. If you own heavy equipment or envisage the weight of your equipment coupled with the weight of you leaning on it could exceed the maximum weight capacity, then perhaps you should take a look at the weight of your items to compare them.

Besides that, it’s undeniably an impressive, durable unit which would be a great asset to any home, work or educational environment. Or even a dinner table in front of the couch hehe.

Below are some of the criteria that I take into consideration for rating standing mobile desks:

  • Being able to lean on or write on the unit without it swaying or toppling over.
  • Having adequate space when typing or using the unit.
  • Ensuring that the keyboard or other components do not push me away from the monitor.
  • Ensuring the unit can reach the necessary heights so I do not have to deviate my posture.
  • Being easily adjustable without causing excessive noise or struggling to raise or lower the height due to the weight.
  • Being reasonably affordable.
  • Having a good warranty.
  • Having good reviews on the product.

Based on reviewing the product spec along with reviews of the product, I’m satisfied that the unit has met my list of criteria.

Would I recommend it to a friend or family member?

For sure, particularly for someone looking for a compact standing mobile desk or platform for teaching or hosting their technology.

For ✓

Against ✘

Drop down keyboard for optimal posture

Weight capacity may not suit heavy technology

Suitable for a compact work space

Requires assembly

Innovative cable management system

Endless applications for work, home or education environments

Portable, elegant design and user-friendly


If you’re interested in joining the hundreds of thousands of people converting to standing desks and you want to enhance your energy levels, improve your posture and reduce negative health conditions associated with sitting for hours on end, then you should do like I did and check out the full range of Ergotron products on a limited time discount, don’t get left in the stone age:

For those of you who are seeking other types of desk converters or perhaps a fixed standing desk converter that offers you the ability to convert your existing work space into a sit standing haven, then this popular product may be of interest to you. Want to see why it’s so popular and what my in-depth analysis and genuine opinion of this product is? Then click here to find out: WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review

Have you any queries on this product or on standing mobile desks in general? Do you own a sit stand mobile desk? As always, I’d love to hear your opinion and questions, so please drop them in the box below.



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