Should I Put Desk In Front Of Window? You Need To Know Why

Deciding where to put a desk in a room is only consideration that needs to be made. Additionally, the direction that you face your desk is a dilemma that many of us face. Since there is no correct answer to suit everyone, this article asks should I put desk in front of window?

Plus, get a handy cheat sheet table of what you need to consider if you are placing your desk in front of a window.

Let’s get started!

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Should I put desk in front of window?

Facing your desk towards a window can create a source of distraction and noise as well as creating glare from the light. Furthermore, there’s the potential for draughts if the window is not adequately insulated or open. However, placing a desk in front of a window can also encourage natural light towards your desk which can make it easier to see and complete complex tasks, such as knitting or stitching. Natural light can improve your mood and energy levels. Additionally, if you’re in a creative role, this could instill some inspiration. However, there’s also the Feng Shui guidelines surrounding the concept of harnessing your energy based on the geographical direction that you face.


Desk in front of window

Desk not in front of window

Potential source of distraction


Less likely

Greater light


Less likely

Encourages creativity


Less likely

Can increase energy


Less likely

Can boost positive mood


Less likely

Potential source of draught


Less likely

Difficulty seeing screen


Less likely

Encourages Feng Shui energy



Inviting to co-workers/clients

No, if back is to door

Yes, if you’re facing the door

Evidently, the direction you face your desk could harm or help your productivity, comfort and room space available. Take a look through this article to see which option suits you best.

Natural light can contribute to a positive mood, encourage improved energy levels and better sleep. Source

Should I Put Desk In Front Of Window? - Laptop on desk facing window with blinds

Which is preferred: desk in front of window or wall?

The best location to position your desk is generally to the side of a window. It is usually more common to have a desk against a wall than against a window. However, generally, this is a matter of personal preference whether your study table faces the window or a wall.

Facing the window is less distracting that positioning your desk right in front of the window.

Although, this might not be as much of an issue if your room is not on the ground floor. If your room is on an upper level, you are less likely to see people, cars etc., moving around.

It is generally seen as a source of distraction to have your study desk or office desk facing a window.

If your desk is facing out the window, it’s likely that your back is to the door.

This means that you won’t see people entering the room, and it tends to be less inviting to colleagues who need to interact with you.

If you are a people manager, or someone who deals with clients or co-workers on a regular basis, you’re probably better off avoiding a position where your back it to the door.

This also applies in a home office, since you’re less likely to be able to supervise your kids or see what’s going on in the house.

Plus, radiators are often positioned underneath windows. This could make it difficult to fit your desk neatly against the wall.

Furthermore, it could also block the heat distributing throughout the room if your desk and belongings are obstructing the radiator.

However, for recreational activities or creative work, such as book writing, crochet or stitching, a window-facing desk may be advantageous.

The extra lighting and the view may instill some energy, along with harnessing creative juices and grant you extra visibility for delicate tasks.

I have personally been positioned in practically every desk location in respect to the window.

First, I was far away from the window in a cubicle with a wall blocking my view to it, then I had the window to my right (facing west) and at my back (facing south and east).

I then had my desk facing the window for a very short period.

However, facing my study desk at the window did not last long. I found it too bright and also rather distracting, even though there wasn’t much to look at.

Tip: Using natural light as opposed to artificial light can reduce electricity bills and energy usage.

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Should your home office desk face the window to keep warm?

While you often won’t have this dilemma when working in an office, when working from home, you may have to consider, where should I place my home office desk?

The direction that the window is facing should also come into consideration.

The window direction will impact on sunlight levels entering the room, and consequently the heat levels of the room.

It is better to work by a window if the heat from the sun helps to warm you up without causing a glare.

North-facing rooms can often be darker and colder places since they receive less sunlight.

I personally feel like I’m going into a dungeon when I enter my north-facing living room!

Conversely, south-facing rooms tend to be warmer and brighter, however, the heat may pose problems in warmer climates.

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Where is the best place to put a desk in a room Feng Shui?

Let’s talk briefly about putting your desk in front of a window from a Feng Shui perspective.

By facing the room instead of facing the window, you are adopting the command position which encourages your energy to be put into your work.

Plus, you are in more control of your work and your life by facing the room.

Tip: A common home office design mistake is placing the desk too close to the door, as this can create a draught and also isolate you from others.

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Where is the best place to put a desk in a room?

Usually, the most common location for a desk to be positioned is with the window to your side or at your back.

The best place to put a desk in a room is where it:

  1. Has close access to sockets if required
  2. Offers the least amount of distraction
  3. Minimizes glare from sunlight
  4. Offers privacy if you work on confidential data
  5. Offers the least amount of obstruction to the room

I have yet to come across a desk that was positioned with the user looking directly out a window.

Tip: Working with a window at your back may create privacy issues if you work on a ground floor.

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Ultimately, the direction that you face your desk is of personal preference. Although in some cases, the layout of the room along with room resources, such as socket locations, will guide your choice.

Desks are typically placed with the window to the side of the desk or in some cases with the user facing their back to the window.

Furthermore, if you are someone who is easily distracted or has your window facing a noisy or busy route, positioning a desk directly in front of the window may exacerbate that problem.

From a creativity and recreational perspective, a desk facing the window could be conducive to a more inviting and bright area and view.

Fortunately, you can try out a range of locations if you have the space available. Trial and error is bound to enlighten you on the most comfortable and suitable place to put your desk.


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