How to clean a balance board? 21 do’s & don’ts

Using the wrong cleaning materials or failing to care for your balance board can accelerate the rate of wear and tear on the balance board. In this how to clean a balance board? article, I provide information from the experts on the best ways to clean and maintain your balance board and balance trainer.

Following these simple proven tips can prevent damage from occurring to your beloved balance board and also ensures that it will be kept in the best condition possible. Discover some hidden facts and expert tips on wobble boards. 

Also, included are some little-known nuggets of information which you should really know when caring for a balance board.

Did you know? Balance boards with a grip tend to be more difficult to clean due to the rough surface. Source

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How to clean a balance board?

Regardless of the material that they are manufactured from, all balance boards can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth. Mild soap can also be applied if the damp cloth does not remove the stains. Balance boards should be thoroughly dried after being cleaned to ensure that no water or soap residue remains on the balance board.

This could cause damage to the wood, cork, paint, felt and non-skid grips on the balance board over time. Use of microfiber cloth minimizes the amount of lint that can become caught on the balance board.

Extra caution should be observed when cleaning balance boards which are made of wood, cork and balance boards that include felt or grips. The cleaning strategy will also depend on whether you have a wobble boards with or without felt.

Plastic balance boards tend to be more robust and there is less risk of them bending and becoming warped compared to wooden balance boards.

Regardless of the type of balance board, polishes and cleaning agents which could cause the balance board to become more slippery or interfere with the materials of the balance board should never be used.

Tip: If wearing shoes while on the balance board, check the soles for any pebbles or dirt which could damage or scratch the balance board surface.

Dos and don’ts


1. Use a damp cloth as opposed to a wet cloth as too much water can cause the glue to lift.

2. Use a lint free cloth two life after dirt and stains.

3. Wipe the balance board dry after cleaning it.

4. Use it as an effect and splay spray or wipe, especially if other people have been using the balance board.

5. Use a mild detergent if a damp cloth is not sufficient to remove a stain.

6. Apply some elbow grease to gently encourage the stain to go away.

7. Clean both the top and bottom of the balance board.

8. Remove the bottom of the balance board, if possible, to thoroughly clean around it.

9. Check your cloth regularly for pebbles or rough pieces of dirt which could scratch the balance word.

10. Completely dry the board once it has been cleaned.

11. Clean the mat and area where the balance board is being positioned.

12. Keep pets away from the balance board, especially if it has a non-skid grip which hairs can attach to.

13. Store the balance board in a clean, upright position to minimize dust and dirt gathering on the balance board.

14. Check the user guide to determine if maintenance is required on the balance board.


1. Use abrasive or sharp cleaning materials, such as scouring pads.

2. Brush the balance boards with a hard brush, instead pull away any hairs or dirt or use tape to remove them.

3. Use chemical agents or polishers which could interfere with the grip and surface of the balance board.

4. Use excess water on the balance board as this can cause the glue to detach.

5. Allow water or chemicals to make contact with electrical parts of an electronic balance board, such as the Wii board.

6. Use paper towels or tissues which can tear while cleaning the non-slip grip on a balance board.

7. Allow stains to settle and lodge on the balance board or mat, clean them up immediately.

How to clean a FluidStance deck?

The FluidStance guide recommends using the following strategy to keep the balance deck clean:

  • Use warm water and a mild soap to wipe down the balance board.
  • Dry off the deck completely before using it.
  • Do not use chemical cleaning agents or wood polish to clean the FluidStance deck.
  • FluidStance also offer an all-purpose cleaning spray called Shine which can be used on the deck, whiteboards, floor mats, keyboards, desks and work surfaces.

The balance board should be thoroughly cleaned both on the top and bottom. This includes the groves and edges on the base of the deck as dirt from the ground can lodge there.

The above cleaning techniques apply to the range of FluidStance balance boards.

How to maintain a FluidStance deck?

The FluidStance user guide recommends that the Level and original decks should be checked on a periodic basis as the screws can become loose.

Depending on how often you use the deck, check the four screws on the base of the FluidStance base to ensure that they are securely in place and are not loose.

There should be no movement between the top and bottom units of the balance board.

This could be a simple check incorporated when you are cleaning the balance board, it’ll take you less than a minute.

If you do discover an issue or defect with the balance board, contact the manufacturer as they have support and replacement parts available for the decks.

How to clean a balance board? - FluidStance Balance Deck bottom

How to clean a FluidStance mat?

The Base mat used with the balance board can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any spills, grit or dirt present on the mat. Both the top surface and the base of the mat should be cleaned.

If stains persist, a mild soap should be introduced to remove the stain. Some scuff marks may take extra elbow grease to remove.

Do not use abrasive or sharp cleaning materials to clean the mat as this could cause scratching.

In addition, the floor where the mat is placed should also be cleaned as regularly as the mat is.

Tip: Check your cloth regularly for grit or pebbles which could cause scratching to the mat and remove them.

How to clean a wooden balance board?

Use a damp wet cloth to clean as much of the balance board as possible. If stains persist which cannot be removed using a damp cloth, use a cleaning spray suitable for wooden surfaces to shift the stains.

Avoid using soaps as these can cause the grain to rise and become rough, depending on the type of wood that is used.

Do not use wood polishes as these will interfere with the grip of the balance board.

How to clean a felt balance board?

A felt balance board can be cleaned simply by using water on a damp cloth, along with a mild detergent if needed. Avoid wetting the cloth too much as this could cause the felt glue to detach. If the balance board is made of cork, it can absorb the excess water which can cause deformities.

Avoid brushing a felt balance board, especially with a coarse brush, as this could cause scratching. Instead, wipe with a lint free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth.

If this does not remove the dirt, tape can also be used to catch any little pieces of dirt that accumulate on the balance board. You can pull away any hairs and lint which could become caught in it too.

As a last resort to remove dirt, gently use a soft brush.

How to clean a Bosu balance trainer?

Much of the cleaning can be accomplished by simply wiping down the balance ball with a damp cloth. A microfiber cloth is an ideal material to use as it doesn’t shed and leave lint on the ball.

Do not use thinners or other cleaning agents as they could damage the material.

Use a disinfectant to remove any bacteria present on the balance trainer. Simply spray the disinfectant onto the balance ball and wipe it clean with a paper towel until it is dry.

Use a disinfectant wipe to clean the balance ball down.

Don’t forget to wipe the base of the balance board down too as dirt and grit from the floor can become stuck to the surface.

Remember to clean the groves where the ball ends and the under surface begins. This edge can gather dust and dirt over time.

Complete a visual check all over the ball to ensure that the Bosu ball is completely dry, especially if someone is going to use it after you.


Following these simple techniques to clean and maintain your balance board Will optimize the performance of the balance board and should also increase the lifespan of it too! Fortunately, most stains can be removed simply with a damp cloth, water and soap. So before investing in other products, try this technique first.

Cleaning and maintaining the balance board are only some considerations that people wonder about. But what about factors that manufacturers and websites don’t tell you, such as how to prevent a balance board damaging your floors? Plus, should you wear shoes on a balance board? I contacted experts and manufacturers to solve these queries. Read more about them in: Balance board FAQs – Must know facts. I bet there are some you never even thought about – I know I didn’t.

That said, balance boards aren’t for everybody. If being stable sounds more appealing, then an anti-fatigue mat will be more in your line. My personal recommendation for a fatigue-reducing mat would be the Safco Movable Anti-Fatigue Mat. I love that you can effortlessly slide it in and out with your foot, and that it has beveled edges so that it easier to clean. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

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