U-shaped Desk Buying Guide + Simple Fail Proof Tips!

U-shaped desks are on a whole other level compared to your standard desk. Their size, weight, work surface footprint and even their price are much larger than a standard desk. Someone who buys a u-shaped desk means business. And if they mean business, then they are probably wise enough to do their homework and research a u-shaped desk buying guide.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any decent buying guides for U-shaped desks. So, I went ahead and created my own one – hope you enjoy it!

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U-shaped Desk Buying Guide

When choosing a U-shaped desk, the space available in the room should be considered along with the desk size and storage space required for the individual to comfortably perform their tasks. The quality of the U-shaped desk also needs to be evaluated based on the materials used, brand names and product reviews. The cost of U-shaped desks ranges between $77.71 – $4895. This will often be a key deciding factor

There are many considerations when choosing a u-shaped desk. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and price brackets. So, before you waste precious time and cash buying one, take just a few minutes to run through this guide. With this simple buyer’s guide, you can select the perfect u-shaped desk first time round and save yourself some massive headaches too! Let’s get started!

U-shaped desks are typically made of three compartments: a desk attached to a bridge which is attached to another desk, hutch or a credenza. Source

U-shaped Desk Buying Guide - U-shaped desk with storage

Cost of U-shaped desk

U-shaped desks tend to range in prices from $77.71 – $7895. They tend to be more expensive than most types of desks. This is due to the fact that u-shaped desks have a larger footprint, and more materials are generally required to make them.

Merely choosing a desk based on the price is not a guaranteed way of getting a quality desk.

In addition to evaluating the price, durability and brand name, product reviews should also be considered. These will help to gauge how reliable the u-shaped desk will be.

Plus, it will help you to get value for money!

Also, bear in mind the potential costs incurred if you need to return it.

Some companies, such as OfficeFurniture2Go offer U-shaped desks with both free shipping and a lifetime warranty!

Size of U-shaped desk

U-shaped desks are one of the largest types of desks available. Therefore, you’ll need to carefully measure out the footprint available to determine how much space and height is available.

U-shaped desks can come equipped with a storage hutch which will require extra space for storing it at height.

Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that there are no shelves, lights or objects which could become obstructed or damaged by the hutch.

Extra caution should be taken if the u-shaped desk will be placed in a small room.

Storage in U-shaped desk

In the most basic form, u-shaped desks feature the desk itself in a U shape. The next level up includes storage lockers built into the u-shaped desk.

After that, you can opt for a U-shaped desk with a hutch or credenza on the side for extra storage.

Deciding how much storage you require will help you to significantly narrow down your selection of U-shaped desk.

Remember that the more storage compartments that you require, the higher the cost and the greater the amount of footprint that you will require.

Durability of U-shaped desk

The sturdiness of the u-shaped desk should be a deciding factor for most people. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a wobbly, flimsy piece of furniture that doesn’t last 6 months!

Generally, u-shaped desks are sturdy by nature.

Especially in comparison to smaller tables, such as floating desks.

However, it’s not something that you can take for granted either.

If the u-shaped table has a very low price, then cheap materials were probably utilized to build it.

These materials tend to be of poorer quality than ones used in mid-priced u-shaped desks.

Furthermore, shortcuts could have been taken to minimize the costs, such as not adding in support beams.

Poor quality materials suggests that they are less likely to be capable of enduring wear and tear.

Plus, they are likely to have a lower weight limit too.

Shape of U-shaped desk

U-shaped desks are designed with the desk side to the left or right of the bridge. This will be important to consider once you have decided where you plan to place the desk.

Generally, you’ll want the storage side to go against the wall.

So, this will depend on what direction you want to face in the room and what side the wall is on.

Style of U-shaped desk

U-shaped desks are typically made from wood. After that, you can choose the wood finish to complement your preferences or the office design.

For some people, this won’t be a concern, however, for the majority of people, you’ll probably want some furniture that complements or matches the existing design of the room.

The most popular type of u-shaped desk is a wooden style u-shaped desk.

Weight of U-shaped desk

U-shaped desks are one of the heaviest types of desks. They weigh in a range of 69.4 pounds for a basic desk. They can go all the way up to 895 pounds in weight for a desk with a hutch and additional storage compartments.

There are 3 primary factors which influence the weight of u-shaped desks.

  1. The materials used in making the u-shaped desk. E.g., solid wood will be heavier than MDF.
  2. The amount of storage compartments built into the u-shaped desk.
  3. The overall dimensions of the u-shaped desk.

The weight of desks can influence how much shipping costs will be. Plus, if it’s a large unit, it may need to be built by an expert at a price.

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Weight capacity of U-shaped desk

Weight capacity is the maximum amount of weight that an object can hold. This means that the total weight of all the objects placed on the u-shaped desk cannot exceed that weight limit.

So, how much weight can a u-shaped desk hold?

The weight capacity for u-shaped desks starts at approximately 200 pounds. Some u-shaped desks have a weight capacity as high as 600+ pounds.

Some U-shaped desks have a weight capacity as high as 650 pounds or more, excluding storage.

Tip: Add a buffer of 20% to the weight capacity you need to account for unforeseen activities.


When buying a u-shaped desk, you’ll seriously want to make the perfect choice first time around. U-shaped desks aren’t cheap. Nor are they easy to return.

You’ll also want to thoroughly consider the Pros And Cons of U-Shaped Desks which I previously wrote about in depth.

The key parameters to consider when choosing a u-shaped desk includes the size of the space available, the desk size required and the cost that you’re willing to pay.

Once those factors are agreed, other elements to consider include the style of the u-shaped desk, storage requirements, durability and weight of the desk.


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