Pros And Cons Of 2 Person Desks – 13 Hidden Considerations!

Double workstation desks may be more space efficient. But just how practical are double workstations? Read on to discover the pros and cons of 2 person desks. Let’s find out what advantages and disadvantages of desks for 2 people are and get you the answers once and for all!

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Pros And Cons Of 2 Person Desks - Bivi Plus 2 double workstation in office

Pros and cons of 2 person desks

Advantages of 2 person desks

1. Cheaper than buying 2 desks

The average cost of a double desk workstation is $230.09 whereas the average cost of a standard office desk is $140+.

Most double workstations have a higher cost than a standard individual desk.

However, if you compare the cost of a 2 person desk with purchasing 2 single person desks, the cost of the latter is usually the more expensive route.

On top of that, shipping costs and any costs or time associated with experts or staff building the desk will often be double if you invest in 2 desks.

This is especially true if you buy the desks from 2 separate companies or at 2 different times.

2. Encourages collaboration on common work

For rooms where individuals are working towards a common goal or working in the same department, sharing a desk can make sense.

It’s much easier to collaborate when you’re working directly next to a person.

Often people won’t be able to throw as many questions at each other and discuss concepts if they have to do so over a call. In these scenarios, important discussions are often missed.

Therefore, sharing a des enables the ultimate opportunity for collaboration.

3. Minimizes space consumed in area

The surface area of 2 separate average sized office desks is around 2304 in2. That’s even excluding the gap between the desks! In comparison, the average surface area of an office desk for 2 is 2073.91 in2.

Evidently, the footprint consumed by a 2 person office desk is more efficient than that of 2 individual desks.

This is extremely valuable for office with limited desk space available.

Home offices often encounter this problem, especially when the need arises to share the home office with your housemate or family member!

4. Makes area look neater

A 2 person desk can create a neater appearance for your home or office. When the 2 desks are merged into 1, there is less redundant space.

Furthermore, all the cables will be organized around one central location as opposed to being scattered between 2 separate desks.

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Disadvantages of 2 person desks

1. Increased noise levels

When you are working in such close proximity to another, the noise levels are bound to be more obvious and louder.

On top of that, working next to someone can be distracting as they will be moving around and completing tasks, such as making calls which can disrupt you from your work.

This could cause distraction for the 2 workers, especially if they are facing each other or each other’s line of vision.

2. Less work surface area

Office desks have an average minimum surface area of 1152 in2. Compare this with a double workstation which has an average footprint of 2073.91.

Ultimately, you can expect that you will have less room to work with.

This may not pose an issue if you primarily need limited space for the likes of a computer, keyboard and mouse.

However, if you need plenty of space for documents, drawings and materials that are involved in your work, then this could be a bone of contention.

3. Less storage space

Many office desks, writing desks and computer desks now come with storage compartments and drawers.

With these, you can neatly file away documents and keep stationary out of your way.

However, many 2 person desks lack storage compartments.

Or they may have a shared storage compartment in between both desks as a divider.

This could ultimately mean that you need to invest in additional storage. This will obviously be another expense that could end up costing more than purchasing 2 separate desks.

4. Limited sockets in one area

With the double desk workstations, they are positioned in one part of the room. This means that the 2 people will need to work from the same set of plug sockets.

Generally, most office desks require about 4 sockets for plugging in their monitors, laptop and charger.

Therefore, you may have to resort to using extension leads.

These are not only more hazardous than wall mounted sockets, but they also represent a trip hazard.

Additionally, they can be unsightly and detract from the aesthetics of the room

5. Difficult to relocate

Double workstation desks tend to weigh more and have a larger surface area than standard desks. This makes for a more difficult process of getting them moved, relocated or dismantled.

It will almost certainly require 2 people to move the double desk.

6. More difficult to assemble

With a double desk comes almost double the number of compartments, surfaces and connections to attach.

The more parts there are to connect, the longer it’s going to take to assemble.

If you’re hiring an expert to build your 2 person desk, it will probably cost more due to the size of the unit.

7. Can lead to conflict

Working in close proximity to someone can encourage collaboration. However, it can also be source of conflict.

Some of the reasons which could lead to arguments include:

  1. If there are personality clashes
  2. If one person is untidy
  3. If one person is a source of distraction
  4. If there are arguments over the storage areas
  5. Spending too much time in the company of another

Tip: If you both share your home and work time with a person, taking breaks from each other’s company can minimize conflict and encourage a balance.

8. Reduces confidentiality

Depending on the nature of your work, you may need to make or take confidential calls. However, this can be difficult, whether you share your desk or office.

In such circumstances, you’ll need to decide how to have calls when the other person is in the room.

You might simply have to leave the room and complete the call in another room. Or you might need to arrange the call while they are away from the desk.

To make it as conflict-free as possible, follow the steps in this article: How To Share A Desk At Home – 8 Instant Steps To Happiness!

9. Equipment and furniture must be shared

If you have a hard time sharing, then a shared desk could be a difficult encounter for you.

Many double desks allow both people to have their own desk space. However, there are common areas, such as storage compartments, that probably will have to be shared amongst you both.


There are both arguments for and against using a dual workstation desk. Deciding whether it’s suitable for the area and for the work being performed will be 2 key criteria in deciding whether to use a double workstation or merely option for standard separate desks

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Do you own a 2 person desk or have you shared a desk in the past?


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