How much weight can an office chair hold? Examples included

When purchasing a chair, a consideration that you might not think about is how much weight can an office chair hold. What many people don’t realize is that weight limits are a pertinent safety factor that could implicate your safety and the performance of the chair.

While thinking about the height and aesthetics are common factors that people pay heed to, weight limits often don’t get the attention that they need or deserve. You might not even be thinking do office chairs have a weight limit, especially if it is not disclosed in the spec of the chair. Furthermore, the sales person may not think to bring it to your attention.

Read on to find out why weight capacity is so important and what the average weight capacity of a standard chair is. Also, included is a weight capacity comparison table with some of the most popular chairs on the market.

Plus, there are also a whole bunch of other interesting facts that you probably should know about office chairs, especially if you use or are in the process of purchasing one!

How much weight can an office chair hold? - Max load sign on leather chair

What does weight capacity mean?

Weight capacity identifies the maximum amount of weight that an object can hold. Weight capacity and weight limit can be used interchangeably. The weight capacity of each item will vary depending on factors including:

  • the materials used to create it
  • the level of robustness of the product
  • the intended function of the item

For example, a folding chair will typically have a lower weight capacity compared to a standard office chair.

How much weight can an office chair hold?

A standard office chair has a weight capacity of approximately 250 – 330 pounds.
Big and tall chairs are heavyweight chairs that can tolerate higher weight capacities of approximately 300 – 800 pounds.

The average weight capacity of an office chair is 277 pounds.

Below, I collated some examples of the most popular chairs on the market and their weight capacity. This should enable you to get an insight into the types of chairs available and the weight limit that is associated with them.


Type of chair

Weight capacity (lbs)

KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh

Ergonomic chair


OFM ESS Collection Mesh Back no armrests

Mesh task chair


Cool Mesh Pro Multi-Function Chair

Task chair


Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft PU-Padded Mid-Back

Leather chair


Freedom Task Chair

Task chair


Freedom Headrest

Task chair


Diffrient World

Mesh task chair


Hbada Office Chair

Mesh ergonomic chair


Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable

Ergonomic chair


Hbada Ergonomic Chair

Executive chair


What is the difference between weight and weight capacity?

The weight of an object relates to how heavy the object is, or in more complex terms, the amount of force being exerted on the object due to gravity. Weight capacity means the amount of weight that the object can hold.


What happens if you exceed the weight limit of an office chair?

The repercussions of exceeding the weight capacity could be as minimal as the chair simply dropping under the weight. In a more severe scenario, the chair could completely collapse and result in damage to the chair and injury to the person sitting on it.

How strict the weight capacity of a chair is will depend on the manufacturer and the chair. Most chair producers will undersell the true weight limit and build in a safety buffer to minimize the potential of the chair breaking or someone being injured. Regardless, the weight capacity of any object should never be exceeded.

Does weight capacity of an office chair matter?

The weight limit of a chair should not be ignored or abused as it is an important safety factor built into the spec of the chair. There are no real advantages to exceeding the weight capacity or using a chair that has a lower weight threshold than you need. It can impact on your safety, deplete the reliability of the chair and could even break the chair if too much weight was applied.

Warranty is also an important consideration that you should watch out for when choosing a desk chair. This is why I personally love that the CoolMesh Pro Multi-Function Chair comes with a phenomenal lifetime warranty! You’ll be lucky to even get a 3-year warranty with some chairs these days!


When choosing a desk chair, the weight capacity should be considered to ensure it is capable of carrying the necessary weight. Weight capacity limits should never be exceeded, so if the information regarding the weight limit isn’t available on the website or the catalog, you can contact the manufacturer to obtain it.

In many cases, a standard office chair will have a weight capacity that is sufficient. However, if you require a chair that can hold higher weights, a heavy-duty or big and tall chair may be a better investment. Either way, it is not something you should skimp on.

A good rule of thumb is to find out the weight that will be applied to the chair. Then add 10% to the weight capacity to give yourself some extra playroom when it comes to weight limits. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the chair dropping on you as you try to perform your work.

The weight limit of a chair is only one consideration to bear in mind when choosing an office chair. The last thing that you want is to purchase a chair that’s not suited to your height or makes you feel uncomfortable. This often leads to chairs not even being used. Considering that they are an investment, don’t run the risk of wasting your hard-earned cash on a poor quality chair by reading: How to choose an office chair – a quick buyer’s guide

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