How To Choose A Ball Chair – 8 Bitesize Steps!

If a balance ball chair is something you’re currently considering, then you’ll need to know what to look for. In this article on how to choose a ball chair, you’ll get an easy-to-follow breakdown of the 8 key components and the questions to ask when picking a ball chair.  So, let’s get started!

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How To Choose A Ball Chair

When choosing a balance ball chair, the first decision is between a ball chair with a base or a more portable ball chair with a caster wheelbase. Some ball chairs also come with or without a back rest which will be important if you want to be able to rest against it while sitting.

The size of the balance ball chair will also need to suit your height and desk height. The two most popular sizes include 65 cm ball which suits a desk height of up to 30 inches. For desks 31 inches high and above, a 75 cm ball is better suited.

The price of a ball chair varies from $34.99 – $363.69+. Generally, yoga ball chairs with a base are more expensive than a caster wheel base. Other factors can be considered include the color, weight capacity and weight of the ball chair.

Read on to get an in-depth understanding of the different components to look for when picking a yoga ball chair.  It’s guaranteed to give you a better understanding of each buying factor and which would be better suited to your needs and desires. It’s not as straight-forward as you may think.

Did you know? A study has shown that students who sat on stability balls had an improved attention span after 8 weeks. Source

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Choose a ball chair – in 8 steps!

1. Type of Ball Chair

Balance chairs come in 2 primary styles, with a doughnut base or with a base and caster wheels.

Yoga ball chairs with a caster wheel base boast a number of benefits. Firstly, they are generally easier to move around as they are on wheels. Secondly, they allow you to adjust your position with greater ease than trying to drag the doughnut base to the perfect position.

That said, if they don’t have locks for the caster wheels, it can mean you are more liable to moving out of position. This will be much the same experience as sitting on an office chair with wheels.

But if you do have precious floors, such as hardwood, the wrong caster wheels will pose a risk of damaging your floor. Fortunately, placing a mat underneath can help to protect the floors.

Ball chairs with a flat base are more compact in size. They are also on average $37 cheaper than a ball with wheels.

The ball chair should also come with a pump for inflating the exercise ball, whether it’s a hand pump or a foot pump.

Tip: Some bases even have the option of swivel built in.

2. Size of Ball Chair

Balance ball chairs have widths around 22 – 31 inches long and 22 – 31 inches wide.

Unfortunately, balance ball chairs are difficult to fold. Unless you go to the bother of deflating the ball or removing it from the holder.

Ball chairs are also able to cater for a range of heights from 5’ – 6’ 3” tall. Kids balance balls are also available which can cater to heights between 3’9” – 4’8”.

Ball chairs offer around 8 inches of height adjustability which should make them suitable for the vast majority of people.

Balance ball chairs usually come in balls sizes as 65cm or 75 cm, but can also come in sizes ranging from 45 – 85 cm.

The larger the range of height adjustability, the more confident you can be that it will meet your needs and preferences.

Plus, it makes them easier to share with members in your office or home.

HeightBall size
5′ and below45 cm
5’1″ – 5’8″55 cm
5’9″ – 6’2″65 cm
6’3″ – 6’7″75 cm
6’8″ and taller85 cm

3. Backrest on ball chair

Some balance ball chairs come with a backrest while others don’t. Having a backrest on the yoga ball chair shouldn’t interfere with your posture, even if you don’t plan to use it.

In one sense, it could be useful to have a backrest just in case you feel the need or desire to use it.

It will also come in particularly valuable if you plan to use the yoga chair for a sizeable period of time.

Due to the nature of how yoga balance chairs orientate your body, they are typically only suitable for use over short periods of time.

Tip: The manufacturer should offer guidance on what size you should choose based on your height and the height of your desk.

4. Price of Ball Chair

You should expect to pay anywhere between around $34.99 – $363.69+ for a ball chair. This makes ball chairs a more affordable entry level option and choice overall.

A yoga ball chair offers little back support and causes instability while sitting which can be tiresome on the body.

Consequently, they are recommended for use over short periods of the day.

What you will therefore need to consider is that if you don’t already own a standard desk chair, you’ll more than likely need to also buy one to go with your ball chair.

But if you’re not going to be using the yoga ball or kneeling chair at a desk, then this may not be a requirement for you.

5. Durability of ball chair

The balance ball should have anti-burst properties to ensure your safety is maintained during use and inflating the ball.

When picking a ball chair, you should evaluate the reviews and opt for reputable brands, such as Gaiam or Trideer.

Plus, the ball should also come with a warranty of at least 12 months.

The Trideer range comes with 30-day free returns, 12-month warranty and a lifetime customer service.

6. Color of ball chair

Balance ball chairs come in a variety of colors. Depending on how loud of a statement that you want to make, you can opt for bright vibrant colors such as blue, green, pink and purple.

Or if you want to be more reserved, there are darker colors, such as black and grey.

7. Weight of Ball Chair

A balance ball chair tends to weigh between 3 – 13 pounds. The yoga ball with legs tends to be a bit heavier than the yoga ball with a flat base.

Although, weight really won’t make a huge difference considering they are very light weight anyway.

Tip: If the chair that you opt for has wheels, it will make it easier to move.

8. Weight capacity of Ball Chair

A weight limit is usually provided by the manufacturer. This indicates how much pressure the kneeling chair can hold without becoming subject to sinking or damage.

Gym ball chairs have weight limits around 300, but some of them can reach as high as 2000 pounds.

That factor aside, they should be more than adequate for the majority of people. However, if you’re on the very tall or larger side, it would be worth contacting the seller to see if it’s suitable for you.

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The above 8 balance ball chair buying tips will go a long way on guiding you to the perfect product for you. The last thing you want is to purchase a ball chair which is the wrong size or type of chair.

That said, if balance ball chairs aren’t for you, then you’re in luck. Listed below are articles in which I have explored and analyzed the various alternatives to ball chairs.

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