Laptop Desk Types – 4 Popular Types & Genius Uses For Them!

We all know that being hunched over a laptop can pose significant back pain and damage. With so many people working on laptops and working from home, there’s a growing demand for laptop tables. But with so many types available, this article brings you through laptop desk types as well as helping you decide on the best laptop desk for your needs.

According to a study, over 80% of people that use a computer for more than 4 hours a day suffer from back pain. Source

Laptop desk types

Laptop desks are available in different shapes and formats including:

  1. Lap desk with pillow cushion
  2. Laptop desk
  3. Adjustable laptop stand
  4. Laptop stand

The type of laptop stand that you opt for will be influenced by how and where you intend to use it. While they are all good solutions for improving your comfort and posture, each laptop desk has different capabilities and strengths.

Read on to get a snapshot understanding of the different types of laptop desks. It’s guaranteed to give you a better understanding of each unit and which would be better suited to your needs and desires. 

Plus, it’s bound to keep you from back crippling poor postures like is being displayed the below picture.

Laptop Desk Types - Girl on laptop in bed

Lap desk with pillow cushion

Lap desks are a type of laptop tray which feature a foam underneath to protect your legs from heat. They feature enough area to fit a laptop and sometimes a mouse adjacent to it.

Additionally, many of them include a wrist rest. 

This doubles up as a support for your wrists and also acts as a ledge so that the laptop does not move around as much on the lap desk surface.

The laptop pillow can common variety of forms including a wedged, flat and strips of pillow at the front and back of the lap desk.

Laptop cushion desks often feature slots, such as media device slots and cup slots for holding a mug.

Some of the more advanced types of laptop cushion tables feature height adjustability so that you can lower or raise the angle at which the laptop is positioned.

However, bear in mind that if the laptop is angled, it may be more difficult to type on.

Lap desks are typically used by people in their bed, on the floor or on the couch. However, they can also be used on a desk or table.

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Laptop desk

Laptop desks are often known as laptop desks for bed. They are equivalent to a breakfast tray that you would bring to bed except that it is on a set of taller legs. The table can be adjusted to different angles based on your preferences and height.

Laptop trays typically tend to have a wider surface area then lap desks with a pillow cushion. Some of them even include storage compartments for various pieces of stationary, such as pens or glasses.

The legs are usually foldable for easier storage and the height of the legs can be altered to accommodate your height.

If you are using a laptop desk at table, you will need a separate keyboard and mouse.

Using a laptop table at a desk helps to make it a more ergonomic setup. Therefore, you will be less likely to be craning your neck downwards to look at the screen.

Typically, laptop trays can also be used for multiple other purposes, such as:

  1. a breakfast tray
  2. for taking notes
  3. resting your tablet on
  4. reading
  5. drawing
  6. a stand for holding objects

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Adjustable laptop stand

Adjustable laptop stands or adjustable laptop tables are a step up from laptop desks. Their legs have three joints which can be bent in a number of different ways to achieve different heights and positions for the laptop.

Laptop trays often come equipped with separate mouse pad which can fit on the left or right side.

Some of them even come equipped with cooling fans which can be connected to the laptop to help keep it cool. It will also keep your legs cool if you have the laptop adjustable stand placed about your legs.

The legs can also be folded for easy storage. 

Out of all of the laptop desk options available, the adjustable laptops stand tends to be the most ergonomic in design.

It can accommodate a range of heights and also suit people in different positions. For instance, I used my laptop standard board at my desk and also in bed.

I personally own the Sit stand height adjustable desk – Newoer Ultra Large Adjustable Laptop Table Desk. You can read about the pros and cons and why I use it every day in this article.

Tip: Laptop stands can be folded and transported between rooms or your home and office!

Laptop Desk Types - Adjustable laptop stand with laptop and keyboard

Laptop stand

Laptop stands are a small element which simply positions the laptop at an angle at a height on your desk. It does not include any space for ancillary accessories, such as your mouse or keyboard.

These are the most compact and lightweight of all the laptop stands.

However, they are also limited in their uses.

Generally, it can only be used at a desk to raise the height of the laptop to minimize the amount of bending down to look at your screen.

Laptop stands can be folded and easily stored. Additionally, the height can be adjusted to various ranges so that it is in line with your eye level.

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Laptop desks and lap desks are an excellent means of improving your ergonomics on a budget. They are also ideal for people who have limited space or people who want to improve their posture without investing in standing desks are standing desk converters.

While they won’t offer as much surface area as a standing desk, they will help to minimize the amount of neck bending.

Plus, they all help you to adopt a more neutral posture while you work at your desk.

Furthermore, they will also keep the laptop desk positioned in a more comfortable and ergonomic position when you are in bed or on the couch.

This can prevent toasted leg syndrome and also prevent the laptop fans from becoming blocked.

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Do you own a laptop desk or are you considering investing in one? I’d love to hear your feedback and any queries that you may have! Please leave them in the comments box below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!


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