Kneeling Chair V Ball Chair – Which Is Better + FAQs!

Kneeling chairs and ball chairs are dynamically different and come in a variety of shapes and styles. So, before you waste precious time and money buying one, you should know the key differences between a kneeling chair v ball chair. This article divulges the key intricate differences between them so you can decide which, if any, is a good match for you. So, let’s get started!

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Kneeling Chair V Ball Chair

FeatureKneeling ChairBall chair
PurposeEncourages more upright posture by resting on kneesOffers adjustable support for body and arms while sitting
Size (Inches)20 – 27.55 long, 6.3 – 8.46 wideApprox. 28 long, 31 wide
Duration of useShort termAll day
Price$99 – $1999$74.99 – $1000
Adjustable heightsYes (except for rocker chairs)Yes, 15 – 22 inches
ComfortUsually lowerGreater
Weight16 – 29 pounds21 – 53 pounds
Weight capacityUp to 265 pounds80 – 100 pounds
InstallationLow – mediumLow

There are some stark differences between kneeling chairs and ball chairs. But should you opt for both or just one of them? Plus, is a kneeling chair even a suitable option for you? Read on to get a deeper insight into the differences that you should look for to ensure that you make a smart decision first time round!

Did you know? Since kneeling chairs offer less support to your back and core region, it engages them much more than when in a standard ball chair. Source

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1. Purpose of Kneeling Chair V Ball Chair

By default, practically everyone will start out with a standard ball chair. When someone starts looking into kneeling chairs, it’s usually because they:

  1. Want to adopt a different posture
  2. Have been advised to get one
  3. Want to reduce back pain or pressure on their back
  4. Want a chair that enables active sitting

If any of these resonate with you, then a kneeling chair may be worth looking into.

When choosing the perfect kneeling chair, failing to choose correctly could make or break how useful it is to you.

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2. Size of Kneeling Chair V Ball Chair

Kneeling chairs come in a number of designs which will ultimately dictate their average size. Ball chairs on the other hand are generally smaller than under-desk hammocks.

Kneeling chairs range from 20 – 27.55 inches long and 6.3 – 8.46 inches wide.

Ball chairs have widths around 28 inches long and 31 inches wide.

Big and tall chairs are even larger at approx. 28 inches wide and 31 inches long.

They type of kneeling chair and their size will help you to decide which one is a suitable fit for your area and the amount of space that you have.

3. Duration of use of Kneeling Chair V Ball Chair

Due to the nature of how kneeling chairs orientate your body, they are typically suitable for use over short periods of time. Kneeling chairs place a greater amount of force on the knees and the weight of your body is pressing down on them too.

In contrast, a standard adjustable ball chair can be used for the entire day.

Remember that regardless of what you’re sitting in or the posture you adopt, you still need to take regular breaks and change your posture.

For instance, I have made it a rule to sit for no longer than an hour. I then get out of my chair and either use my standing desk or quickly stretch the legs.

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4. Price of Kneeling Chair V Ball Chair

Kneeling chairs have a typical price range of between $99 – $1999+. The price of a kneeling chair is usually determined by the type of kneeling chair along with size, brand and quality of it.

You should expect to pay anywhere between around $74.99 – $1000+ for an adjustable chair. This makes ball chairs a more affordable entry level option.

What’s also worth considering is that if you don’t already own a suitable chair for your desk, you’ll more than likely need to also buy one to go with your kneeling chair.

But if you’re not going to be using the kneeling chair at a desk, then this may not be an issue for you.

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5. Adjustable heights of Kneeling Chair Vs Ball Chair

Nearly all kneeling chairs with the exception of rocker chairs enable you to adjust the height to suit you. Rocker kneeling chairs will generally have guidance around what heights they can accommodate.

Ball chairs offer around 15 – 22 inches of height adjustability which should make them suitable for the vast majority of people.

However, if you’re on the taller or shorter scale, then there are other chairs you can consider. These include the big and tall chairs which are designed for those with a height greater than 6’4”. Smaller chairs with a smaller seat pan are also available too.

Most kneeling chairs can accommodate heights ranging from 4’ 8” – 6’ 3”.

The larger the range of height adjustability, the more certain you will be that it will meet your needs and preferences.

Tip: If the height suitability of a rocker chair is not provided, query it with the salesperson or manufacturer before you invest in one.

6. Comfort of Kneeling Chair Vs Ball Chair

Ball chairs are typically more comfortable to sit in than kneeling chairs. They are also suited to all day use while kneeling chairs are usually only recommended for use over shorter periods.

That said, the degree of comfort that a kneeling chair or ball chair will provide is generally based on the type of chair, how well it is fitted to you and your own personal preference.

Kneeling chairs lack a back rest to lean against which will work your back and core more than a standard chair. This could make sitting in a kneeling chair more tiring.

Evidently, if you suffer from knee pain, a chair that puts more pressure on your knees won’t be a suitable choice.

However, if a kneeling chair reduces discomfort in your back or improves your posture, then it might be a match made in heaven!

Equally, if you suffer from back pain and your chair offers little in terms of lumbar support or adjustability, then it could even exacerbate the situation.

But if you opt for an ergonomic chair with an adjustable back, lumbar support and is a good size for you, then this could completely revolutionize how comfortable you feel while sitting.

7. Weight of Kneeling Chair Vs Ball Chair

Kneeling chairs have weights around 16 – 29 pounds whereas a desk chair tends to weight around 21 – 53 pounds.

The average weight of a chair is 37.37 pounds. Big and tall chairs are usually the heaviest type of chair and weigh an average of 50.2 pounds.

The weight of a kneeling chair or ball chairs primarily based on the size and type of materials used.

Tip: If the chair that you opt for has wheels, it will make it much easier to move.

8. Weight capacity of Kneeling Chair Vs Ball Chair

A weight limit is usually provided by the manufacturer. This indicates how much pressure the kneeling chair can hold without becoming subject to sinking or damage.

Kneeling chairs can hold weights up to 265 pounds. This should make them suitable for most people.

Ball chairs have weight limits around 250 -330 pounds. Big and tall chairs go higher again with a weight capacity up to approx. 880 pounds.

That factor aside, they should be more than adequate for the majority of people. However, if you’re on the very tall or larger side, it would be worth contacting the seller to see if it’s suitable for you.

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Whether you will opt for a kneeling chair or ball chair will ultimately boil down to personal preference and the reason why you want to use it. You could end up alternating between each to get the best of both worlds!

While both of them ultimately execute the same task, they do so in different postures and offer their own pros and cons which can be seen from above.

However, following some of the simple techniques and pointers listed in this article can be the deciding factor between choosing your dream chair and a dud!

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