WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review

Welcome to the Ergotron WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review. If you’ve clicked on this article, then you’re either looking to discover the truth about this WorkFit unit or perhaps simply enhance your level of knowledge in relation to sit stand desk converters. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

In this product review, you will uncover the key considerations that you need to know to support you in choosing a standing desk converter that is suitable for your every need (and even make onlookers jealous!).

Additionally, this article gives you an in-depth review of this model along with tips and considerations about this desk converter that you won’t find anywhere else. Since this invention is one of the latest product releases by Ergotron, you’ll struggle to find a product review or article which provides you with everything you need to know in one easy-to-follow article!

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WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review - with monitor keyboard and mouse

Did you know? Benefits associated with using standing desk converters include reduction in adverse health conditions, improved posture, elevated energy levels, increase calories burned and even increased productivity!

Product overview

The Ergotron WorkFit-TS compact desk converter features in the Z-lift category of standing desk converters. This unit is mounted to an existing secure desk to instantly evolve your work space into an ergonomic haven, allowing you the freedom to swap between sitting and standing.

As the title suggests, it is a compact unit designed with a small footprint. It optimises space in even the shallowest of desks to free up valuable work space. It is a quality, sturdy design that is fabricated and engineered to a professional grade with an elegant finish.

The height adjustability of this product makes it suitable for the average heights. Adjusting the position of this standing desk converter is also a breeze, and it moves in a smooth and quiet manner, which is a staple component of all Ergotron products.

WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review - overhead view of woman at desk


While I can’t say it comes fully assembled, I can say that it is as good as ready to go once taken out of the box. There’s no need for expensive installation technicians, fidgeting with desk clamps or drilling holes in your precious desk just to clamp the desk converter in place. No sir! In fact, all you need is a trusty scissors and you’re good to go!

Indeed, you can even skip some of the assembly step if you so wish…

Since the unit doesn’t come with the keyboard attached, this is the only component that you have to connect. However, if you think that you don’t need a keyboard tray, well then, you’ve saved yourself a couple of minutes of spinning thumb screws in place.

Other than that, installation couldn’t be easier. All that’s left is placing the standing desk converter on the table, positioning your computer accessories on the unit and looping the cables through the clamps.

But before you begin…

This unit should be moved by 2 people, so make sure you have a helper nearby when you lift it onto or off the desk.

Installation time should be minimal, I would be surprised if it takes any longer than 30 minutes from unboxing it to being able to use it.

Once the unit is assembled and secured on the table, the cables can be looped through the tidy cable management system. Final checks include ensuring that the unit is secure; also, check that the unit can alternate between the lowest and highest positions without becoming inhibited by inadequate slack on the cables.

Tip: Take caution around the support bars as these represent pinch points. Injury can occur if body parts are in the area, particularly while the unit is being raised or lowered.

Height Range

Some sit stand desk converters have a limited range of height adjustability, which can create ergonomic concerns for taller people, especially when the individual needs to deviate their neck to view the monitor.

Fortunately, this product can accommodate a wide range of heights. Although people greater than 6 foot tall may want to consider measuring the height of their table along with the heights achievable by this unit to ensure it is sufficient for them.

This product boasts being able to achieve one of the greatest height ranges in the group of Workfit adjustable arm products, and indeed many competitor products too. The height range of the standing adjustable is 25.4 cm / 10 inches vertically, which should be sufficient for the majority of heights.

The system for adjusting the height of this standing desk converter is elementary. There’s no need for cranking or locking mechanisms. Basically, grab the hand levers on either side and move it to your desired position.

Tip: When changing the height of the unit, always try to keep the top of the monitor in line with your eyes. This helps to promote a more neutral posture and avoids deviating your body to use the unit.

WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review - hand levers

Compact Design

The ultimate selling point of this product is the exemplary efficient footprint that the sit stand desk converter consumes. The small design of this standing desk converter is an excellent feature which allows the unit to be positioned in the tiniest of areas, including corner desks.

Tip: When lowering and raising the height of the desk converter, perform it in a slow, controlled manner (especially the first couple of times) to ensure that your computer accessories remain stable.

In relation to footprint…

Unlike many competitor units, the Ergotron WorkFit-TS compact desk converter remains within the original footprint. This is due to the fact that it operates in a vertical range of motion. Provided you have positioned the unit far enough into the desk for the keyboard to be flush with the front of the desk, there should be negligible space consumed.

How much footprint you consume is primarily based on the height that you position the desk converter in. Footprint consumption is primarily in a vertical plane, so ensuring that you have adequate clearance when the unit is at the highest level is essential.

WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review - On office table


This desk converter offers you the ability to hold a single monitor. The unit can accommodate a monitor up to 24 inches in size. Depending on the size of your monitor and laptop, you might even be able to fit both on the unit.

Furthermore, if you opt for the single monitor kit, you can attach your monitor to the back of the desk converter. That would leave extra room on the work space for your stationery, or to position a laptop or a second monitor provided it didn’t exceed the weight capacity.

If you’re looking for greater customization…

If you are interested in upgrading to 2 monitors, the single monitor kit can support a monitor up to 24 inches in size and even offers 360 degrees rotation and 30 degrees of tilt.

These features are particularly convenient if you tend to present to people on your monitor; you can say sayonara to fidgeting with your monitor and struggling to move it back and forth. Simply swivel your monitor around to them and they’ll be easily able to see it from the comfort of their own chair. I feel a bit like a showoff when I do it and others don’t have the swivel option.

Tip: The stability of the monitors is attributable to the stability of the surface it is positioned on. If there is any bounce or shake on the table, it will be transferred to the desk converter.

WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review - with monitor riser accessory


The keyboard tray is the only component that you will need to install; fortunately, it’s as simple as using the thumb screws provided. Of course, if you don’t feel the need for a keyboard tray, you can ignore this step completely, and simply position the standing desk converter directly onto your desk of choice.

There are no surrounding walls or work surfaces that you need to fear hitting off while typing. The keyboard surface offers you 27 x 7.1 inches / 68 x 18 cm of area, which should be adequate space. That said, it may be a bit tight if you have a full-size keyboard and mouse.

It is recommended that the maximum width of your keyboard should be no greater than 18 inches / 45 cm. It moves in tandem with the worksurface, meaning the adjustment between sitting and standing heights is made that bit easier.

The keyboard tray itself is positioned 4.1 inches / 10.4 cm below the table. It is also detachable, which isn’t an option many standing desk converters offer. Since there is no dedicated mouse tray, users need not worry about whether the mouse tray suits left-handed people.

WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review - keyboard tray removed

Cable management

Cables can be neatly routed underneath the worksurface by means of loops provided. This ensures a neater work area with less risk of cable clutter when moving between standing and sitting positions. Just remember if you are relocating the unit to detach the cables first.

Tip: Ensure to leave adequate slack for the cables to allow full range of motion.

WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review - cable clips


  • Small footprint that cunningly
    optimises space.
  • Can be mounted to virtually any worksurface, even on shallow desks.
  • Design has been optimised for efficient and compact use of desk space.
  • Durable elegant finish for a stylish accessory to your work or home area.
  • Cable management feature offer a neat method of minimising cord clutter.
  • One of the most compact in the fleet of Workfit sit-stand desktop workstations.
  • Adjusts in a vertical motion which doesn’t push the user away from the screen.
  • Effortlessly and silently raise and lower the height.
  • Can easily be adjusted for several users.
  • Minimal assembly required, no need for costly technicians.
  • Plenty of accessories available to tailor the unit to your needs and enhance your efficiency.
  • Made from quality, solid metal material.
  • Includes industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Product specification


Ergotron WorkFit-TS compact desk converter

Part Number




Monitor Size

Up to 24 inches

Number of Mountable Monitors

1 with single monitor kit

Screen Stability


Maximum Weight Capacity

5 – 25 lbs / 2.3 – 11.3 kg

Adjustable Height


Height Range

25.4 cm / 10 inches

Lift Direction



15.7 x 23.9 inches / 40 x 60.7 cm

Work Surface Dimensions

27 x 20.3 inches / 68.6 x 51.6 cm

Fits on Desk Surfaces

Minimum 15.7 inches / 40 cm

Suitable for Corner Desks


Installation Type

Free standing unit

Keyboard Tray Dimensions

27 x 7.1 inches / 68 x 18 cm

Keyboard Type

Detachable keyboard tray

Accessories Available


Weight of Unit

38.5 lbs / 17.5 kg

Shipping Dimensions

30.3 x 9.25 x 24.5 inches / 77 x 23.5 x 62.2 cm

Shipping Weight

43.5 lbs / 19.8 kg

Ships Fully Assembled

Minimal keyboard mounting required

Ease of Installation

Very good


For such a compact unit, this is a well-built piece of gear, I am impressed! The Ergotron WorkFit-TS compact desk converter will look great in any location and it offers ample adjustability complemented by a sturdy construction and positive ergonomic traits.

The sizeable height range of this monitor makes it an ideal product for anyone, especially those looking for a tidy unit to fit in a compact space. The cable management feature is also valuable, especially if you hate cable clutter.

It should be durable, robust and configurable enough to suit anyone who intends to use this on a daily basis or even share it with family, friends or co-workers.

If you’re curious as to how I evaluate standing desk converters, then check out the list below for some of the criteria that I search for:

  • Being able to lean on or write on the unit without it swaying or toppling over.
  • Having adequate space when typing or using the unit.
  • Ensuring that the keyboard or other components do not push me away from the monitor.
  • Ensuring the unit can reach the necessary heights so I do not have to deviate my posture.
  • Being easily adjustable without causing excessive noise or struggling to raise or lower the height due to the weight.
  • Being reasonably affordable.
  • Having a good warranty.
  • Having good reviews on the product.

I’m pleased to announce that the Ergotron WorkFit-TS compact desk converter has received the all clear. It’s an outstanding solution for those who want to convert their work area into a healthy sit stand station with an existing desk.

This compact footprint complemented by the efficient design of the unit makes it an ideal candidate for anyone working with limited desk space.

The only watch out is that the footprint may hinder people who own large monitors or keyboards. So, it would be wise to assess the size of your computer equipment and accessories in respect to the dimensions of this unit to ensure it caters to your needs.

Other than that, I would highly recommend this product.

Would I recommend it to a friend or family member?

Indeed I would, if they were looking for a compact portable standing desk converter.

For ✓

Against ✘

Fits in the most compact of areas

Limited space due to compact design

Portable unit and relatively low weight

Easy to raise and lower height

Built-in cable management

Detachable keyboard


If you’re interested in buying this product or seeing the full range of Ergotron products on a limited time offer, then don’t delay:

The above Z-lift standing desk converter is just one of many types of standing desk converters available, there are a range of other alternatives designs to choose from.

Here’s an alternative sit standing desk converter that I would recommend if you’re looking for a larger desk converter to mount on an existing desk to simply convert your office into a healthy workspace. Click here to see why I recommend it and why thousands of others have purchased it: WorkFit SR dual monitor sit stand desktop workstation

Do you own a sit stand desk converter? Are you familiar with the Ergotron brand or what brand of desk converter do you own? As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and questions, so please post them in the box below.

WorkFit-TS compact desk converter review



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