Are Folding Desks Good? – 7 Important Pros & Cons!

It’s not always possible to have storage space for everything. If you’re looking to get a desk but you’re limited by space or don’t want a table consuming your work or home area, a floating desk might be the perfect solution! So, are folding desks good? Let’s find out what advantages and disadvantages of folding tables are and whether they’re worth the money!

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Are folding desks good?

Folding desks are an excellent solution for areas where space is limited. Foldable desks can be used for multiple purposes in various different locations, and they can also be easily transported. Their compact size also makes them easy to store. Some floating desks can be folded up against the wall and thus consume a minimal amount of space when they are not in use. However, they tend to be less durable and have a lower average weight capacity ranging between 80 to 800 pounds. This weight capacity should be sufficient for office work or light duty kitchen activities. However, this lower weight capacity can make them less suitable for storing items or activities where more force is involved. In addition to a lower weight limit, foldable desks tend to have a lower surface area. For activities which require a large work surface, they may not be suited.

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Folding desks can have a place and purpose in practically any work or home area. But whether they are suited to your specific requirements is another matter. Let’s dive further into the pros and cons of folding desks to see if they are worth the money and a good match for you!

Are Folding Desks Good? - Folding desk under stairs

Pros and cons of folding desks

Advantages of folding desks

1. Consume a small space

Floating desks, murphy desks and folding desks are all excellent solutions for desk in a small area. Their surface area tends to be relatively low. When it’s folded up, they consume little to no area worth mentioning.

Tip: Folding desks can be used in small rooms or corners of rooms to make a desk.

2. Easy to store

With a standard desk or table, you generally have to accept that it’s a permanent fixture in a room. This can consume a sizeable amount of valuable floor space. With foldable desks, they tend to be lightweight and thus easier to move and store.

Furthermore, the fact that they are foldable means that they become more compact and can be transported and stored with ease.

Say goodbye to dismantling tables to get them to fit through a door or into a storage area!

3. Easy to transport

Standard tables are generally designed without foldable or removable legs to make them sturdier. This results in them having to be moved as they are or else you have to go to the hassle of dismantling them.

This can prohibit and discourage you from moving it to use it in other areas of the home or office.

Fortunately, you don’t have that problem with folding tables. You can simply fold them up and move them from one area to another with ease!

4. Some are multi-functional

The multi-functional uses of a folding desk can be considered in a number of ways. Firstly, since they are transportable, they can be utilized in different rooms or office for different purposes.

However, if your floating desk is attached to a wall, then you may have to settle for performing various tasks in one location.

Secondly, some folding desks have features built in, such as chalkboards. This means that while they’re folded up, you can use the board to take notes and make to-do lists.

Disadvantages of folding desks

1. Less durable

Due to the lightweight nature of foldable desks, they can be less sturdy than standard solid desks.

Furthermore, if they are poorly designed, it can make them more liable to wobbling and even breaking if they are put under too much force.

Therefore, they may not be suited to environments and activities which require durability.

2. Lower weight capacity

The average weight capacity of a Murphy desk is around 50 pounds. However, there are some desks which have a weight limit of as much as 220 pounds!

For everyday office and study activities, this lower weight capacity is just about sufficient.

However, if you use heavy equipment that must be stored on the desk, then they might not be suitable for your needs.

I have discussed if floating shelves are safe previously and this is an important read if you are using it for working on.

3. Small surface area

Foldable desks tend to be compact in nature. You’ll notice this especially for floating desks which attach to walls. If you’re concerned that you won’t have enough space while working, then you can either try to optimize how your work.

If that’s not a possibility, then you might just have to opt for a larger desk.

The size that you choose will ultimately depend on how much space you have in your room and the amount that you are willing to pay for the folding desk.


It’s evident that folding desks have a multitude of uses and are ideal for practically any environment that could do with a spare table for different activities. However, opting for the cheapest or smallest ones available may leave you lacking in durability and comfort.

Furthermore, if you need a desk with a large surface area or a high weight limit, you’re probably better off going for a regular table.

Thankfully, folding desks are improving in quality, and they are being innovatively designed to offer some genius functions, such as white boards, shelving and magnetic boards.

Choosing a good quality floating desk with a weight capacity greater than 50 pounds will pay off in the long run for most people.

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