Where To Study With A Dog – 5 Of The Best Spots For Any Pet!

It can be tricky bringing your 4-legged companion with you on outings, especially if you don’t know where to study with a dog! Most study locations only allow guide dogs which makes it difficult to mind your pet while getting study done. Fortunately, more and more establishments are becoming dog-friendly though. Where are these places, you ask? Well, let’s take a look at the best places where you can work or study with your pet!

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Where to study with a dog

  1. Pet-friendly cafes
  2. Outdoor café
  3. Outdoor beer garden
  4. Outdoor park
  5. Home

Finding locations to study on with your pet isn’t always the easiest of endeavours. Considering that most universities and libraries don’t allow pets indoors, you’ll need to consider which places such as in the list above would suit. As you can see from the above list, there are a range of dog-friendly locations to suit everyone! But which one would suit you and your pet best? Read on to see how they compare!

Studies have shown that pets reduce stress and anxiety. This in turn enhances your ability to study and work more effectively. Source

Where To Study With A Dog - Dog sitting under garden table

Where to study with a dog

Pet-friendly cafes

Pet-friendly cafes and restaurants are on the rise. And what better place to get some work or study done with your trusty companion by your side than at a cafe or restaurant!

Plus, dog-friendly establishments are suitable for all 4 seasons, as opposed to some of the next suggestions.

This means that you can come here and sit in the comfort of the shade in summer or be hugging a radiator in winter.

What’s even better is that such establishments often have treats and water bowls too!

A quick google search for pet-friendly cafes or restaurants in your area should pull up a list of them.

Plus, if you’re studying in places open early in the morning, it’ll be quieter and easier to focus.

Tip: As with all establishments, you should check if they have Wi-Fi, sockets and toilets.

Outdoor café

Not all cafes are dog-friendly. But they may be ok with you having your pet in their outdoor seating area. many of them have a café and seating area which you could use for studying. Just ask first!

Now it won’t be perfect all year round, unless you’re ok with sitting out in the freezing cold!

But in good weather, it will be a change of scenery if you tend to sit indoors a good bit.

It would also be important to choose an area with comfortable seating and a good-sized table. Some outdoor seating areas are no more than a dainty steel chair which won’t be comfortable for too long!

Additionally, picking a corner seat in an area that isn’t too noisy or busy means you could put your head down and fit some study in without being as distracted.

Purchasing an item in the café may be expected and it should keep glaring eyes off you. Plus, it’s common courtesy considering you’re using their facilities!

Tip: Check if the place can offer drinking bowls for your pet, but bring some water and snacks just in case they don’t.

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Outdoor beer garden

Studying in a bar or an outdoor beer garden won’t always be a suitable choice. But on quiet weekdays or early on weekends, they can be a relatively quiet area where you can get some study done. Again, you’ll need to check with staff to see if having a pet in the area is acceptable.

During this time of the day, they are not much different to a cafe, they may even be quieter.

They can be more sheltered and tend to have better heating facilities than outdoor cafes which will come in useful during the colder weather.

Be aware of any early sport matches or events that could create a noisy environment.

Of course, you should avoid alcohol while working if you want to keep your focus. Fortunately, most beer gardens serve teas and coffees as well as non-alcoholic beverages which you can buy.

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Outdoor parks

Provided you have good weather, and it isn’t too hot or cold, you could use a park bench to work at. Many public parks have good opening hours and are almost all pet-friendly.

You may need to keep them on a lease, but that’s nearly standard practice in all public locations you bring a pet anyway!

However, the opening hours may change depending on the time of year.

Plus, as the winter months kick in, you probably won’t be able (or want) to study in the pitch dark!

Ideally, you’d work at a bench with a table top so you could adopt a more ergonomic and comfortable posture while you take notes.

You might also want to check if there are toilets nearby if you plan on staying a while!

Tip: If you need to go online for study, check ahead if you have internet connection or coverage there.


Sometimes studying at home becomes such an obvious location that you nearly forget to consider it. Since there are no opening hours as such, you can study any day that you wish.

Of course, you will need somewhere to do this, whether it’s reading your notes from your desk. You may even consider using your living room or the kitchen table while no one else is around.

Some universities such as the University of Illinois and MIT allow certain pets in the accommodation on-campus.

That said, if there is a lot of disruption on weekends around the house or your accommodation. Plus, you may struggle to focus, this will make it more difficult to get work done.

I have managed this in the past by locking my door and putting ear plugs in – it works a dream!

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With the above list in your arsenal of weapons, finding dog friendly places to study or work should be easier than you thought! Sometimes, even simply asking the staff if you can keep your well-mannered pet alongside you will get you the approval too.

If all else fails, studying at home might be the alternative.

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