Places To Study With Friends – 6 Great Locations Revealed!

Finding the best places to study with friends isn’t always the easiest of endeavours. It becomes particularly more challenging if you don’t work or study in the same location or live nearby. Plus, if you’re going to be chatting, the library definitely won’t work! So, where else could you both work together? If you’re racking your brain trying to find a common ground, then check out this helpful list of places below.

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Places to study with friends

  1. Your house or theirs
  2. Classroom or lecture hall
  3. In your work office or meeting room
  4. Hotel lobby
  5. Quiet café
  6. Outdoor park

The type of environment that’s suitable for studying with friends differs from when you’re studying alone. Whether it’s having space for both of you to sit to being able to talk without being hushed in the library. Fortunately, there will be at least one place on the list above that will suit everyone. Read on to see how they compare in terms of facilities and which ones suit your needs best!

Studying in groups helps to reinforce your learning and motivates you to work. Source

Places To Study With Friends - 3 people studying in park

Places to study with friends

Your house or theirs

Studying at home or at your friend’s house was likely the first location you would have studied with friends as a youth. There’s no reason why you can’t continue this practice throughout your life.

Provided you have a comfortable and quiet room to study in together and a good internet connection (if required), there’s not much more than you would need.

It’s free, you have access to beverages and food, and toilet facilities.

Plus, it’s one of the many places where you can study late!

However, if you’re prone to distractions, e.g., TV, chatting about things in the house, or they live far away, it may be less productive and efficient than if you both met in another location.

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Classroom or lecture hall

Studying in a classroom or lecture hall is an excellent location, provided you can find a room that’s free for long enough. They are free of distractions, noise and should have a good Wi-Fi connection.

If you’re already on campus, it makes it more efficient and productive if you continue on your study with a friend rather than travelling to a café or home to get the work done.

To add to that, since these are two locations that you associate with work or study, you’re more inclined to be in a focussed state of mind.

In your work office or meeting room

If you’re working on a project related to work, then the natural expectation will be that you’ll both work on it at the workplace. Good locations would be either at your or their desk or office or in a meeting room.

Again, distractions are likely to be minimal compared to at home or a café. That is, provided you don’t get consumed by emails or people interrupting you!

If you’re both in an open plan distracting everybody or being distracted, a meeting room may be best.

There are a few essential things you should do to keep your boss on your side though…

If it’s not work-related items that you’re working on together, these should be done outside of work hours; also, you may need to seek approval from your manager.

This way, it saves those awkward glances and queries about what you’re doing with your time.

Tip: Sometimes the canteen can be a quiet location where you can all work on items together.

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Hotel lobby

Practically all hotels have a lobby with comfortable chairs and tables. This makes it an ideal place to work or study with a few others. Hotel lobbies particularly stand out and a good location on the weekends and early or late hours when other places would not normally be open.

You’ll have free Wi-Fi, access to toilets, food and beverages. Plus, it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer too.

Provided there’s not an ambush of tourists checking in right beside you or a wedding, the area should be relatively quiet.

It’s even better if the lobby is away in a corner where you won’t get distracted by passers-by.

If there’s going to be a couple of your friends using their facilities and taking up tables, you should all purchase something. Even if it’s a coffee or something small.

That’s only common courtesy considering the comfortable conditions, free Wi-Fi and facilities you’ll receive in return.

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Quiet café

Cafes and even restaurants can be a good place to study with friends. If you opt for a filling station café, these are open till late as well as weekends. Some of them are even open 24 hours!

Some of the more modern cafes and café chains, such as Starbucks, tend to have plenty of charging sockets to keep you in power.

It’s ideal if you’re working off a laptop or reading notes or a book. However, don’t expect to have acres of space to sprawl out books and notepads.

Provided the place wasn’t too noisy or busy, you could both spend a nice while there getting some work done.

Purchasing an item in the café may be a requirement to keep glaring eyes off you. Plus, it’s basic courtesy seeing as you’re using their facilities!

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Outdoor parks

Provided you have good weather, and it wasn’t too hot or cold, you and your friends could use a park bench to work at. If the weather is dry, you could even sprawl out on the grass and get to work.

Here, you won’t have to worry about keeping the noise down or purchasing items to use the facilities.

Opening hours shouldn’t be a problem either; some public parks are open 24/7 and the ones that aren’t are open early and weekends.

However, the opening hours may change depending on the time of year.

Weather will probably be the biggest factor affecting your ability to study outdoors…

Plus, as the winter months kick in, you probably won’t be able (or want) to study in the pitch dark!

You might also want to check if there are toilets nearby if you plan on staying a while!

Tip: If you need to go online for study, check ahead if you have internet connection or coverage there.


Finding a place to study with friends isn’t always straight-forward. However, there’s bound to be a place from the list above that suits both of you!

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