Kneeling Chair V Wobble Stool – Helpful Beginners Guide!

They are 2 new innovations to the office furniture world and feature an array of benefits. But they also have extremely different functions. With that in mind, let’s compare a kneeling chair V wobble stool to see what all the fuss is about. More importantly, discover whether they are even any good!

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Kneeling Chair V Wobble Stool

FeatureKneeling ChairWobble stool
PurposeEncourages more upright posture by resting on kneesEncourages user to move and improve their balance on a stool
SizeApprox. 20 – 27.55 inches long, 6.3 – 8.46 inches wideApprox. 13 inches long, 13 inches wide, 24.5 inches high
Duration of useShort termShort term
Price$99 – $1999$78.99 – $246+
Adjustable heightsYes (except for rocker chairs) Suited for 4’ 8” – 6’ 3”Approx. 16 – 33 inches. Suited for short to tall
ComfortLow – mediumLow
Weight16 – 29 pounds5.5 – 20 pounds
Weight capacityUp to 265 pounds250 pounds

As you can see from the table above. there are some similarities but also some stark differences between kneeling chairs and wobble stools. In the sections that follow, you’ll uncover the key features of each chair so that you can decide which one suits you best!

Did you know? Since kneeling chairs offer less support to your back and core region, this engages these muscles much more than when using a standard chair. Source

Kneeling Chair V Wobble Stool

1. Purpose of kneeling chair V wobble stool

Both kneeling chairs and wobble stools fall under the category of active sitting. They both enable the user to gently move and strengthen their back and core while being seated.

The largest difference between both chairs is that kneeling chairs are for sitting on, such as at a desk. Wobble stools are for resting on in a more upright position, such as at a standing desk or shelf.

This contrast alone may be enough to help you choose which one is suited to you.

When someone shows interest in kneeling chairs, it’s normally because they:

  1. Want to adopt a different posture
  2. Want to improve their posture and open their hips
  3. Want to reduce back pain or pressure on their back
  4. Want a chair that enables active sitting

When choosing the perfect kneeling chair, failing to choose the right type of kneeling chair correctly could make or break how useful it is to you.

Wobble stools are usually targeted at an audience that want to:

  1. An alternative posture to standing
  2. Relieve pressure and fatigue on their body from standing
  3. Improve their stability and balance

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2. Size of kneeling chair V wobble stool

Kneeling chairs come in several designs which will ultimately dictate their average size. Wobble stools on the other hand are generally a similar shape and taller but more compact.

Kneeling chairs range from 20 – 27.55 inches long and 6.3 – 8.46 inches wide.

Wobble stools have widths around 13 inches long and 23 inches tall

They type of kneeling chair and their size will help you to decide which one is a suitable fit for your area and the amount of space that you have.

Some kneeling chairs can be folded, such as the X-frame kneeling chair.

Balance stools might fit underneath your desk if their height is not too large.

Tip: Opting for a kneeling chair without a backrest can be a more compact solution.

3. Duration of use of kneeling chair V wobble stool

Since kneeling chairs and wobble chairs lack back and arm support, they are typically only suitable for use over short periods of time.

Kneeling chairs place a larger amount of force on the knees and some of the kneeling chairs lack a back rest.

Consequently, they can make it uncomfortable and tiring to be sitting in a kneeling char for too long.

A wobble stool offers similar support to any other stool that you have sat on before. Generally, there is no back support, and this can cause the back to tire and slouch.

Furthermore, the instability induced by a standing desk chair while sitting can be tiresome on the body.

Consequently, they are both only advised for use over short periods of the day.

4. Price of kneeling chair V wobble stool

Kneeling chairs have a typical price range of between $99 – $1999+. The price of a kneeling chair is usually determined by the type of kneeling chair along with size, brand and quality of it.

Wobble stools range anywhere from $78.99 – $246+

This makes wobble stools a more affordable entry level option and choice overall.

5. Adjustable heights of kneeling chair V wobble stool

Practically all kneeling chairs except for rocker chairs have the functionality to adjust the height to suit your needs. Rocker kneeling chairs will generally have guidance around what heights they can accommodate.

Kneeling chairs tend to suit people who range from 4’ 8” – 6’ 3” in height. This will differ based on the type of kneeling chair.

Wobble stools can adjust from around 16 – 33 inches which means they can cater for a wide range of heights, even for kids!

6. Comfort of kneeling chair V wobble stool

How comfortable a chair is for a person can be very personal depending on if you suffer from any pain or discomfort. Don’t forget personal preference along with how well the furniture is fitted to you comes into it too.

Wobble stools are typically more comfortable to rest on than kneeling chairs if you have any pain in your knees.

If you want to be able to perch or rest while standing while strengthening your core and back, a wobble stool will often tick the box.

Kneeling chairs are often a comfortable choice if people want to alleviate back pain as it angles the body so that less pressure is on your discs. Further to that, your back can be more upright.

If you do desire more back support, rocker kneeling chairs feature a back rest to lean against which will allow you to support and reduce fatigue in your back.

However, if you suffer from knee pain, a chair that puts more pressure on your knees will not be a suitable choice.

Whichever option you go for, remember that they are ultimately a piece of furniture designed for short-term use of around 20 – 60 minutes at a time.

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7. Weight of kneeling chair V wobble stool

Kneeling chairs have weights around 16 – 29 pounds whereas a wobble stool tends to weigh between 5.5 – 20 pounds.

The weight of a kneeling chair or wobble stools is primarily based on the size and type of materials used to make the chair.

Tip: If the chair that you opt for has wheels, it will make it much easier to move.

8. Weight capacity of kneeling chair V wobble stool

A weight limit is usually provided by the manufacturer. This indicates how much pressure the kneeling chair can hold without becoming subject to sinking or damage.

Kneeling chairs can hold weights up to 265 pounds. This should make them suitable for most people.

Wobble stools have weight limits around 250 pounds.

That factor aside, they should be more than adequate for the majority of people. However, if you’re on the very tall or larger side, it would be worth contacting the seller to see if it’s suitable for you.

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The above guide should help you to easily choose between a kneeling chair and wobble stool.

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