Is Part Time Work Easy? Surprising Must Know Factors!

For many people, a part-time job sounds dreamy. But how suitable part-time work is for you will depend on a multitude of factors you may not have even fathomed! With that in mind, let’s see is part time work easy. Or could it be a hindrance instead of a help? And how much money could you be losing out on? Read on so you can make a smart, informed choice!

Top 15 Easiest Part- time Jobs
Top 15 Easiest Part- time Jobs

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Is Part Time Work Easy?

The below table highlights the key advantages and disadvantages of part-time employment.

Part-time work is easier ifPart-time work is harder if
You have an appropriate workloadYou seek career development
You are respected as a part-time workerYou don’t get as many benefits
You have a better work life balanceYou get poorly paid

Working part-time in itself won’t always be an indication of if the job will be easier or more difficult than full-time work. But what it can undoubtedly indicate is how the role can impact on your personal life and professional development.  So how exactly does it impact on these 2 parts of your life? Find out more by reading on!

Recent studies have shown that workers are approximately 12% more productive when they are happy. Source

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Part-time Work Is Easier If:

You have an appropriate workload

Working part time involves working reduced hours with an equivalent work volume. Having an appropriate workload and deadlines which align with your working hours is vital to the success of a part-time role.

If you are working part-time and expected to execute the same volume of work as a full-time employee, then this is neither fair nor appropriate.

This is much easier if your tasks are time-based, e.g., serving customers for the hours your work.

For tasks where it’s less clear how long the work takes, it tends to be more difficult to assign a timeline, e.g., updating a procedure, reviewing a document, troubleshooting an issue.

In these scenarios, if you’re working to a deadline, you might be under pressure to stay on till it’s addressed or completed.

Fortunately, for the most part, it is understood that working part-time means certain work won’t be completed as quickly.

You are respected as a part-time worker

There can be a stigma attached to part-time workers; they may be perceived as being less committed to their job or serious about their career.

If your colleagues and the company that you work for treat you with respect, then you will feel much more comfortable and fairly treated in your role.

You have a better work life balance

Having a good work life balance has been described by a Hudson study as the single most important aspect a job seeker is looking for in a new job. This is much easier to achieve while working a part-time job and is one of the biggest benefits to a part-time role.

A balance equates to feeling much more satisfied personally and professionally.

It also means that there is more time to rest; after all, paid work is only one side of the spectrum…

A study by the OECD reported that in the US, women clock up 243.2 minutes a day or 28.4 hours a week of non-paid work, e.g., household chores. In comparison, men were recorded as performing 150.2 minutes a day or 17.5 hours a week.

Working a part-time job leaves more time for attending to family, exercising, hobbies and chores.

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Part-time Work Is Hard If:

You seek career development

Part-time roles offer fewer occasions to demonstrate your talent. Plus, the expectation is that many roles will require a full-time worker.

Therefore, if you’re in a part-time role and trying to jump to a full-time position, it can deplete your chances of climbing the corporate ladder.

If professional development is an important factor for you, then part-time work can slow down your progress in advancing your career.

You don’t get as many benefits

Often, benefits won’t be offered to part-time workers which means you’ll be losing out on healthcare, pension etc. Some part-time workers are eligible for benefit packages depending on the company policy.

Nevertheless, it will usually be issued pro-rata based on the number of hours that the worker completes.

For example, if full-time work is 40 hours and part-time work is 20 hours, the part-time employee may be eligible for only 50% of the benefits.

While this doesn’t impact on the difficulty of the job itself, it does mean you will often have to pay more or work longer. For instance, working longer to earn enough of a pension to retire.

Tip: Working fewer hours or days means you can spend less on food, treats and coffees.

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You get poorly paid

Working on a part-time wage takes adjusting to, particularly if you’re transitioning from a full-time wage.

The average hourly rate for a part-time worker in an average job is around $10 – 17. This is well short of the average hourly rate for a full-time employee: $29.81 – $33.77.

An average annual part-time salary equates to $26,950. This is a far cry from an average full-time salary of $44,888.

The tough part about working on a lower salary is the impact on your personal life. Lower wages means that your standard of living is probably lower, and you have to be more wary of your spending habits.

It also means that paying for bills, mortgages or children can be rather challenging which can result in stress and anxiety.

If working part-time has too much of a financial hit, then consider moving to a company that offers:

  1. 4-day work week
  2. Annualized hours
  3. Unlimited holidays

Indeed, the cream of the crop is to work on an unlimited holidays schedule. With this model, staff can pick how many paid holidays they take in the year!

One of the biggest benefits to casual work is that you receive a casual loading which often makes this a higher paying type of employment.

Tip: Calculate how much it costs to have children in full time childcare and you working full-time versus you working part-time and children in childcare for shorter periods.

You feel you need to complete with full time workers

A part-time job equates to anywhere from 16 – 35 hours a week. A shorter number of hours in the week makes it more challenging to prove that you are working as hard as your full-time colleagues.

Part timers can feel pressurized to work harder to demonstrate how serious and motivated they are about their job.

Working overtime may be one way that you demonstrate this. Especially if you don’t want to be seen to be running out the door the minute your time is up.

If you’re too generous with your time, you may end up working hours close to a full-time job.

Tip: Establish SMART work objectives so the necessary people can see how hard you’re working and achieving your work goals.


Part-time work will certainly be more manageable than a full-time job for people with already hectic schedules. How difficult or easy a part-time job is will depend on the job demands itself, your personal circumstances and your perception of the role.

If you are highly career driven and motivated to climb the corporate ladder, a part-time job may hinder your ability to demonstrate your talent.

But if you’re someone who works to earn a living, you dislike your job or you have a family to look after, then working part-time may be the better choice.

Fortunately, part-time work isn’t the only career option. If you would like to gain further knowledge and insights on alternatives to part-time work, then you’re in luck…

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