KAB Manager Chair Review – Tried & Tested

In this KAB Manager chair review, you’ll discover the pros and cons of this ergonomic 24/7 office chair. I guide you through the important components of the chair along with my experience using the chair.

This product analysis guides you through an in-depth examination of the essential components and features of this office chair. I wanted to write this review to help you make an informed investment and also because I couldn’t even find one on the internet!

In this article, I’ll treat you to some fun facts, along with some insider tips and tricks that will guide you to success when deciding on the chair for you.

If you have read my previous articles, you’ll know they are a staple in all of my blogs.

So, is this product worth buying? Well let’s find out…

KAB Manager Black Chair in office

Did you know? Stress can cause physical bodily changes including muscle tightening which can induce back pain. Source

KAB Manager Product Overview

The KAB Manager falls into the category of a 24-hour ergonomic office chair. It is the second chair in a range of 7 ergonomic chairs. So, depending on the spec of chair that you need or want, you can opt for a slightly lower spec or 5 higher spec chairs.

The chairs in the KAB fleet range include:

1. Navigator office chair

2. Manager office chair

3. K4 office chair

4. Director office chair

5. Executive office chair

6. ACS Executive office chair

7. Controller office chair

These ergonomic chairs can be utilized in an endless number of environments where seating needs to be comfortable. Additionally, these chairs are a leading solution for those who require additional support or adjustments to cater to their posture, e.g., back pain.

So, when you think about it, this could include being utilized in a:

  • Call center
  • Security hut or monitoring room
  • Control rooms
  • Emergency services area
  • Shared work space
  • Reception
  • Office or study
  • Workshop
  • Home seating for people who require ergonomic support back pain relief
  • Any seating environment for people who are conscious of bodily posture

The sky is the limit really. If you can think of a purpose for it, then it can probably adapt to it. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from using it as a glorified TV chair either. It would certainly be better than slouching on the couch for a Netflix bingeing session!

KAB Manager Assembly

Depending on where you purchase the KAB manager from, they can either come fully assembled or boxed and require some assembly. It came fully assembled for me.

The assembly itself is relatively straightforward and should take no more than 30 minutes.

If assembling the chair by yourself, you may need a second person to assist with the manual handling and lifting of the seat on to the base.

If you opt for assembling it yourself, the below components are the parts that you will be fitting together:

  • 5 Castors
  • 1 Base
  • 1 Gas strut
  • 1 Dust cover
  • 1 Upper
  • 1 Headrest
  • 1 Seat

Essentially, you’ll be completing the below steps:

1. Attach the 5 castors to the base.

2. Mount the dust cover onto the gas strut.

3. Fit the gas strut into the tilting mechanism.

4. Mount the gas strut onto the base.

5. Attach the headrest onto the chair.

KAB Manager Seat

The seat features contoured cushioning to increase the support and provide a comfortable and ergonomic sitting experience for prolonged periods.

Seat cushion height: This is fixed in position, but on the higher spec chairs, it can be raised and lowered.

Seat cushion depth: The seat cushion is suitable for shorter people. It is fixed so it can’t be moved inwards and outwards to accommodate various heights and enable you to get closer to the backrest.

Rocker adjustment: The KAB Manager chair piece can be locked or in a rocking position.

Weight tension adjustment: This can be adjusted with a lever to accommodate weights between 50 – 150 kg. This should be an adequate weight range for the majority of people. This enables the tension to be altered to accommodate the weight of the user. This makes it either easier or more difficult to rock back and forth.

Seat cushion angle: The angle can be tilted and locked in a range of positions, depending on the preferred location.

The back angle of the seat can also be adjusted up to 16 degrees. This is achieved by means of a handle located on the right side of the chair. The user can apply pressure to the back of the chair while it is unlocked and lean back until the desired position is reached. The lever can then be locked in position.

I found that this offered an ample range of adjustment for my needs. I prefer to sit upright anyway, but it is liberating to be able to rock back for the occasional stretch.

Of course, you’re not going to reap the benefits of this chair if you don’t know how to adjust the chair properly.

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KAB Manager Chair Review - Seat cushioning in black

KAB Manager Height Range

The height is adjusted by a gas lift lever. The height range of this ergonomic 24-hour chair varies depending on the type of gas lift that you choose:

  • Low gas lift: 440 – 510mm
  • Medium gas lift: 460 – 560mm
  • High gas lift: 530 – 650mm

The standard gas lift is medium which allows 2.54 inches / 10 cm of height adjustable, which should be adequate for those of a smaller or shorter height.

If you’re on the taller end of the height spectrum, the higher gas lift would be worth investigating further.

Regardless of your height, check with the supplier to verify that the gas lift supplied will be able to accommodate your height.

I was able to achieve an optimal height with the range that the medium gas lift strut provided.

Tip: Make sure that the arms of the chair do not interfere with your access to the desk.

KAB Manager Weight Capacity

The chair features a weight capacity of 225 kg/496 pounds. That’s pretty impressive when you compare it to the average weight capacity of office chairs.

The weight capacity of the KAB Manager chair should be more than capable of carrying most people comfortably.

Did you know? People spend an average of 13 hours of their waking day in a sedentary position.

KAB Manager Back Support

The backrest offers a mid-backrest height with multiple adjustable components.

Backrest angle adjustment: This is a standard feature amongst all KAB chairs, and it enables you to tilt the backrest backwards.

The backrest allows adjustment of the angle up to 16 degrees.

This means that you can lean backwards on it. This is slightly separate to the ability to tilt the chair. With this feature, the backrest itself tilts, however, you can also get the chair seat tilting separately too.

Lumbar air support: The KAB manager chair features a tailored manual lumbar support. This enables you to pump the chair using an air bulb to the preferred size. With this, the back of the chair can provide additional dorsal support and encourage a proper spinal curve.

If the lumbar support needs to be reduced, this can be achieved by pushing the release valve to depressurize the lumbar support if it is pumped up too much.

The higher spec chairs offer electric lumbar adjustment by means of a button, but the pump option is relatively easy to use anyway.

You may be wondering why I put so much emphasis on a chair with back support. Well other than the obvious importance of adopting a good back posture, here are 4 other reasons why I value back support so much:

  • Increased comfort: Sitting for long periods or simply sitting while suffering from back pain can become uncomfortable. Lumbar support brings the comfort levels up a notch to provide a more relaxing experience.
  • Pain relief: Sitting for long periods of time can increase the strain and stress on your back,
    especially if you have no low back support on the chair. A good lumbar support can ensure that you have reduced pain and can even eliminate pain in some circumstances.
  • Improved posture: A well-designed quality lumbar support enables you to adjust the lumber tension so that it can provide additional support and encourage a proper posture. This is particularly important over time and throughout the day as you begin to feel tired and slouch in the chair.
  • Reduced stress: Stress can be a source of pain and discomfort. The comfort provided by the chair helps to alleviate the onset of stress that is linked with these factors. This will in turn also encourage and reduce back pain as users tend to tighten their neck, shoulder and back muscles when stressed.

KAB Manager Mobility

The premium cushioning and robust steel architecture give rise to a heavier chair than your typical office chair. However, the weight of the office chair is not excessively heavy so much that it would hinder your movement.

The architecture is supplemented by the 4 premium dual casters which ensures a smooth journey while moving the desk around.

Five durable dual wheel casters are provided which are suitable for most floor surfaces.

However, soft tyre casters are available for flooring which is subject to being easily marked by the wheels.

A 5-star black base with steel look KAB-engraved edges come as standard with the KAB Manager. I love this touch as it adds such an elegant appearance to it.

The casters enable smooth and easy movement when I used it on carpet flooring. This is an important factor since the chair does weigh more than the standard office chair; the last thing you want is a heavier chair with casters which resist your movement.

The casters should be easy to clean, and their design should also reduce marks on floors along with reducing friction and floor scrubbing to ensure a smooth voyage as you move across carpet, flooring or thresholds.

If you are looking for an adjustable chair that is lighter and cheaper than the KAB Manager, I’d suggest the CoolMesh Pro Multi-Function Chair. Not least because it has a lifetime warranty!

KAB Manager Chair Review - Casters and 5 star base

KAB Manager Headrest

The headrest is a standard head rest that can be tilted along with being raised and lowered on the chair. This allows you to rest your head against it to alleviate pressure in the upper region of the body.

It is similar to the head rest that you would find on a car seat. If it is not required, it can also be removed.

Although I didn’t use the headrest a huge amount, it was comfortable to rest my head against it and it was at a suitable location for my height.

I find that I tended to use it when answering calls or when I was on a meeting that I wasn’t presenting at.

It also came in handy for the occasional stretch backwards.

KAB Manager Chair Review - Headrest in black fabric

KAB Manager Armrest

The cab manager is fitted with 2 adjustable armrests. These can be raised or lowered by 16 degrees to enable optimal arm and elbow support.

Adjustment is achieved by using the star wheel adjuster wheel located on the under surface of each armrest. Simply rotate the wheel until the height of the armrest is tilted to the desired position.

The armrests can also be raised out of the way when they are not required by simply lifting them up. Thankfully, the armrests sit flush with the side of the chair when they are raised out of the way.

The armrests are a relatively firm plastic material with no cushioning. I would have liked a bit of cushioning, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

The thickness and length of the armrests offered ample space for my elbows and arms to rest on.

Plus, they didn’t bang off the table which meant that they didn’t hinder my position in relation to the desk.

KAB Manager Chair Review - Arm rests

KAB Manager Material

The KAB Manager is available in both leather and fabric materials. These come in a range of colours, but the most common colours include black and blue.

I have the fabric version KAB Manager chair in a black colour. I prefer it to leather since it doesn’t get hot in the summer or cold in the winter.

In terms of cleaning the office chair, have yet to see how it fairs when something is spilled on it, but it can be easily cleaned with the wipe of a cloth or a vacuum.

With a leather material, it may be easier to wipe down a leather seat, especially if a spill occurs. On the other hand, the leather may be subject to more wear than fabric.

Fortunately, regardless of the material you choose, it can be refurbished or replaced if you have an accident, or simply fancy a different style or color of fabric.

It would be like getting a brand-new chair!

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KAB Manager Accessories

The KAB fleet of chairs offer various handy add-ons to enhance your experience including:

  • rubber soft tyre casters
  • locking casters
  • low/medium/high gas lifts
  • coat hangers can be purchased which fit behind the headrest. These come in a choice of 3 styles:
    • Black plastic
    • Chrome
    • Hi-lift black plastic

Furthermore, there are replacement parts available should a part break or fail.

KAB Manager Highlights

  • Contoured seat cushions for added ergonomic comfort.
  • Adaptable to a variety of environments.
  • Suitable for 24/7 use.
  • Dedicated location to securely store lumbar pump.
  • Slick rolling casters for smooth and graceful motion.
  • Robust caster legs with easy-to-clean exterior.
  • Strong, quality finish capable of withstanding wear and tear.
  • Smooth and silent height adjustability.
  • Can accommodate several users.
  • Can be self-built, avoid expensive technicians.
  • Collection of accessories and replacement parts available.
  • Long 5-year warranty


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Overall, the KAB Manager is an easily adjustable, durable ergonomic chair that will enable you to work with ease and comfort for hours on end.

The below list offers you an overview at some of the principles that I consider when reviewing chairs:

  • Sturdy design capable of withstanding day-to-day pressures.
  • Good range of adjustable features.
  • Quality chair materials to ensure long-lasting life.
  • Ensuring the chair allows adequate height adjustability along with good back support.
  • Easily adjustable and user-friendly
  • Being reasonably affordable.
  • Having a good warranty.
  • Having good reviews on the product.

Based on evaluating the product along with considering the opinions of consumers, I’m satisfied that the unit has almost met my list of standards.

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Would I recommend it to a friend or family member?

I sure would; it would especially fit someone who requires good back support and comfort for seated activities.


Against ✘

Excellent mobility

Limited height range for taller people

Perfect for long sitting periods

Limited aesthetic appeal

Good lumbar support

Heavier than standard office chairs

Good range of adjustable

More expensive than a standard office chair

Multiple applications, e.g., work, home

Robust design and user-friendly



This is a sturdy, reliable chair that offers ample adjustability that I think most people will enjoy. I’d happily sit in this chair all day long, and I think that people who spend the majority of their time seated or those with back pain would do well to find a better alternative.

Yes, you can invest in the higher spec chairs which automate some functions and offer a higher level of adjustable features.

But for me, it’s an affordable ergonomic adjustable chair that ticks all the boxes.

Sure, it might not blow you out of the water with its astounding beauty, but most ergonomic chairs won’t do that anyway!

Have you a question on this product or on chairs in general? Do you own an ergonomic chair? I would love to hear from you and what your opinions and questions are. Please post them in the comments box below and I’ll be sure to respond to you.


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