What is a kneeling chair? Beginners guide

Considered to be one of the newest types of chairs on the market, you would be forgiven for asking what is a kneeling chair? This article discusses exactly that and also figures out what the purpose of a kneeling chair is, along with finding out are kneeling chairs comfortable.

But kneeling chairs aren’t for everybody! So, if you’re in the market for a kneeling chair or want to know who they are suitable for, then this article is a must-read.

Did you know? Since kneeling chairs offer less support to your back and core region, it engages them much more than when in a standard office chair. Source

What is a kneeling chair? - Woman on Fully Balans Kneeling Chair

What is a kneeling chair?

A kneeling chair is a type of chair which is designed to drop your thighs and support the weight of your body by resting your knees and your shins on a cushion.

The angle of the cushion for sitting on is tilted so that you can open your hips at an angle to encourage a more upright posture while you are seated at your desk.

Some kneeling chairs even incorporate a rocking function which allows you to rock side to side as you sit on your kneeling chair, while some kneeling chairs include backrests and armrests.

In the most basic form, a kneeling chair will simply include a tilted seat attached to a cushion pad for your knees and your shins.

What is the purpose of a kneeling chair?

A kneeling chair is designed to relieve the pressure from your back, neck and shoulders by encouraging an upright posture to reduce the potential for you to slouch as you sit. Due to the angle that you are sitting at, the kneeling chair divides the weight between the buttocks and the shins intends to alleviate pressure from your back and upper posture. With that comes more pressure on your knees and shins as they help to support the weight of your body as you sit.

It also encourages a different posture to that of sitting in a regular chair.

However, since kneeling chairs tend to lack a backrest and since they introduce more pressure on your knees and shins, they tend to be unsuitable for long periods of use.

But bear in mind that with any chair or any position that you adopt, regularly alternation and moving your posture is recommended.

What is a kneeling chair? - Fully Balans Kneeling Chair

Are kneeling chairs comfortable?

People may experience discomfort in the initial phase of adapting to the kneeling chair, so there may be a period of settling into the chair then getting used to the new posture before you feel fully comfortable. Users claimed to experience pain and discomfort in their knees and shins if used over a long period of time or if they feel pain in their knees in general. People may also feel that the lack of the backrest could become tiring on their back since they have nothing to support it with. However, that can be alleviated by buying a kneeling chair with a backrest.

Depending on the quality of the kneeling chair cushions, knee and shin support may be sub-optimal. Some kneeling chairs may have a poor-quality cushion which flattens out easily over time.

Other cheaper chairs may have a poor-quality cushion but try to compromise by adding more of the material which ultimately bottoms out after a period of time.

On top of that, not all kneeling chairs includes comfortable seat cushioning.

Fortunately, the Fully Tic Toc chairs have the option of with or without cushioning on the seat. If I had the option, I would include cushioning. Kneeling chairs do not tend to be suited to taller people, especially people over 6 foot tall.

Kneeling chairs should be used for short duration tasks where you need to tilt forward to perform an activity, for example, typing, writing, sewing.

You should alternate between a kneeling chair and a regular office chair or an alternative position, such as standing at a desk to alleviate pressure on your knees and hips.

To add to that point, basic kneeling chairs generally don’t come furnished with armrests.

So, if you tend to use armrests on your current chair or feel that you will need them while kneeling, it would be advisable to have them in a kneeling chair. This will allow you to rest your arms and alleviate pressure from your shoulders.

Can you use a kneeling chair all day?

Kneeling chairs are rather restrictive in terms of how many positions that you can adopt while you’re using one. For that reason, it’s likely that you may get tired of your position quicker and require more rest breaks from the kneeling chair.

When you compare this to an active chair, which offers as much as three to four variations of seating postures, you’re less likely to get as much time out of the kneeling chair.

Kneeling chairs don’t tend to be used all day unless users have alternative postures or are taking regular breaks. This may not pose an issue if you have a variation between desk tasks and tasks on the floor or you have a standing desk or other types of chairs which you intend to use as part of an active posture.


Are kneeling chairs suitable for tall people?

While kneeling chairs feature a height adjustment function, it doesn’t necessarily allow for the distance between the seat and the knee pads to be alternated. This can make it difficult for a taller user since they may feel as though they have to squish their knees into the knee pads. Furthermore, kneeling chairs tend to have a low weight capacity, so taller users or people over 250 pounds may struggle to find a chair that has a suitable weight limit for them.

The Fully Balans kneeling chairs are suited for people between 4 foot 8 inches and 6 foot 2 inches.

From some product reviews, it has been noted that people around 6 foot in height experienced discomfort, primarily due to their height. Depending on the chair dimensions, this can affect shorter users as well.

One user of the PRO 11 WELLBEING Adjustable Ergonomic Kneeling Chair measured 5 foot 9 inches in height. They claimed that they couldn’t adjust the chair adequately since the chair elevated them too high above their desk.

The Posture Pro Ergonomic Kneeling Chair claim to accommodate heights as tall as 6 foot 4 inches.

Are kneeling chairs suitable for short people?

It’s generally easier to find a kneeling chair that suits shorter people. When purchasing a kneeling chair, check what heights are suitable for using the chair with the manufacturer or the salesperson. Often this is not disclosed on the website.

However, if you are below the average height, finding a kneeling chair that suits may be more difficult. Fortunately, the height adjustable features of a kneeling chair can accommodate heights which tend to be outside the average range.

The ProErgo Pneumatic Ergonomic Kneeling Chair reviewer’s claim that this would be suitable for shorter adults and even children! Users of the chair with heights of 5 foot 1 inches were comfortably able to sit in the chair.

I even reached out to the customer support of the company who make this chair and they stated that it could be suitable for children around 10 years of age and older, but this will ultimately depend on the height of the child or person.

If there are multiple people that will be using the kneeling chair, a larger height range is more preferable. Some kneeling chair can accommodate people with heights between under 5 foot and over 6 foot. At least with a wide height range, you can be more certain of a chair that will suit you.

A good example of a kneeling chair that is suitable for both short and tall people alike is the Dragon VIVO ergonomic kneeling chair which allows height adjustments between 21 to 31 inches. That said, there was one reviewer that claimed that at 6 foot tall, their feet tangled.

Are kneeling chairs popular?

Since kneeling chairs are relatively new to the market, they would not be one of the most popular types of chairs available; that said, they are becoming more popular. Active seating is also becoming increasingly popular, and kneeling chairs can play an important role in active seating.

Based on product reviews of these chairs, a large proportion of people with back pain tend to purchase kneeling chairs.

However, there are people without back issues who purchased them as well. Obviously, the traditional office chair is the best-seller and the longest in the market as well.

Since kneeling chairs are limited in the range of people that they can accommodate in terms of height and weight, this also makes them less popular compared to a traditional office chair.

Are kneeling chairs expensive?

Basic kneeling chairs can range in price from $99 99 to upwards of $379.00. If a kneeling chair includes additional components, such as a backrest or armrests, the price can increase to approximately $244 – $1999.

When you compare this with the average cost of a standing desk chair, which is approximately $100 – $1100 or a standard wobble stool which costs between $100 – $600, kneeling chairs are relatively on par in terms of price with other chairs.

However, the duration of use of the kneeling chair should be considered when weighing out the cost analysis.

For example, if you intend to use the kneeling chair for short periods of time or a couple of times a week, it could work out to be expensive in comparison to purchasing a standard office chair which is around the same price.

What is a kneeling chair? - Tic Toc Balans Kneeling Chair Grey


Kneeling chairs can offer a range of health benefits and alternative postures to an office chair, while helping to alleviate pressure from your back and engaging core muscles as you sit. However, it can be difficult to choose a kneeling chair that is suitable to your height, weight and comfort levels.

The ProErgo Pneumatic Ergonomic Kneeling Chair would be a good starting point as it can accommodate a range of heights.

At the end of the day, there will be mixed opinions from people of varying heights and shapes regarding the comfort levels and suitability of a kneeling chair. When researching a kneeling chair, look for a general consensus regarding the chair and how suitable and comfortable it is.

If the concept of a kneeling chair doesn’t sound appealing, perhaps all you need is good old reliable office chair. I reached out to experts for some insider tips and a cost guide which you’ll find here: How to choose an office chair – a quick buyer’s guide

My personal favourite office chair is the CoolMesh Pro Multi-Function Chair. It features a large range of adjustable components to help you find a comfortable experience. Plus, it also comes with a huge lifetime warranty! You’d be lucky to even get a 3-year warranty nowadays!

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