Best Color Office Chair & Why It Matters (With Easy Tips)

Believe it or not, your choice of office chair color can be the deciding factor between a stylish seat and a stained-looking piece of furniture. If that’s not a look that you want to have at your desk, then get the complete lowdown on the best color office chair right here, right now.

Learn some valuable information about the best chair color to:

  1. hide dirt
  2. minimize the cleaning frequency
  3. match the existing design of the office
  4. match the existing furnishings of the office
  5. sets the atmosphere of the office

This guide helps you with picking out the best chair color options for your home office. As always, there are some unbelievably simple tips and tricks included that nobody else is talking about.

Let’s get started.

The colors that you use in your office can impact on the atmosphere and even encourage productivity and focus while you work. Source

Best Color Office Chair - Leather brown office chair

Best office chair color

The best color office chair that you should opt for will be influenced by a variety of factors. Dark colored office chairs are a better match if maintenance and cleaning considerations are a priority for you. These include how much dirt and stains the chair shows up and how often that you’ll need to clean the chair. The chair color should also match or complement the existing office design or theme. Furthermore, the office chair color should also match or complement the furnishings of the office. This applies particularly if there’s a certain color trend flowing through the office furniture.

Best office chair color to hide dirt

Stains, dust and dirt are inevitable in any room of your office. They are more likely if you eat or drink at your desk and if you are clumsy with pens or markers. Therefore, you might find that the wisest thing to do is choose a chair that camouflages the stains and dirt.

Bright colors are strong giveaway when it comes to showing up dirt. They show up practically everything!

I even spilled water on my grey fabric chair one day and it stained!

Steer clear of bright colored chairs, especially if the chair is made of fabric.

You may have some more leeway if you own a leather office chair since it is less porous than fabric. The leather doesn’t absorb stains as much. Plus, it’s easier to wipe down the leather and remove the stain or dust when compared with fabric.

Opting for darker colors will help to hide dirt, crumbs and dust buildup. It can also mask the presence of stains and marks.

However, opting for completely black can be almost as bad as bright colors for showing up certain types of stains and dirt.

Also, while the fabric seating of an office chair is the primary are susceptible to stains, the other regions of the chair are also subject to gathering dirt, dust and stain marks.

If you have a tendency to position your feet on the 5-star base, the dirt from your shoes could dirty this part of the chair.

Furthermore, scuff marks could appear if your shoes rub off the chair.

Again, dark colors are best for hiding these marks.

Tip: Some taller office chairs feature a ring which is designed for resting your feet on.

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Best office chair color to minimize cleaning and maintenance

Stains and dirt are inevitable regardless of where you work. Therefore, housekeeping and maintaining your office chairing needs to be completed routinely.

However, there are ways of reducing the frequency at which you need to clean and maintain your office chair.

Opting for mid to dark colored chair will make significant steps towards hiding the dirt and dust.

The color of the chair doesn’t completely dictate the frequency of cleaning and care required to keep your flooring in the best condition.

In fact, it is the type of chair material you decide that will ultimately dictate the cleaning frequency.

But color will certainly affect this.

The CoolMesh Pro Multi-Function Chair (with lifetime warranty) is relatively low maintenance and also comes in a variety of colors. Plus, it’s one of my recommended products because it has a lifetime warranty!

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Best Color Office Chair - Cool mesh pro office chair

Best office chair color to set the atmosphere of the office

As we have discovered, the office chair color will impact on cleaning and how appealing the chair looks. But the color of your chair and office can also impact on the feel and mood of the room.

While this typically applies to a wall, it can also be impacted by the chair color.

Office chair color psychology table

Office chair color

Emotions encouraged


Focus, productivity, calm


Attention-boosting, creativity


Sociable, joy, determination


Energy, aggression


Stress-relieving, calm


Comfort, force


Soothing, spaciousness


Power, authority

However, the majority of the time you’ll be sitting on it and won’t notice the color all that much.

The best flooring colors to make the chair feel warm include:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Brown
  5. Most wooden colors

Office chairing colors which can feel cold include:

  1. White
  2. Blue

Neutral office chairing colors include:

  1. Gray
  2. Beige
  3. Taupe

Best office chair color to match the existing design of the room

Every office has a style, whether it’s strong colors throughout the office or if it falls into a more neutral design. Either way, the office chair color has the potential to either complement or conflict with the office design.

When considering the office chair color in relation to the office design, consider:

  1. The current office colors and themes
  2. If there are colors that would help the office chair match the surroundings
  3. If the room lighting both during the day and night will affect the office chair look
  4. If the room theme is already loud and vibrantly colored

Considering the existing or proposed colors that are present in the room can aid you in choosing a flooring color that matches them and the overall office aesthetics.

The undertones of the office chair can be categorized into:

  1. Cool undertones: Blue, green, purple
  2. Warm undertones: Red, yellow, orange, brown
  3. Neutral undertones: Beige, gray, shades of white

When choosing a floor to match the wall, the undertones should either match or complement each other.

If you already have a color trend going on in the office, this can feed into the best color chair.

For instance, if the color of the walls, furnishings and furniture has an aqua or turquoise trend cascading through them, then opting for an office chair with this color would help it match.

However, if your office is loud or busy, then opting for a more subdued or neutral color office chair can complement the design.

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Best Color Office Chair - Grey office chair in office

Best office chair color to match existing office furnishings

Office furniture typically comes in a wooden, white or black shade. However, furniture is available in a huge variety of colors and tones, so you can edge away from traditional styles if you so wish.

Fortunately, furniture doesn’t have to come in matching suites. You can mix and match furniture and complement it with the overall theme of the room.

Some furniture even comes in a mix of designs, for instance, my desk table has a white leg and a light wooden desk surface.

When you are trying to fit new office chairs to the existing furniture, it may sound tempting to try and find a shade that matches. However, oftentimes this results in a failed mismatch.

Therefore, you’re better off finding a color or shade that complements or contrasts the existing furniture or room colors.

Don’t forget that the textures of the furniture can be complemented by each other too.

Mixing and matching wooden furniture with the existing wooden accents of the office can be achieved effectively, provided you follow some basic tips.

In a way, almost anything goes when contrasting and complementing different wooden shades.

However, if you are trying to play it safe when matching wood with other wood tones:

Identify the dominant undertone of the wood. This is the undertone that you notice most prominently when you look at the furniture. This is typically broken down into warm, neutral or cool.

Next, match the undertone with the undertone of your office chair or furniture.

Best practice is to keep a consistent undertone, e.g., adding furniture with a cool undertone with a wooden chair with a cool undertone helps them to blend perfectly together.

For a more daring approach to matching wooden furniture:

  1. Contract the undertones instead of matching them. For example, a dark shade of wood can be contrasted with a lighter shade of office chair.
  2. Mixing light, medium and dark shades of wood through the room gives more depth and allure.

Plus, it helps strike a balance as opposed to having a stark light and dark wooden contrast.

This could be achieved by for instance, having a light wooden desk, medium wooden office floor and dark wooden office chair.

Tip: Adopting the same wooden finish, e.g., either matte or glossy, helps with consistency and continuity of the style, even if they are different woods.

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There’s no denying that office chair color can influence the style and feel of the room. That combined with the fact that chair color can impact on the cleaning frequency!

By following the above guidelines, you could save yourself not only on the hassle of cleaning, but also the shame of a shabby stained seat.

The office chair color will affect these parameters, but at the end of the day, there are other priorities when it comes to choosing the perfect office chair.

What types of office chair do you own or intend to purchase? Will you be kitting out your office in matching or contrasting themes?

My aim with this website is to help you on all matters related to your home office and your work area. With that in mind, if you have any questions or comments on the above, please drop them in the box below. I’d love to hear them!


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