Surprising 12 Ball Chair Pros And Cons – The Good & Bad!

Ball chairs are new to the active seating world. Therefore, finding out about them can be more tricky. Find out the various ball chair pros and cons and if they’re really worth it here. This article divulges the key differences between them so you can decide which, if either, is a good match for you. So, let’s get started!

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Ball Chair Pros And Cons

Ball chair advantagesBall chair disadvantages
Encourages user to improve their balance and stabilityAllows user to slouch more and adopt a poor posture
Encourages movement while sittingOffers minimal back support
Helps burn more calories than sitting on a standard chairNot suited for use throughout the day
Affordable options availableCan distract you from work
Suited for most heights: 5’ – 6’ 3” tallConsume a sizeable amount of space
High weight capacity 300 – 2000 poundsCan be awkward to inflate

Read on to get a deeper insight into the pros and that you should look for to ensure that you make a smart decision first time round!

Did you know? A balance ball chair introduces instability which requires constant activation of your core and back muscles to stay seated properly. Source

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Ball Chair Benefits

1. Ball chairs encourage balance and stability

Yoga ball chairs are often used by individuals that want to improve their stability and balance. Ball chairs provide a slightly unstable surface for sitting on. This forces your body to try and maintain balance.

This can ultimately improve your stability while using the ball chair.

2. Ball chairs encourage movement while sitting

Balance ball chairs fall into the active seating category. They encourage micro movements while you are seated.

Plus, if you want to complete exercises or stretches on the exercise ball in between sitting or working, you can achieve that with relative ease too.

Ball chairs can also help alleviate discomfort

Many of balance ball chairs users claim that their back pain is alleviated when sitting in a ball chair compared to an office chair. Therefore, if you experience back pain, a ball chair could ease the pain and discomfort that you feel when sitting down.

If you are interested in trying out a ball chair, you should consult a physician first to assess if it would be a good option for you.

3. Ball chairs have affordable options available

Balance ball have a typical price range of between around $34.99 – $363.69+. This makes ball chairs an affordable entry level option and choice overall.

What’s worth remembering is if you don’t already own an adjustable desk chair, then this should be your first investment.

Balance ball chair are considered an accessory to a standard chair for most people.

4. Ball chairs are suited for most heights

Yoga ball chairs cater to heights between 5’ – 6’3”. This makes them suited to the average male height (5‘ 7”) and the average female height (5′ 4”).

There are also yoga ball chairs for people available which cater to heights of 45 – 50 inches and 51 – 56 inches tall (3’9” up to 4’ 8”). This equates to children aged around 5 – 11 years old.

5. Ball chairs helps burn more calories

Evidence suggests that sitting on a yoga ball chair can increase energy expenditure. This can be due to fidgeting or moving on the seat. These extra movements could result in 4 more calories per hour being burned when compared with sitting on a standard chair.

Sadly, it is a small number that is unlikely to contribute to a noticeable difference. Plus, you consider that exercise ball chairs are only recommended for use for about 20 minutes at a time.

Realistically, this could equate to 1 extra calorie being burned.

However, some people will use the ball chair for longer periods. Plus, there are people who will look for any avenue which will help them burn more calories.

6. Ball chairs have a high weight capacity

The average weight limit for a balance ball chair is around 300 pounds. This makes them suited to the average male and female weight.

There are some yoga ball chairs which have a phenomenal weight capacity of 2000 pounds, which makes them exceptionally strong.

Ball chair disadvantages

1. Ball chairs enable poor postures

Since most balance ball chairs lack a back rest, it offers less support to the body which makes it tire more easily. When you are tired and have nothing to rest against, it can encourage slouching and poor posture.

2. Ball chairs offer minimal back support

Balance ball chairs often lack a back rest to support your back. Even when they do include back rests, they are small in size and offer minimal lumbar support. Consequently, you are relying on your back and core muscles to engage to keep you in an upright position.

Unfortunately, many people lack the core and back strength to maintain such a posture properly for an extended duration of time.

On top of that, people are often oblivious to their posture. Even if they do know how to adopt a poor posture, they can become distracted easily and fall into a slouching posture.

3. Ball chair are only suited for short-term use

Ball chairs are generally not suited for long-term use throughout the day. They are typically only meant to be used for periods of about 20 minutes at a time. This is due to the fact that they offer little lumbar support.

A yoga ball chair offers little back support and causes instability while sitting which can be tiresome on the body.

Thus, ball chairs can encourage poor posture and also tend to tire the body quicker than an ergonomic chair. This is especially true for people who have a weak back or core.

Consequently, if you are sitting at a desk, you will also need to have an adjustable chair so that you can alternate between this and the balance ball chair.

4. Ball chairs can distract you from work

Yoga ball chairs do require an element of concentration to ensure that you keep your balance as well as maintaining a good posture. As well as that, if you are new to using a ball chair, it will take a while to adjust to the chair and learn how to use the ball chair properly xxx.

This will also pose a distraction for the initial period of time that you use it for.

Plus, if you use the ball chair in an open plan or busy area, expect to be interrupted regularly by curious characters puzzled by this unusually shaped chair that you’re sitting on.

5. Ball chairs consume a sizeable amount of space

Balance ball chairs have widths around 22 – 31 inches long and 22 – 31 inches wide. If you are using one of these in conjunction with an office chair, then extra space will be required to store the yoga ball chair.

Chances are that it probably won’t fit too easily under your desk either. At least not without consuming a significant amount of valuable foot space.

If space is limited in your home or office, then you’ll need to evaluate the amount of storage space you have to fit it in.

Unfortunately, they cannot be easily deflated which means that they can’t be folded to a more compact size. However, if you choose a ball chair with wheels, it will at least make it easier to move the chair to a storage area.

6. Ball chairs can be awkward to inflate

A common issue that people experience when setting up the ball chair is that they struggle to inflate the exercise ball or don’t inflate it properly. This can lead to it feeling saggy underneath you and not fitting you correctly.

There’s also a bit of effort required to inflate it to the correct size and pressure.

Tip: The sales person or manufacturer should offer guidance on what size ball you should choose based on your height.


Whether you will opt for a kneeling chair or an exercise ball chair will ultimately boil down to personal preference and the purpose for getting it. Neither of the 2 options are ideal for long-term use throughout the day but can offer a posture change while sitting.

While both of them ultimately allow you to sit, they do so in very different postures and offer their own pros and cons which can be seen from above.

However, following some of the simple techniques and pointers listed in this article can be the deciding factor between choosing your dream chair and a dud!

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