Folding Desk Weight – 20 Popular Examples + Helpful FAQs!

If you’re considering getting a folding desk, it’s likely that you’ll be moving it on a regular basis. If that is the case, then you’ll need to know how heavy it is and whether you’ll even be able to lift it yourself. You’ll also want a sturdy foldable desk! So, before you waste precious time and cash investing in a folding desk, you should know a thing or two about your folding desk weight. Plus get a breakdown of how much you can expect Murphy desks to weigh based on the dimensions of that desk!

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Folding Desk Weight                                         

Generally, folding desks weigh between 15.65 – 59.15 pounds. How heavy a folding desk is will depend on the size of the desk, the materials it is made from, and if there are any storage compartments or accessory parts added on. The average weight of a foldable table is 39.08 pounds. Plastic is one of the lightest materials used to make folding tables. This is followed by wood and steel. When choosing a foldable desk, the primary considerations for most people are the size, price and foldable features of the desk. If the foldable desk will be moved frequently, then it is safer to choose a light weight folding desk to minimize the risk of a manual handling injury.

The weight of a desk is an important factor to consider when choosing a foldable desk. Read on to get some real examples of how heavy 20 popular folding desks are. Included below are cheat sheet tables with the weights and dimensions of foldable desks. Plus, if a lightweight foldable table is a priority for you, find out what to look for so you can secure yourself a good quality light foldable desk.

The NIOSH lifting equation recommends a maximum weight limit of 51 pounds for activities during ideal conditions. Source

Folding Desk Weight - Folding desk

Weight of folding desks

For the purpose of this article, the below are used to categorize the sizes of folding desks:

  • Small folding desk: < 40 inches wide
  • Medium folding desk: 40 – 60 inches
  • Large folding desk: > 60 inches

The weight of the foldable desk is a factor to consider if you intend to transport the unit on a regular basis. The weight of a foldable desk is primarily based on the type of materials employed.

Plastic tables are generally the lightest while steel and wooden foldable desks have more weight.

For an exact weight comparison of the same table in different sizes, I extracted the weights of the same folding desk in various widths that it comes in.

This gives you a true comparison of how floating desk weights can vary based purely on their size.

Need Computer Desk Size (inches)Weight (pounds)

The below table shows a list of 20 popular folding desk weights sorted based on lightest to heaviest.

Name of folding deskType of folding deskWeight of folding desk (lbs)
Bucklin Height Adjustable Standing DeskSmall height adjustable desk15.65
Ecostyle Solid Bamboo Frame Folding DeskSmall height adjustable desk16.3
Need Computer Desk Office Desk 31.5″Small computer desk19.06
Need Small Computer Desk 31.5″Small computer desk20.3
Coavas Folding Computer DeskSmall computer desk20.94
SOFSYS Modern Folding DeskSmall computer desk23.1
GreenForest Folding Desk, 2-TierSmall computer desk23.9
Delia Rectangular Oak Metal DeskSmall height adjustable desk26
Need Computer Desk Office Desk 47″Medium computer desk31.7
Delle Rectangular Oak Computer DeskMedium height adjustable desk36.2
Origami Folding Computer DeskMedium height adjustable desk38
Katie DeskLarge computer desk39.56
Need Computer Desk Office Desk 55″Medium computer desk40
Allensville Height Adjustable DeskMedium height adjustable desk40.38
Need Computer Desk Office Desk 62″Large computer desk43.9
Alrick DeskLarge computer desk45.1
Alrick Desk by Ebern DesignsLarge computer desk45.1
DlandHomeLarge Home Office DeskLarge computer desk46.1
Lindy DeskLarge computer desk51.3
Allensville Height Adjustable DeskLarge computer desk59.15

Generally, the smaller tables are the lightest and the larger folding desks are the heaviest.

However, there are some medium sized folding desks which are heavier than some of the large sized foldable desks.

In conclusion, the size of the foldable desk is generally an indicator of how heavy it will be, but this is not true in all cases.

Tip: Plastic can weigh as much as 16% less than the same amount of steel material.

How much do small folding desks weigh?

The average weight of a small folding desk is 20.66 pounds. They tend to range in weights from 15.65 – 26 pounds.

The below table shows some popular small folding desk weights sorted based on lightest to heaviest. Also included are the dimensions so you can gauge the weight in comparison to the size.

Name of folding deskWeight of folding desk (lbs)Depth (Inches)Width (Inches)Height (Inches)
Bucklin Height Adjustable Standing Desk15.6518.931.536.8
Ecostyle Solid Bamboo Frame Folding Desk16.322.131.929.5
Need Computer Desk Office Desk 31.5″19.0615.731.529.9
Need Small Computer Desk 31.5″20.315.731.530
Coavas Folding Computer Desk20.9419.739.428.3
SOFSYS Modern Folding Desk23.118.931.537.8
GreenForest Folding Desk, 2-Tier23.9323232.7
Delia Rectangular Oak Metal Desk2619.739.329.5

How much do medium sized folding desks weigh?

Medium sized folding table range in weights from approximately 31.7– 40.38 pounds. The average weight of a medium folding desk is 37.26 pounds.

The below table shows a list of popular medium folding desk weights arranged based on the lightest to the heaviest.

Name of folding deskWeight of folding desk (lbs)Depth (Inches)Width (Inches)Height (Inches)
Need Computer Desk Office Desk 47″31.723.647.229.5
Delle Rectangular Oak Computer Desk36.223.64030
Origami Folding Computer Desk3823.647.429.9
Need Computer Desk Office Desk 55″4023.655.129.5
Allensville Height Adjustable Desk40.3823.6247.0129

How much do large folding desks weigh?

The average weight of a large folding desk is 47.17 pounds. The weights of large foldable desks tend to range from 39.56 – 51.3 pounds.

The below table shows a list of popular large folding desk weights sorted based on lightest to heaviest.

Name of folding deskWeight of folding desk (lbs)Depth (Inches)Width (Inches)Height (Inches)
Katie Desk39.5623.66229.5
Need Computer Desk Office Desk 62″43.923.66229.5
Alrick Desk by Ebern Designs45.123.66429.5
Alrick Desk45.123.66329.5
DlandHomeLarge Home Office Desk46.123.66229.5
Lindy Desk51.323.66329

You may experience some difficulty lifting a large foldable table since it could be difficult to obtain an ergonomic grip on the load. Therefore, if you’re moving the table, you may need to get help or a lifting aid to assist move it.

Does the size of a folding table affect weight?

Foldable desks come in a variety of sizes from 24” – 62” and sometimes even larger. The larger the size of the desk, the heavier it will be. Don’t forget to consider the thickness of the table too.

Furthermore, the length and amount of material employed to make the legs will also be a contributing factor to their weight.

A typical office desk measures 48-inches wide by 30-inches deep whereas a floating desk can measure around 22 inches wide by 20 inches deep. Source

To minimize the weight, legs with a basic straight down design use the least material and so minimize extra weight.

However, ultimately, you’ll probably be able to find the overall folding desk weight from the website or manufacturer.

Therefore, getting down into the specifics probably won’t matter unless you’re building your own foldable table.

Does the weight of a foldable desk matter?

As with any table, you’ll need to consider what size desk that you will need for your tasks. If it’s simply for working with a laptop and taking some notes, then a relatively small table should suffice.

You might find that a laptop desk could even meet your needs.

However, if you a foldable desk for dealing with large documents or drawings, or for activities that take up a sizeable amount of space, then opting for a larger surface area will be important.

Selecting a cheap folding table could mean that you end up forgoing durability, desk size and quality of the unit.

While I don’t own a traditional foldable desk, I do own a folding laptop desk.

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Furthermore, you’ll also need to consider the weight capacity of foldable desks. The weight of a table generally gives an indication of how much it can hold.

While it’s not true in all cases, it should help you to narrow down the size folding desk you need based on the weights you require it to be capable of supporting.


Folding desks come in a variety of weights which means there should be a foldable table to suit practically all weight requirements.

Consider if you will be moving or handling the foldable desk often as the weight of it could be restrictive to easy maneuvering.

However, following some of the simple techniques and pointers listed in this article can be the deciding factor between your dream table and a dud!

Moreover, if you require a desk with a large surface area or a very high weight capacity, you’re possibly better off going for a regular table.

Do you own a floating desk, murphy desk or folding desk? Did you choose your desk based on the weight? Comment below to let me know!


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