Under Desk V Travel Foot Hammock – 9 Important Differences!

Foot hammocks can look quite similar from the outset. But they are very different So, before you waste precious time and money buying one, you should know what to look for and under desk V travel foot hammock. This article divulges the key intricate differences between them so you can buy the perfect foot hammock first time round. So, let’s get started!

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Under Desk V Travel Foot Hammock

FeatureUnder-desk Foot HammockTravel Footrest
PurposeDeskDesk, plane, car, bus, train
Adjustability17 – 25 inches17 – 25 inches
Size20 – 27.55 inches long, 6.3 – 8.46 wide16 – 20 inches long, 6.3 – 8.46 wide
DurabilityLower for ropesGood
Price$15.99 – $29+$12.95 – $19.99+
Installation requiredLow – mediumLow
Weight0.4 – 1.1 pounds1.6 – 7.05 pounds
Weight capacity80 – 100 pounds80 – 100 pounds
InstallationLow – mediumlow

There are some niche differences between the above foot hammocks. Therefore, it can be easy to pick a foot hammock that is unsuitable for your needs. Read on to get a deeper insight into the differences that you should look for to ensure that you make a smart decision first time round! Plus, save yourself some headaches (or foot aches) too!

Foot hammocks can aid with improving your posture, reducing back pain and increasing blood circulation Source

Under Desk V Travel Foot Hammock - Orange foot hammock

1. Purpose of foot hammock

A key decision that will narrow down your choice of foot hammock is whether you need a portable travel foot hammock or an under-desk foot hammock.

Airplane footrests are smaller and compact for easy carrying. They are also easy to use as they basically need to be attached to a support, such as a table or hook, for it to hang from.

Under-desk foot hammocks are larger in size and normally have ropes and hooks for attaching to your desk. These are generally stationary as some assembly is required to set them in position.

However, the hammock can be easily removed for cleaning or use elsewhere.

When choosing the perfect foot hammock, failing to choose correctly could make or break how useful it is to you.

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2. Adjustability of foot hammock

The adjustability is more dependent on the style of the hammock than whether it’s a travel or desk hammock.

Some foot hammocks offer as much as 17 – 25 inches of strap adjustability!

The larger the range of height adjustability, the more certain you will be that it will meet your needs and preferences.

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3. Size of foot hammock

Travel foot hammocks are generally smaller than under-desk hammocks. Foot hammocks come in a variety of sizes but are around 17.28 – 27.55 inches long and 6.3 – 8.4 inches wide.

In general, a larger surface area is usually better as you have more space to spread your legs.

That said, some portable foot hammocks have dividing walls so that your feet are separated and not colliding with each other.

Tip: Travel foot hammock often come in a small bag for easy transport.

4. Durability of foot hammock

The sturdiness of a foot hammock is based more on the quality of the materials and design rather than whether you opt between a desk hammock or airplane hammock.

The durability of the rope or straps will be a key indicator of how long the foot hammock will last.

The supporting straps should be capable of holding their position and not loosening under the weight of your feet.

Ropes are often used in under-desk foot hammocks. Ropes have a tendency to wear and fray after a while. This could lead to the rope ultimately snapping.

Other factors to investigate in under-desk hammocks are how the hooks are attached. If they are self-adhesive, theses can be susceptible to falling off.

On the other hand, hooks, which are screwed in or anchored off the desk, are generally longer lasting.

Durability can also be related to the weight capacity of the foot hammock, which is talked about in further detail below.

Travel foot hammocks should be capable of securely hanging off a hook and not becoming frayed or weak under this pressure point.

5. Price of foot hammock

Foot hammocks have a typical price range of between $12.95 – $29+. The price of a foot hammock is usually determined by the type of hammock.

Airplane footrest hammocks average around $3 – $7 cheaper than the average priced under-desk foot hammock.

Airplane foot hammocks on Amazon have an average price of $12.95. In contrast, under-desk foot hammocks have an average price of $16.99.

6. Installation of foot hammock

Foot hammocks for a desk will need a degree of installation to securely attach them to the desk. This varies depending on the design of the desk and the hammock itself.

Sometimes, it will require attaching hooks that the foot hammock can anchor from. In other scenarios, the desk hammock is strapped to an open bar under the desk.

In comparison, there is little to no installation required for a portable hammock. It’s a matter of adjusting the straps to the correct length and strapping it into place.

This could be attached to hooks on a seat or a table the back of the seat in front of you.

7. Weight of foot hammock

Travel foot hammocks have weights around 0.2 pounds whereas a foot hammock for under a desk tends to weight around 1.1 pounds.

The weight of a foot hammock is primarily based on the size and type of materials used.

Either way, both hammocks are extremely lightweight.

8. Weight capacity of foot hammock

A weight limit is sometimes provided by the manufacturer. This indicates how much pressure the foot hammock can hold without becoming subject to sinking or damage.

Foot hammocks can hold weights around 80 – 100 pounds.

Due to lack of information reported, it’s difficult to gauge if foot hammocks for desks are stronger than travel foot hammocks.

That factor aside, they should be more than adequate for the majority of people. However, if you’re on the very tall or larger side, it would be worth contacting the seller to see if it’s suitable for you.


The type of foot hammock that will suit you best depends ultimately on whether you’ll be using it in multiple locations or while travelling.

An outsider looking in might not realize just how different desk foot hammocks are from portable foot hammocks. While both of them ultimately execute the same task, they do so in different environments and offer their own pros and cons which can be seen from above.

However, following some of the simple techniques and pointers listed in this article can be the deciding factor between choosing your dream foot hammock and a dud!

If you’d like to broaden your knowledge further on these fun foot hammocks or learn about alternatives to foot hammocks that are a growing sensation in homes and offices, then you’re in luck!

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