Smart Plug Pros And Cons – 11 Must Know Helpful Factors!

With smart plugs growing in popularity, are they really worth the investment? Let’s find out with this smart plug pros and cons list! Discover the 11 benefits and drawback to smart plugs below in this simple to follow article.

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Smart plug pros and cons

Smart plug advantagesSmart plug disadvantages
Energy savingMore expensive than standard plug
Reduces electricity billsConsume more space
Allows remote control of devicesCan be incorrectly programmed
Increases safety and securityCan interfere with existing technology settings
Saves timeApps need Wi-Fi connection
Some show power consumption 

A study has shown that smart plugs can save between 1 – 4.58% energy per year, equivalent to about a month of electricity! Source

As you can see from above, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using a smart plug. So, are smart plugs really worth it? Plus, what benefits can they bring to your life? Let’s take a deeper look into each pro and con of smart plugs to find out!

Advantages of smart plugs

Smart plugs are energy saving

The concept of a smart plug is that it allows you to program it to turn devices on and off at certain times. This means that you can turn on and off heating systems, TVs and other devices to prevent them consuming extra energy.

This energy reduction is a winner in terms of being more environmentally friendly.

A good example would be turning your heating on an interval at certain times to keep the house warm, but not having the heating on constant.

Or if you tend to leave lights, TVs or radios on all day to deter intruders, you can now set them to come on at various intervals throughout the day or night.

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Smart plugs reduce electricity bills

With a reduction in electricity usage comes a reduction in electricity bills. This is often one of the leading reasons that people invest in a smart plug.

Smart plugs allow remote control of devices

Smart plugs are controlled by an app on your phone, tablet or laptop. With the app, you can login from virtually anywhere and program a device setting.

Can’t get your kids off the TV or gaming device? Simply login and switch it off or set it on a timer for the duration you want them to use it.

There’s also the added convenience of being able to control hard to reach items via your app.

That lamp that you normally have to throw yourself over the couch to reach can now be controlled wherever you like!

I personally think it’s a lifesaver when trying to turn the fridge freezer off to defrost it.

Smart plugs increase safety and security

We have all had scenarios where we have forgotten to turn something off and then panic that it could lead to a fire. Here’s where the smart plug shines once again.

Can’t remember if you turned your hair straightener off? No problem! Simply log in and turn it off. Crisis averted just like that.

Additionally, you can program items to be turned off at a certain time or after a certain duration for an added layer of security, e.g., slow cooker.

Smart plugs also increase the security of our homes or offices. As I mentioned earlier, you can set devices, such as lights, to come on to make it appear as if someone is at home.

Smart plugs save time

We know that smart plugs allow you to time devices to come on. With that feature, you can program devices and appliances to run to make your day more efficient.

Tired of waiting for the kettle to boil or coffee to brew while you’re trying to rush out the door? Why not set it to boil just before you need it?

This added convenience makes your routine work more smoothly and saves you wasting time waiting around, especially if you’re behind on time.

You just need to ensure that you prepare first, for instance, filling the kettle the night before.

Some smart plugs show power consumption

Some of the more sophisticated smart plugs have an app feature which displays the energy consumption of a device. This enables you to become more aware of how much energy devices use and how much it could be costing you to run them.

In turn, this can lead to you making more conscious decisions about what devices to use and how often to use them.

It could also help you discover appliances that are energy inefficient. This may even spur you on to purchase a more efficient appliance!

Disadvantages of smart plugs

Smart plugs are more expensive than standard plug

Smart plugs have a price range from approximately $87.75 – $39.95. To add to that, you’ll need to evaluate how many smart plugs you need in order to control devices.

This could present a costly upfront bill.

Plus, you’ll need to ensure that the device is compatible with a smart plug.

What’s worth remembering is that if you use the smart plug correctly and on worthwhile devices, you should be able to offset the cost.

Ultimately, you could be in a money surplus status after a few months or a year, depending on usage and the energy load of the device.

Tip: Consider opting for smart sockets instead to facilitate control over more devices., such as the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip (link on Amazon).

Smart plugs consume more space

Smart plugs usually take up more space than a standard socket. This can become troublesome if you have a socket in an already tight space. You can purchase compact smart plugs to accommodate a small space. However, it is usually at the cost of less features.

If you want a complete smart plug with all the bells and more features, you’ll have to settle for a smart plug that is thicker in size.

Smart plugs can be incorrectly programmed

The app interface of most smart plugs is relatively straight forward. However, if you get too technical with it or you are not comfortable with apps, then it could be programmed wrong.

This could lead to safety risks if devices are left on too long. Extra caution should be taken especially with devices that are heated.

Also, if you plan to turn them on when you are out of the home or office, it also means that you can’t physically check them.

Smart plugs can interfere with existing technology settings. For instance, if you have a heating system that you programmed to meet your needs, adding smart plug programming could mean that the device doesn’t run as you had intended it to.

Tip: Verify that the smart plug can handle the appliance load.

Smart plug apps need Wi-Fi connection

It can be easy and a peace of mind to occasionally check in on the status of devices when away from home. However, apps need an internet connection to check the status of the smart plugs.

Furthermore, if the internet is down at your home or office for too long, it can interfere with the timing and programming of the smart plug.

Consequently, there is the risk that if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, you won’t be able to use the app or check the status of the smart plug.

That means if you forgot to turn something off, you won’t be able to override it.

While internet coverage is high in many areas, bear in mind that there could be times that you’re abroad or in some building where there’s no coverage.


Smart plugs boast a wide range of advantages, be it for home, work or leisure. They can elevate the level of control, efficiency and comfort that you have with your appliances and devices.

They are not without their drawbacks, but careful use and consideration can quickly offset these cons.

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