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Balance boards are an excellent aid to increase your stability and movement. But with them becoming a growing trend, there are many unknown facts regarding these new kids on the block. In this balance board FAQs article, discover some hidden facts and expert tips on wobble boards. 

Also included are some little-known nuggets of information which you should really know when considering which balance board to use. 

Balance boards are made in a various materials; however, the most common material is wood and plastic. Source

Balance board FAQs - Roller balance board

Can you wear shoes on a balance board?

The majority of balance boards accommodate the wearing of shoes in addition to being barefoot or wearing socks. A balance board that grips well to bare feet and socks is essential if the user prefers not to wear shoes. Good control can be achieved if the balance board features a non-slip grip. The most effective method to achieve a good grip on a balance board is by going barefoot or using non-slip footwear. Socks and smooth footwear reduce the ability to grip to a balance board.

Are balance boards comfortable to use barefoot?

Most balance boards can be used barefoot, wearing socks or shoes, unless otherwise stated in the user instructions. The choice of going barefoot is therefore primarily based on personal preference and the purpose for using the balance board.

If the user has sensitive feet or dislikes the feeling of the surface on their bare feet, they could wear socks or shoes. Non-slip socks or shoes with a grip would provide better control if maintaining grip is a concern.

Below, I researched a number of product reviews to determine the opinion of customers regarding footwear v barefoot v socks on a balance board.

The FEZIBO Wooden Wobble Balance Board shows photos of people using the standing desk board both with shoes on, sock on and barefoot. However, considering that it is advertised as featuring an anti-fatigue mat along with grooves and massage points, which reviewers repeatedly compliment by the way, the most benefit is obtained either barefoot or in socks.

A One Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board reviewer mentioned that the non-slip grid has a sandpaper feel to it when barefoot. So, if you have sensitive feet, you may prefer to wear socks or shoes. While another user claims that he was comfortable using the wobble board barefoot.

The Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer manufacturer claims the Durasoft grip is comfortable both with and without shoes. There are numerous reviews from verified customers expressing how comfortable they felt while barefoot on the board, and also how well the board grips to their feet.

Can you use a balance board outside?

Balance boards can be used both indoors and outdoors. Regardless of whether you use it indoors or outdoors, there should be a protective mat or rug placed underneath the wobble board. Most balance boards are designed for indoor use, but they can be used outdoors on a dry day.

Adverse weather conditions can negatively affect the paint and material if it is not waterproof. It could also be used on grass to minimize the wear on the board. Otherwise, the under surface will be subject to accelerated wear and tear.

If used on grass or soft surfaces, consideration should be given to the potential for sinkage which reduces the instability and overall effectiveness of the balance board.

Do balance boards damage flooring?

Balance boards can damage flooring, particularly hard flooring, such as wood. The constant motion of the balance board can lead to wearing of the floor over time.

Although the under surface of the wobble board or the roller cylinder may feature a plastic or rubber surface, this can lead to scuff marks on the floor.

Furthermore, if the edges of the balance board slam against the floor, it could further damage the floor. There is also the potential for dirt or grit to be present on the floor which could easily cause scratching.

Do you need a mat under a balance board?

Using protective flooring, rugs or carpet under the balance board is advisable to minimize the potential for floor damage and to improve your overall user experience. Some manufacturers, such as FluidStance, recommend and sell mats specifically designed to be placed under the balance board to mitigate floor damage.

Furthermore, using a mat can decelerate the rate of wear and tear on the base of a wobble board. If a balance board is used on a hard floor, such as tiles, wood or concrete, it can scratch the under surface of the board.

Dirt and grit between the floor and the board can also cause excess scratching due to the force being applied. A mat or softer surface would reduce this risk.

The type of mat used under a wobble board can negatively impact on the stability as it could absorb and reduce the movement of the balance board. This sinking effect is likely with thick carpet or spongy matting.

Balance board mats are constructed to improve the flow of the balance board. When used on carpet, it offers a firmer surface for balancing on. If used on a hard floor, it reduces scratching and floor damage.

Balance board FAQs - Floatdeck FluidStance

Do balance boards smell?

Most balance boards don’t have a smell. Some balance boards even specify that they contain odor-free materials. Some plastic balance boards, such as the FEZIBO Wooden Wobble Balance Board and the Solofit Balance Board, have been noted to emit a strong plastic odor.

The FEZIBO anti-fatigue balance board is manufactured in China from rubber and wood. Some users claim that it subsides over time, however, the smell was still strong.

Other users have even tried to air the balance board outdoors; however, after days being left out (4 days in one particular case), the smell still remained.

The Bosu balance trainer has also been noted as emitting a new rubber smell, however, the user didn’t disclose whether this smell subsided over time.

Of course, cleaning the balance board will also help to prevent any odors or dirt gathering on the board. You can figure out the right way to maintain them by following the following tips: how to clean a balance board? 21 do’s & don’ts

Are balance boards noisy?

If the balance board is used on a hard surface, it can increase the noise generated while balancing on it. Carpet or rugs will absorb the noise associated with the balance board. Accidentally slamming the balance board will generate noise which will be loud if the floor is a hard surface.

Noise can also be created during mounting and dismounting, if not done smoothly.

Additionally, if the balance board is made from wood, it can begin to make creaking noises over time. Fortunately, this can be mitigated by applying a lubricant spray or wood polish around the perimeter of the board.

Balance board mats, carpet and rugs can act as a noise dampener if the balance board is being used in a noise-sensitive area.

Can you wear shoes on a Wii balance board?

The Wii instructions advise against wearing shoes and socks while using the balance board as using the balance board barefoot should prevent the risk of slipping or falling. The user instructions also recommend that if your feet become damp that you should dry them.

If you’re using the Wii board to measure your weight, then it won’t be a true reflection of your weight since the balance board will include the weight of the shoes on the board.

There are reviews and forums where people discuss use of footwear. Most users state that they don’t wear shoes while using the balance board, however, there are a minority that do wear shoes while using the Wii board.


If a balance board sounds like something that you’d be willing to invest in, then the cost is a consideration that you’ll need to bear in mind. Find out exactly How much do balance boards cost? Examples included

However, if being stable sounds more appealing, then an anti-fatigue mat will be more in your line. My personal recommendation for a fatigue-reducing mat would be the Safco Movable Anti-Fatigue Mat. I love that you can effortlessly slide it in and out with your feet, and that it has beveled edges so that it easier to clean. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

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