Places To Study Open Late – 7 Great Solutions & Tips!

Finding places to study open late where you can actually get some work done can be a challenge. This is particularly true if you don’t live near your place of work or study. If you’re rattling your brain trying to find a study location open after 6pm, then check out this helpful list of places below. I’ll bet there are some that you didn’t even consider!

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Places to study open late

  1. Home
  2. Library
  3. Classroom or lecture hall
  4. In your office/workplace
  5. Hotel lobby
  6. Late open café
  7. Outdoor park

There should be at least 1 place on the list above that will suit everyone. Libraries will generally be the best place to study. However, when they’re not open or suitable, you can consider working in the other multiple locations on this invaluable list. Read on to see how they compare.

Studying in the evening or at night can help improve focus and concentration due to fewer distractions. Source

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If you’re used to studying in libraries or other places, you may neglect to consider your home as a study location. What’s more, it’s open 24/7, provided you don’t wake the entire nation while you study, that is.

Of course, you will need some place to do your work, whether it’s reading your notes from your desk or dining room. You may even consider using your bed or the kitchen table while no one else is around.

You’ll also want to ensure that you become distracted by people or gadgets while you focus.

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Many public libraries close around 6pm, but there are some that open later on certain days of the week. On-campus libraries often stay open till 9 or 10pm, particularly in the larger universities.

There are some libraries on campus that open 24 hours a day around exam time which means you can get work completed at any hour of the day.

Provided you have a student badge or membership to the library, you can generally get almost free access to Wi-Fi, a quiet environment, and their facilities!

In terms of places best designed for study, the library certainly triumphs the list as it’s quiet, has few distractions and has a good desk setup to allow you to study in comfort.

Classroom or lecture hall

Studying in a classroom or lecture hall is an excellent location, provided you can find a room that’s free for long enough and open late. They are free of distractions, noise and should have a good Wi-Fi connection too.

The larger universities are often open till 9 or 10pm, which gives you a few hours to study without being kicked out!

If you’re already on campus, it makes it more efficient and productive if you continue on your study rather than travelling to a café or home to get the work done.

To add to that, since it’s an environment that you associate with work or study, you’re more inclined to be in a focussed state of mind.

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In your office/workplace

Depending on your workplace, many offices don’t have a closing time as such, unless someone is locking up. If you are fortunate enough to have your own desk or office, you can use this area to focus on study or work.

With free internet, tea/coffee and good working conditions, what more could you want!

If it’s in line with the company policy, you could fit some study in after work.

Best practice is to get approval from your manager. This way, they won’t be wondering what you’re doing suddenly putting in all these extra hours.

You’ll also want to check that it complies with the fair use internet policy if you’re using your work laptop for non-work activities!

Often the biggest distraction to work is your email, to get any work done, you should consider closing down you email and any work tabs once you start studying.

If you don’t have a job which involves having your own desk, you could consider asking your manager if you could use a spare desk to study before work.

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Hotel lobby

Practically all hotels that open late have a lobby which you could work in. Some lobbies don’t even close, meaning you should be able to use them at almost any hour! With free Wi-Fi, comfortable chairs and tables, lobbies are useful if you need to crack open your laptop or notes to work.

Provided there’s not an onslaught of people right beside you or an event in the hotel, the area should be relatively quiet.

If the lobby is away in a corner, it’s best to sit here so you won’t get distracted by passers-by.

Other than buying a coffee or something small, you’ll be getting comfortable conditions, free Wi-Fi and facilities in return for a small price

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Late open café

Many cafes are hooking onto the idea that people enjoy meeting up in places other than bars in the evening. Consequently, you’ve got a greater choice of cafes where you could put your head down.

Many of the late open cafes stay open till 10pm on certain evening; some internet cafes are even open 24 hours, which makes them the perfect place to study late at night!

Many filling stations now have cafes which have come a long way over the past few years. These are often open late too.

Provided the place isn’t too loud or busy, you could put your head down and fit some study in.

Purchasing an item in the café may be a requirement to keep conspicuous eyes off you. Plus, it’s only courtesy considering you’re using their facilities!

Tip: Many filling station cafes often have plugs, free Wi-Fi and toilets.

Outdoor parks

Studying outdoors is a great way to get fresh air. If the weather is good and the evenings are long, you can study outside as long as it’s bright! Many public parks are open 24/7 and the ones that aren’t are open till around 10pm.

The biggest catch with this location is that it won’t suit all year round, unless you’re in a moderate climate such as Tenerife or Lanzarote!

One can dream…

Ideally, you’d work at a bench with a tabletop so you could adopt a more ergonomic and comfortable posture while you take notes.

You should also check if there are facilities, such as toilets and cafes nearby if you plan on staying a while!

Tip: If you need to go online for study, check ahead if you have internet connection or coverage there.


Finding places with late opening to work or study can be a test in itself. Fortunately, the above list of places open late to study should without a doubt give you some concrete ideas of where you can go in your area.

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