What Is A Floating Desk? – Surprising Facts & Useful FAQs!

We are all traditionally accustomed to working from a desk or table with legs. But these can often consume a considerable amount of footprint. When searching for compact desks or tables, you may have come across floating desks and scratched your head trying to picture them. Therefore, this article asks exactly what is a floating desk?

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What is a floating desk?

Floating desks are a wall-mounted desk which lacks legs. These can also be called folding desks, Murphy desks or even flip-up desks. They are a compact desktop surface which is attached to the wall. Some floating desks are simply a shelf while others floating desks can feature storage compartments. Some floating desks can also be folded up parallel to the wall to save on space. These are typically known as Murphy desks or flip-up desks.

However, not all floating desks are Murphy desks. This is due to the fact that not all floating desks can be folded up. They can be just fixed to the wall and offer no adjustment. Floating desks are often used by people who have limited storage area. They can also be a discreet way of having a desk in a room that you can fold up and hide away when you are finished.

What Is A Floating Desk? - Floating shelf with keyboard and screen

While floating desks are an excellent desk and storage solution for many people, it’s important to know what applications that they are suited to. Read on to learn who floating desks are suited for along with where to use a wall-mounted desk and some helpful tips and tricks for using them!

A typical office desk measures 48-inches wide by 30-inches deep whereas a floating desk can measure around 22 inches wide by 20 inches deep. Source

What is a Murphy Desk?

A Murphy desk is a type of floating desk which can be folded up. Murphy desks are also known as flip-up desks. While all Murphy desks and foldable desks can be folded up, not all floating desks can be folded.

Murphy desks are commonly used as an office desk for using a laptop at.

However, they can also be used as a desk for other activities, such as:

  1. study desk
  2. storage desk
  3. make-up table
  4. bedroom dresser
  5. breakfast table
  6. beverage table
  7. kitchen table
  8. craft desk
  9. reading desk
  10. writing desk

Tip: Floating desks are ideal for people who don’t have space for a home office and need to use another room for working.

Are floating desks sturdy?

Floating desks are generally made of good quality materials which makes them sturdy. While floating desks won’t hold as much as a traditional desk, you could expect most compact wall desks to hold up to 50 pounds.

Some floating desks have a weight capacity as high as 220 pounds.

However, factors including the type of wall that the floating desk is attached and if it’s installed correctly to will be influential in determining the durability of the wall-mounted desk.

Consider the fact that an average laptop weighs up to 8 pounds and that most desks contain about 15 pounds of office equipment.

Add to that a small amount of weight for the force from you typing or writing on the floating desk and a bit of buffer for the weight capacity.

When all these are considered, a floating desk should be more than capable of withstanding the weight of these objects.

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Who should use a floating desk?

Floating desks are a good option for most people, particularly individuals:

  1. that require a limited amount of desk space for performing their activities
  2. that have limited storage space
  3. that intend to place no more than about 50 – 220 pounds of weight/force on the desk
  4. people who need a desk for short periods of time but don’t want to invest in a traditional desk
  5. that want a collapsible desk or table for miscellaneous activities

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What is a folding desk?

A folding desk is similar to a floating desk; however, it has a panel which folds out and rests on the floor to create a desk. Folding desks are also known as fold down tables. Unlike floating desks, folding desks are supported by the ground when they are folded out.

They can be sturdier than some floating desks since they have the panel which offers more support to the desk frame.

Some folding desks have a weight capacity of 66 pounds, which is almost double the weight limit of the average floating desk.

Many fold-down desks come equipped with a chalkboard or whiteboard that can be useful for making notes on when the desk is folded up or down.

Tip: Some floating desks can also be mounted on a door as well as a wall.

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Are floating desks good?

Floating desks are an excellent space-saving solution, especially for people who have limited space for a desk. These modern solutions offer storage as well as being multifunctional folding desk that can also be used as a:

  1. kitchen table
  2. office desk
  3. storage area
  4. writing board

While they won’t offer a huge amount of weight capacity compared to a standard desk, they should be capable of carrying the weight of you while you eat or use your laptop at the desk.

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What Is A Floating Desk? - Floating Shelves

Can you use a floating shelf as a desk?

Floating shelves can be used as a desk for performing multiple activities. Such purposes include using it as a desk for studying, writing, knitting, eating, storage or even as a collapsible shelf for miscellaneous tasks or items.

The main priority is that the desk can withstand the weight of the activities that you are performing on it or the items that you are storing on it.


It’s evident that floating desks and folding desks are an innovative and smart storage solution for people who require storage without the investment in a stationary desk.

The fact that floating desks also have much more uses than a standard desk may make them an ideal choice for your home or office.

However, if you require a large surface area for working on or need a desk to withstand weight capacities greater than 50+ pounds, pay attention to the weight limits and desk dimensions before making a choice.

If you would like to look into other desk options that can be used for multiple purposes, another innovative and popular option is a laptop desk.

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Do you own a floating desk or are you considering investing in one? I’d love to hear your feedback and any queries that you may have! Please leave them in the comments box below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!


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