WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation review

In this WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation review, you’ll discover the pros and cons of this mobile height adjustable computer cart. With growing numbers of people seeking to evade the almost inevitable challenges that a sedentary life can entail, I want to help you achieve the same liberty.

This product analysis guides you through an in-depth examination of the essential components and features of this mobile cart. I wanted to write this review to help you make an informed investment and also because I couldn’t even find one on the internet!

In this article, I’ll treat you to some fun facts, along with some insider tips and tricks that will guide you to success when selecting and using a portable desk. If you have read my previous articles, you’ll know they are a staple in all of my blogs, you won’t find this level of information anywhere else.

So, why is it such a popular product? Well let’s find out…

WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation review

Did you know? People spend an average of 13 hours of their waking day in a sedentary position, this can lead to adverse health effects such as:

WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation review - sedentary sitting graph

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Ergotron WorkFit-C Product Overview

The WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation falls into the category of portable height adjustable computer cart, and also doubles as a mobile desk. It can be utilized in an endless number of environments where computing needs to be portable. So, when you think about it, this could include being utilised as a:

  • medical or IT equipment kiosk
  • crash cart
  • portable equipment trolley
  • video recording platform
  • lecture podium
  • focal point for group meetings
  • movable office desk
  • means of ensuring that your kitchen table stays a kitchen table!

The sky is the limit really. If you can think of a purpose for it, then it can probably adapt to it. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from using it as a glorified food trolley either. Imagine all your snacks or drinks stored on the work surface at arm’s reach as you watch Netflix or TV from the monitors.

So, what kind of product is this?

This work platform features a monitor post to hold up to 2 screens and offers a sizeable work space directly underneath it along with a dedicated keyboard tray below that work space. These features are height adjustable to facilitate an individual in either standing or sitting positions. This mobile podium is supported on a set of 4 castors to allow for mobile activities.

Some of the highlight features include the mobility of the screen to lower, raise and rotate; unfortunately, there is no pan or tilt functionality. There is also a cable management system for safely routing computers wires. This most notable features engineered into this product to augment your ergonomic experience include the back tilt keyboard tray and independent height adjustability between the LCD screens and the work surface and keyboard.

As with all the Ergotron products, accessories are also available to customize the cart to meet your needs and desires, whether it’s to enhance the ergonomics or increase the storage capacity, there’s probably an add-on for that. You won’t actually need any of the accessories to use the unit as it can be operated as is, but who doesn’t love having the choice of all the gadgets to boost their equipment to the next level of comfort?

The open architecture and robust design of this product makes it a promising investment for a wide cohort, including students, workers and everyone in between. So, if you’re seeking to make life simpler and more portable, then converting to a mobile sit stand trolley could be the solution. If in doubt, the return policy and added 5-year warranty should grant you peace of mind.

WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation reviewWorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation review - With keyboard and mouse and chair

Ergotron WorkFit-C Assembly

Have your toolkit at the ready because this unit needs a bit of assembly before you can use it. There are step-by-step visual instructions provided. From analyzing the assembly instructions, the installation seems manageable; for comfort, perhaps set aside anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes for setup.

It would be smart to locate the following tools before you begin:

  1. Scissors
  2. Phillips screwdriver
  3. 14 mm socket wrench

There doesn’t seem to be too much difficulty involved in the tasks according to people who have assembled this, so you can breathe a sigh of relief if you’re slightly nervous about setting it up. Assembly mostly consists of screwing the monitors, worktops and the CPU into place. Once that’s completed, routing the cables in place by means of cable ties and a cable management box is one of the final steps, along with assessing if the tension is correct.

Once the unit is constructed and you have completed all the required checks, all that remains is to place your gear on the unit and adjust the heights to an ergonomic position. Finally, it would be rude not to bring your new piece of furniture for a tour of its new home!

Tip: Some of the tools provided in the box, such as the Allen key, should be held onto as you may need to adjust the tension of the unit in the future.

Ergotron WorkFit-C Height Range

The height range of this mobile standing desk is 25 inches / 63.5 cm vertically, which should be adequate for most heights. Although, if you’re on the taller end of the height spectrum, this may be worth investigating further.

Alternating between sitting and standing positions is a seamless process due to the Constant Force lift technology. There are no bothersome or noisy cranking or locking mechanisms; boasting a lift and pivot motion technology adjustment feature, you merely grab hold of the work surface hand lever and raise or lower it until you reach to your preferred height.

It would be negligent of me not to mention that the computer screens boast height adjustability of 5 inches / 13 cm independent of the keyboard tray and work surface. How does this benefit you? Well, it enables a greater range of height adjustability, and also allows you achieve extra distance between the keyboard and monitor so that you can achieve better wrist or upper body positioning.

So, for example, taller individuals often have more distance between their head and arms compared to shorter people. This means that you might be better able to achieve a more ergonomic posture by utilizing the added independent height to increase the distance between the monitor and keyboard.

Tip: Ergonomic guidelines advise that your arms should be at a 90-degree angle, regardless of whether you are seated or standing. This helps avoid nagging pains developing and posture deviations.

WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation review - range of motion, side view

Ergotron WorkFit-C Dimensions

Considering the fact that a focal feature of this product is the portability, the compact footprint of this standing mobile desk is an attractive and, in fact, vital attribute. Being compact enables the cart to be easily situated in small areas. This also makes it much easier to float between chaotic corridors, rooms, offices and even confined areas within a room.


If an area lacks sufficient space to fit a dedicated computer desk (which, let’s be honest, are generally rather bulky), then a portable mobile trolley could be the answer to your problem.

The work surface dimensions (24 x 23 inches / 61 x 58 cm) are narrower than the base footprint dimensions (25 x 22 inches / 63.5 x 56 cm). Therefore, in terms of footprint consumption, the upper region of the trolley will consume less area.

They keyboard tray does extend out an extra 24 cm / 9.4 inches from the work surface and thus consumes extra footprint at the front of the trolley; luckily, this keyboard tray is designed so that it can be pushed underneath the work surface during transport or storage for convenience.

Tip: Make certain the areas that you move the unit through have sufficient clearance at both the lowest and highest positions of the cart to ensure impact with objects, walls, or people is avoided.

Ergotron WorkFit-C Work Surface

The counter top dimensions offer you 24 x 23 inches / 61 x 58 cm of room to operate with. Despite the compact dimensions of the WorkFit-C, there is a sizeable amount of space available on the worktop to enable you to perform your day-to-day activities. A handle is positioned on the front right side underneath the worktop that you grab for raising and lowering the height. Thankfully, it’s out of the way, but also near enough so that you can adjust the height with a short reach.

Reviewers have expressed appreciation towards the durability of the worktop. This could be contrasted with a sister product, the Neo-Flex laptop cart, which provides less space since the work top has the laptop or monitor sitting on it. Fortunately, that space constraint is eliminated with this LCD cart due to the screens being housed on a post independent of the work surface.

Consequently, you are graced with extra space and liberty to store extra materials in this area. The work area offers ample space to review records while also having space for your wrists. You could perhaps fit a laptop on here too and have 3 screens functioning simultaneously.

If you feel you could benefit from some added space for storage, there are baskets, shelves and bracket accessories that can be used to store ancillary items that you might need, e.g., notebooks, projectors, chargers etc.

What is the weight capacity of the WorkFit-C?

In total, the whole cart can withstand 32.5 lbs / 14.7 kg of weight. This is broken down based on the weight load for various regions of the desk. The work surface can support 5 lbs / 2.25 kg of weight, the keyboard tray can provide 2 lbs / 0.9 kg; the cable storage box offers a total weight capacity of 1.5 lbs / 0.68 kg; the LCD arm can support 28 lbs / 12.7 kg equally halved between each monitor; the CPU mount supports 40 lbs / 18 kg.

There is a dedicated mounting point located at the rear of the post for storing a CPU with a weight capacity up to 40 lbs / 18 kg. You also have the option of attaching a bar code scanner too if you invest in the associated accessory; this could come in useful for IT, factories, warehouses, supermarkets and a variety of other environments too.

Bear in mind that the WorkFit-C is not designed for holding heavy computer equipment. Also, please beware that the weight capacity is on the lower side of the weight capacity range. With that in mind, ensure that your equipment or the force that you apply to the WorkFit-C does not surpass that weight threshold.

Did you know? On average, many laptops weigh approximately 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg.

WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation review - Weight capacity

Ergotron WorkFit-C Keyboard Tray

The keyboard tray measures in at 26.3 x 9.4 inches / 66.8 x 23.9 cm. This should be sufficient for a standard issue keyboard as these tend to range in a spectrum of up to 18 inches wide. For those of you who use a large keyboard, or you use a wrist rest in front of your keyboard, you may find the space available on the tray a tad restrictive.

I’m not going to lie; the keyboard tray is probably the main downfall of the entire unit. When you extend the keyboard tray out as far as it can go, there is still a portion of the keyboard tray that is underneath the work surface. This could lead to a number of eventualities, especially if you own a large keyboard. Such issues may include some of your keyboard keys being shadowed by the work surface, or you may have some difficulty accessing the keys since they are underneath the worktop.

Considering the fact that the keyboard tray also doubles as a mouse holder, there is less space available for the keyboard, so you could also hit your hand off the worktop as you type. If you value a spacious keyboard tray, it might be worth investigating further to see if the dimensions of your keyboard will fit comfortably in the space provided.

I did some research to see if there was a keyboard upgrade available, but sadly, I couldn’t find one.

You should have a comfortable amount of space to fit and move your mouse, although sometimes a dedicated mouse tray is more advantageous in terms of space.

But there are some advantages to the keyboard…

A negative tilt is built into the keyboard tray to allow you to achieve a neutral wrist position; this ultimately contributes to increasing your comfort and productivity while you type. The keyboard can also be neatly pushed underneath the work surface when not in use.

Since is it an integrated keyboard and mouse tray, the left-handed folks out there can rest assured that this unit can cater to them as you simply position the mouse on your preferred side of the keyboard.

Did you know? Keyboards can range in dimensions from as little as 13 inches to greater than 21 inches.

Ergotron WorkFit-C Mobility

You’ll be pleased to hear that this mobile desk is relatively lightweight, weighing in at 59.1 lbs / 26.9 kg. The lightweight architecture is supplemented by the 4 premium dual casters which ensures a smooth journey while moving the desk around.

There are 2 front lockable casters fitted which are designed to securely hold the cart in place and avoid unwelcome movement while you use it. This is also valuable if you are on unlevel surfaces or floors with a smooth finish, e.g., wooden floors, tiles.

The dual casters should be easy to clean, and their design should also reduce marks on floors along with reducing friction and floor scrubbing to ensure a smooth voyage as you move across carpet, flooring or thresholds.

I love the fact that the shape of the caster arms is a C-shape. This means that the risk of tripping over them while you stand or walk is reduced, especially when compared with them star-shaped arms which are practically omnipresent on furniture. I sometimes feel like I’m tackling an octopus when I’m trying to sit down at my chair.

Tip: As with any desk, the stability of this sit stand portable desk is relative to the stability of the floor surface. If there are any uneven surfaces on the floor, e.g., uneven wooden boards, then wobble will transfer to the mobile desk.

Ergotron WorkFit-C Cable Management

The cable management system is primarily comprised of a cable management box along with some routing points within the post and around the CPU stand; here, you can store extension leads and any cables associated with your equipment.

The beauty of a simplistic system is that it is easier to remove unused cables; moreover, if new cables need to be routed, it should be too onerous either.

Bye-bye cord clutter!

A cable management box is fitted underneath the work surface on left side, this ensures that cables and equipment are kept in a secure location and also out of your way; it’s also close enough to the monitors that it can reach the storage box without generating an unnecessarily long cable trail.

In the CPU housing station, there are cable ties included so that the cables can be secured to the CPU holder.

Although they are technically not necessary, it is slightly disheartening that there are no wire routing points to securely pin the wires in place to the pillar. As a result, they dangle between the monitor and the CPU.

However, if you do have an ensemble of cords, cable management kits and accessories are available for looping extension leads and ancillary cables through. All of these components combined help ensure minimal trailing cables exist that could represent a trip risk; it also minimizes the threat of rolling over your cables.

WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation review - Cable storage box

Ergotron WorkFit-C LCD Arm

The total height adjustability of the LCD arm amounts to 25 inches / 63 cm. This is broken down into of 20 inches / 51 cm of height adjustability in tandem with the work top. In addition, the LCD arm can move a further 5 inches / 13 cm independently of the work surface.

The screens lack both screen pan and tilt functionality, but it does facilitate 360 degrees of complete screen rotation, which ensures you can alternate between portrait and landscape orientations. There are accessories available, such as a laptop converter kit, if you use your laptop frequently or as a second screen.

Did you know? Being able to adjust the monitor height independently of the work top is an ergonomic bonus. It facilitates your ability to ensure that both your upper appendages and head are more ergonomically aligned to the equipment.

WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation review - LCD laptop converter

Ergotron WorkFit-C Highlights

  • Independent monitor height adjustability
    to support enhanced ergonomics.
  • Adaptable to an infinite variety of uses.
  • Spacious work surface despite compact design.
  • Dedicated location to securely store
    a CPU.
  • Lightweight trolley for easy movement.
  • Slick rolling superior casters for smooth and graceful motion.
  • Robust caster legs with easy-to-clean exterior.
  • Dedicated cable storage area for neat and tidy storage.
  • Strong, quality finish capable of withstanding wear and tear.
  • Smooth and silent height adjustability.
  • Can accommodate several users.
  • Can be self-built, avoid expensive technicians.
  • Collection of accessories available to increase storage and ergonomics.
  • Includes industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Ergotron WorkFit-C Product Specification


WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation

Part Number



Two tone grey

Monitor Size

24 inches

Number of Mountable Monitors


Screen Stability


Screen Tilt


Screen Pan


Screen Rotation

360 degrees

Maximum Weight Capacity

32.5 lbs / 14.7 kg

Adjustable Height


Height Range

25 inches / 63.5 cm

Lift Direction


Work Surface Dimensions

24 x 23 inches / 61 x 58 cm

Base Footprint Dimensions

25 x 22 inches / 63.5 x 56 cm

Keyboard Tray Dimensions

26.3 x 9.4 inches / 66.8 x 23.9 cm

Accessories Available


Weight of Unit

59.1 lbs / 26.9 kg

Shipping Dimensions

36.5 x 32.25 x 28.25 inches / 93 x 82 x 72 cm

Shipping Weight

91 lbs / 41.3 kg

Ships Fully Assembled


Ease of Installation



Overall, the WorkFit-C dual sit-stand workstation is an easily adjustable, lightweight mobile trolley that will enable you to work freely and glide through the area at the envy of onlookers.

The neat cable management system offers safe storage for your CPU, cables and power sockets which enables you to work in a tidy and safe manner.

From researching verified purchase reviews and product reviews, the majority of customers were more than pleased with the product. The sturdy and portable design was a persistent theme in addition to the quick assembly. To be honest with you, I struggled to find much negative feedback on the product itself.

The work surface should offer sufficient space for your day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, the keyboard tray could do with some improvement in terms of space available and positioning. However, all is not lost; it could be perfectly fine for someone with a regular sized keyboard. I actually didn’t come across many negative reviews on the keyboard. In addition, I can’t deny that the back tilt is a bonus in terms of ergonomic features that I think users will be grateful for.

Those points aside, it’s unquestionably an impressive product-leader in the portable workstation market which would be a useful asset in any environment.

The below list offers you an overview at some of the principles that I consider when reviewing standing portable trolleys:

  • Being able to lean on or write on the unit without it swaying or toppling over.
  • Having adequate space when typing or using the unit.
  • Ensuring that the keyboard or other components do not push me away from the monitor.
  • Ensuring the unit can reach the necessary heights so I do not have to deviate my posture.
  • Being easily adjustable without causing excessive noise or struggling to raise or lower the height due to the weight.
  • Being reasonably affordable.
  • Having a good warranty.
  • Having good reviews on the product.

Based on evaluating the product along with considering the opinions of consumers, I’m satisfied that the unit has almost met my list of standards. Although I wouldn’t advise leaning on the work surface though.

Would I recommend it to a friend or family member?

I sure would; it would especially fit someone who requires portable flexibility in their desk area along with a robust design capable of withstanding some abuse.

For ✓

Against ✘

Lightweight and excellent mobility

Limited weight capacity

Suitable for a compact, busy work or home space

Requires assembly

Multiple applications, e.g., work, home, school

Size and position of keyboard tray may be limiting

Rugged design and user-friendly


For those of you who are in pursuit of a portable desk with a greater range of motion in the monitor, then I have reviewed this popular product which may be of interest to you. Want to see why it’s so popular and what my in-depth evaluation and unbiased opinion of this product is? Then click here to find out: Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD cart review

I’ll be honest, I was astonished to read that we spend more than 50% of our waking day in a seated position, were you? The terrifying part about this is that a sedentary lifestyle has been shown to elevate the risk of developing 4 of the top 10 causes of morbidity globally!

If you’re conscious of your health and want to avoid such adverse health effects associated with sitting disease, then you’re like hundreds of thousands of people who wanted this and have made the straightforward transition to standing workstations.

I personally love the freedom to alternate between sitting and standing. I didn’t believe I’d feel any better (other than tired from standing more), but I can reveal that I experience enhanced energy levels, improved posture and I have more than likely reduced the risk of developing negative health conditions linked with sitting for hours on end. And if you want to achieve this too and you’re serious about your health, then here’s a link to some of the greatest products on the market today that I would personally recommend to family or friends:

Have a question on this product or on portable desks in general? Do you own a sit stand mobile desk? I would love to hear from you and what your opinions and questions are. Please post them in the comments box below and I’ll be sure to respond to you.



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